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Type in codes in your name slot, may need to enter in cheats for both players if in 2 player mode.

(nothing)	-Will display MR DULL in name, makes announcer sound dull
CINEMA		-Wide screen mode (1 player only)
DR DEATH	-Track is 2x as long, 2x laps, and other players try to kill each other as well as you
DUEL		-Evil Cars 
FREAKY		-Inverts colors
GOLDBOY		-Bonus Tracks (8 bonus tracks)
LOVEBUN		-Cheat Indy Car (cheat key releases ice onto track)
MAYTE		-Cheat Car (Hold down cheat key for super speed and acceleration)
MR FROSTY	-Track becomes slippery
MR ZOOM		-Speeds up game
MREPRISE	-Premire Cup (8 extra tracks)
NUCULAR!	-Speeds up the game a stupid rate
REMOVE		-Will display MR BRUSH, removes all cheats
SUICYCO		-Cheat Car (cheat key destroys other players within range)
SUPERMAN	-No destruction to your car
TINKLE		-Cheat Car (Cheat key makes other cars flip in the air)
TINYTOTS	-Shrinks cars and they drive just like motorcycles
TOPTUNES	-Alternate tunes
WARPGATE	-Cars warp
YOTARACE	-Tracks 2x as wide and long(distance)