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Triple Play '99

Secret Stadiums:
You must be holding down numbers 1 through 4 (not on NumPad) while performing the cheat. At the Stadium Select screen, move all the way to the right, displaying the last 9 parks. Click on the following stadiums in order: Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and then Montreal. You should hear a voice say "Triple Play 99." Now move back to the right to find the three new ball parks.

Hold down 1, 2, 3 & 4 keys (not the ones on the NumPad) while the following cheats are being performed. Left, Right, Down and Up are performed with the arrow keys (not the ones on the NumPad).

Mammoth Homerun		Tab, Shift, Tab, Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Left, Right. Do this while the batter 
			is walking to the batters box or while he is in the batters box.

Easy Strikeout
Up, Down, Tab, Shift, Tab, Alt, Ctrl, Shift. Do this while you're on the mound. Announcer Comments Commercials Left, Shift, Right, Alt Nicknames Alt, Right, Shift, Left Stadium info Down, Ctrl, Right, Alt
Ctrl, Down, Tab, Up A Story Up, Tab, Right, Alt Crowd Noises Big Cheer Shift, Left, Left, Shift Little Cheer Tab, Up, Up, Tab
Ctrl, Down, Down, Ctrl boo! Alt, Right, Right, Alt Rounding the bases after a homer d to make the crowd whistle s to hear a piano a to hear a horn w to hear a bigger horn