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Total Annihilation Kingdoms

     After  starting  a skirmish game or multiplayer mode press [Enter] 
to pop up  the  message  box.  Press  +  then enter a code below and 
press [Enter] to activate it. Enter a code again to deactivate it.

Code                    Result 
atm                     Fill Mana 
bigbrother              Units Say Different Lines 
cdstart                 Start/Stop Music 
combustion              Enemies Die 
dither                  Dithering Instead of Line of Sight 
doubleshot              Weapons do Double Damage 
fogcolor                1-256 Change Fog Color 
halfshot                Weapons do Half Damage 
ilose                   Instant Loss 
infrared                Fog of War On/Off 
iwin                    Instant Win 
kill 0-4                Kill Player # 
lotsablood              More Blood 
lushee                  Limited Resource Increase 
meteor                  Random Meteor Shower 
nanolathing             Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled 
noenergy                No Energy 
nometal                 No Metal 
nowisee                 Full Map 
radar                   100% Radar Coverage 
shareradar              Share Radar Info 
shootall                Units Target All Enemies 
sing                    Units Sing when Given Orders 
tilt                    Maximum Men and Material 
view 0-4                View Player# Metal and Energy 
zipper                  Faster Unit Building 

How to use Multiple Dragons:
     You must play as Aramon. Use the Monarch to kill another sides build
unit such  as  a  shamen, then resurect him from the dead and use him to
build that sides  dragon.  Possible  to  have all four dragons. May only 
work in Skirmish mode.


     If you use Taros, you can have the Mind Mage convert an enemy builder
and potentially  have every unit the enemy does besides the ones you 
already have, including another dragon.

Skip Campaign Missions
     Start the mission. Fail the mission and then when restarting the
campaign click on the next button to select the next mission.

Steal Technology
     When  a Mage Builder, Priestess, Beast Tamer or any of the other
builders approach  your  base,  kill them then take your monarch out to
resurrect them. You will be able to have the other team's technology.