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Tomb Raider 3 (walkthrough)

Attention: The following is a bare bones walkthrough of Tomb Raider 3. We will replace this when a more complete walkthrough is available. Until then, good luck!

     Tomb Raider 3


     The first of Lara's adventures takes her through thick
     jungle and a ruined temple. Eventually she finds a quad
     bike to ride - essential for getting to the caverns, and
     a meeting with a flame-throwing boss.
     1-1 JUNGLE
     1. Turn left and follow the path, sliding down to the
     green ledge.

     2. Drop down to the next ledge, then off the right side
     to slide down.

     3. After jumping the spikes, you stop in this area.
     Collect the Shells.

     4. Turn left and run forward, then hop back to avoid the

     5. Collect the Large Medi Pack, then slide down, jumping
     more spikes.

     6. Collect the Save Crystal, then head right into the
     doorway (avoid quicksand).

     7. Shoot the monkey for his Small Medi Pack, then head
     left into the doorway.

     8. Follow the path around and flick the switch to open a

     9. Return along the path and climb up to the left of the
     tree opposite.

     10. Climb up and enter the opened gate to a darkened

     11. Flick the switch, then roll and quickly climb into
     alcove to avoid spikes.

     12. When they've passed, drop down and head right,
     climbing block in dark area.

     13. Walk to edge and use rope slide (hold X) to whizz
     down to the bottom.

     14. Avoid the water - climb onto block and do running
     jump forwards.

     15. Drop down and go through hole, ready to shoot tiger.

     16. Head straight forward, then left towards ray of

     17. Turn left and head towards the steps, to find switch
     on right wall.

     18. Flick switch, then run up the step to avoid the
     rolling boulder.

     19. Return past boulder and up the slope to find an
     opened gate.

     20. Enter and flick switch, then exit and head left to
     opened gate.

     21. Enter, ready to shoot tiger, and another as you
     approach opposite doorway.

     22. Enter it and head right, climbing block, to find new

     23. Head towards Save Crystal, avoiding pit, and crawl
     under tree trunk.

     24. Head right, then around onto felled tree, ready to
     shoot another tiger.

     25. Get Save Crystal from left before continuing along
     top of tree trunk.

     26. Turn right to drop to wall, then follow it around to
     the left.

     27. Climb up to the doorway and follow the path around
     to spikes.

     28. Walk (hold R1) over spikes and jump from the end to
     the green ledge.

     29. Turn right to jump to block, then left to grab hold
     of crevice.

     30. Shimmy left and pull up to ledge with the monkey.

     31. Head left, then turn and jump to climb up to top

     32. Enter left doorway, then go left through dark tunnel
     to find switch.

     33. Flick it, then roll and run back to the doorway to
     avoid boulder.

     34. Return to lower ledge and shimmy right across it to
     drop onto block.

     35. Turn right and climb up to slide down slope to
     previous area.

     36. Shoot down through the gap at the released tiger

     37. Hang-drop into the gap from the side, to avoid the
     central spikes.

     38. Grab Desert Eagle ammo (in corner), then head down
     steps and through gate.

     39. Head left past the rolling boulders in the clearing
     to the opposite end.

     40. At the river, head right to its source to find Uzi
     Clip on right.

     41. Swim to the far right corner of the river and dive
     to enter tunnel.

     42. You're swept into a pool. Climb out on island for

     43. Swim back to the side and head around to this

     44. Go around there and pull the block out twice.

     45. Return right to find opened gate. Enter it, then
     jump back into water.

     46. Retreat to the island to shoot the escaped tiger.

     47. Enter room to flick switch, then climb past block to
     opened hatch.

     48. Drop through into water and pull the lever in front
     of you.

     49. Climb out in the middle and flick the switch there.

     50. Enter water to be swept back to other pool. Enter
     newly opened door.

     51. Follow the passage around and flick switch (to flood
     another area).

     52. Exit and head to right ledge to enter doorway by

     53. Follow the passage around to emerge in flooded

     54. Swim to far left corner. Climb out and enter passage
     behind waterfall.

     55. Climb up the ladder and go through waterfall onto

     56. Turn right and climb onto ledge. Turn right and
     flick switch.

     57. Dive into water and swim through pillars and down

     58. Follow the tunnel around to surface in a small pool.

     59. Watch out for the tiger as you climb out - shoot it!

     60. Explore both dark alcoves to collect Shotgun Shells
     and MP5 Clip.

     61. Climb the ladder (from pool side) to see daylight

     62. Shoot the cheeky monkey to collect the Indra Key.

     63. Go around to the open area and shoot the tiger from

     64. Drop down the stony steps and use the Key on the

     65. Trudge through the quicksand to exit through the
     opened gate.

     1. Turn right and head through the tree tunnel to
     collect Small Medi Pack.

     2. Walk slowly forwards till poisonous snake appears,
     then blast it.

     3. Head forwards through bushes, shooting snake, to find
     switch on right.

     4. Flick switch, then climb up steps to drop through

     5. Crawl through tunnel and collect Small Medi Pack on

     6. Turn around and follow passage opposite, shooting
     snake around corner.

     7. Follow brown passage and shoot two monkeys in room.
     Then climb out.

     8. Outside, head left and climb up rocks for Shotgun

     9. Swim to opposite side of river and head right through
     shallows to flick switch.

     10. Swim through opened gate (on shallows side of river)
     and around passage.

     11. Climb out and shoot monkeys, then jump up large
     brown slope.

     12. Head left onto ledge and follow it all the way

     13. Enter passage and follow it around, shooting monkey.

     14. Collect Save Crystal and jump left over water to
     tree branch.

     15. Turn right and do running jump from edge to grab

     16. Jump through waterfall and head right. Jump to tree
     for Small Medikit.

     17. Jump to waterfall block, then shimmy right along
     sloped ledge.

     18. Pull up for Shotgun Shells, then crawl right to
     stand up.

     19. Jump to ledge and shoot monkeys, then jump to large
     green ledge.

     20. Crawl through crack and shoot snake before sliding
     down passage.

     21. Follow passage, shooting snake, then slide down dark

     22. Push block into wall and crawl through crack into
     large chamber.

     23. Head right to collect Save Crystal as the monster
     comes to life.

     24. Keep moving and shooting. He can only be hit when
     not guarding with swords.

     25. Step on the light block by the hatch and drop in to
     flick switch.

     26. Climb out and go through opened door. Head quickly
     through quicksand.

     27. Jump up slope as far as you can, then turn and
     run-jump to pull into passage.

     28. Shoot monkey for his Small Medikit. Flick switch and
     quickly enter door.

     29. Run past spikes and jump over blade, then dash past
     more spikes.

     30. Head up steps and shoot monkeys. Go around back of
     grills to flick switch.

     31. Pull and push light block towards grills and climb
     up onto right ledge.

     32. Drop into water and pull lever, then swim through to

     33. Pull left and right levers, then return to passage
     and up through opened hatch.

     34. Climb out into room and enter pool to pull all three

     35. Climb out at steps and jump to grab right
     semi-visible platform.

     36. Jump to next one, then onto solid ledge to flick

     37. Quickly drop down and head through opened gate (to
     left of statue).

     38. Head right towards spikes. Flick left switch, then
     dash left.

     39. Grab Ganesha Key, then roll and dash for open right
     doorway to avoid spikes.

     40. Return right to dark end of passage for Small Medi
     Pack and MP5 Clip.

     41. Back in main room, wade along left/right edge of
     quicksand to climb out other side.

     42. Head up the slope and through open hatch, then right
     into passage.

     43. Follow it around and up first steps, grabbing flares
     on left.

     44. Head onto first step, then roll around and run left
     to avoid boulder.

     45. Go up steps and through right gate. Shoot monkey and
     flick switch.

     46. Exit and shoot monkey for Small Medikit, then head
     up steps for Save Crystal.

     47. Head left then turn, hang, and climb down wall into
     large chamber.

     48. Use Key on either lock, then head up opposite mud
     slope to flick both switches.

     49. Go through opened left gate and follow passage
     around to room.

     50. Shoot monkeys, then go through opposite doorway to
     pool room.

     51. Swim across pool and climb out to flick switch,
     avoiding flames.

     52. Swim through open gate, avoiding poison darts and
     collecting Small Medi Pack.

     53. Get out to the left of pool and climb up wall to
     jump back onto ledge.

     54. Turn left slightly and run and jump diagonally over
     water to ledge.

     55. Jump to left ledge, then turn around to jump to wall
     and climb up.

     56. Jump diagonally to next ledge, then do a running
     jump to left of snake ledge.

     57. Shoot snake, then jump to right ledge. Line up with
     passage ahead.

     58. Jump to passage and immediately dash to right,
     avoiding boulder.

     59. Go past blades for Small Medi Pack, then run-jump
     (from side) to opposite ledge

     60. Push block in right corner, then push block to your
     right as far as you can.

     61. Now push gold block into wall, and left one (leaving
     middle one out).

     62. Push middle block left to reveal a switch. Flick it.

     63. Follow passage around and run from boulders, jumping
     over spike pit.

     64. Hang-drop into right side (as you approach) of hole
     to drop into water.

     65. Swim right through gate, avoiding darts, and climb
     out between flames.

     66. Go through to next room, and the now flooded pool.
     Jump in.

     67. Pull the lever and swim through the gate to collect
     the second Key.

     68. Climb out and go back around the left passage to the
     large chamber.

     69. Use the Key on other lock to open the gates. Go
     through them.

     70. Climb up ledge. Ceiling spikes alert! Quickly climb
     up the wall to passage.

     71. Shoot monkeys, then pull block on right raised

     72. Climb onto block, then do a running jump to pull
     onto ledge.

     73. Flick switch, then run-jump over left gap to flick
     second switch.

     74. Drop down off side of ledge, then run past open
     gates to lure boulders.

     75. Enter gates, then time dash left/right past flame.

     76. Defeat the monster in the room, then grab his

     77. Climb to statue ledge to activate next monster.
     Defeat and grab Scimitar

     78. Go back up to statue and place a Scimitar in each of
     his lower hands.

     79. The exit gates now open, so drop down and go

     80. Go left/right and crawl through tunnel, turning to
     drop into room.

     81. Follow steps around. Climb up central plinth for Key
     and defeat monster.

     82. Enter left gate, light flare, and run right to flick

     83. Now flick other switch and quickly drop through open

     84. Collect Key and go through gate to climb back up to

     85. Go around wide passage, past locks, and drop into
     water hole.

     86. Quickly swim to one side away from current to avoid

     87. Pull lever, then swim back and past spikes to other

     88. Flick second lever, then collect Key and climb
     through hatch.

     89. Insert three Keys in the locks, then climb up
     through opened gate.

     1. Head around to the left and get on the quad bike
     (press X).

     2. Ride carefully around the ledge and past the rocks.

     3. Floor it up the green ramp to land in the tunnel.

     4. Ride carefully past left drop, then speed up for next

     5. Corner right around left ramp to jump to next one.

     6. Get off the bike and do a running jump to grab

     7. Walk slowly forwards and shoot snake around corner.

     8. Climb up block and crawl through twisty tunnel.

     9. Climb up to next passage and jump over the hole.

     10. Walk slowly forward to shoot snake around corner.

     11. Get Small Medi Pack and hang-drop through hole.

     12. Ignore gate for now and go down to grab Save

     13. Run back up to the gate and press switch to open it.

     14. Shoot the monkeys, then run and jump to grab
     opposite ramp.

     15. Mount bike, then turbo-start (hold R2 + X, release
     R2) up ramp.

     16. Ride through gate and round to right at bottom.

     17. Line up jump over river and turbo-start it over

     18. Ride the buggy down through hole into the tunnel.

     19. Continue along tunnel, squashing monkeys for Small
     Medi Packs.

     20. Park buggy by closed gate, then head back on foot.

     21. Corner right, then right to enter opening by bushes.

     22. Collect Flares and crawl to get Uzi Clip.

     23. Exit room and head right, then climb onto right

     24. Shoot snake, then crawl right to collect Gate Key.

     25. Exit room and go right down slope to find opening on

     26. Climb in there, then turn around to crawl down other

     27. Shoot monkeys as you go round to room with fires.

     28. Grab Shotgun Shell from left alcove, then corner

     29. Climb up to left/right ledge and use Key on lock.

     30. Continue along hall to dark area and climb out.

     31. Head left towards gate, shooting more monkeys.

     32. Avoid quicksand by right gate - climb left green

     33. At top, head onto left ledge for Save Crystal.
     Return to hole.

     34. Jump diagonally back onto (higher) slope by hole to
     grab ledge.

     35. Run and jump to tree branch, then stand-jump to

     36. Jump over to green branch and shoot monkey.

     37. Jump to left branch and go round ledge to enter

     38. Head left through doorway and shoot monkeys.

     39. Go left for Uzi Clip and Key on plinth. Shoot

     40. Return to previous room and hang-drop through far
     side of hole.

     41. Kill monkey, run past flame and round to left,
     shooting monkey.

     42. Flick switch in far alcove to open gates, then shoot

     43. Go through left gate, ready to blast yet more

     44. Climb blocks in opposite corner to run-jump back to
     green branch.

     45. Jump to wall and hang-drop down, then hang-drop
     through hole.

     46. Return to locks and insert second Key (in other
     lock) to open main gate.

     47. Climb back up through hole and to left gate to
     rediscover buggy.

     48. Ride it left up steps to bottom of ramp and turbo it
     over quicksand.

     49. Head right and hug the wall till you find right

     50. Follow it round and line up for another river jump.
     Turbo it over.

     51. Run over monkeys, then dismount and head towards

     52. Head left along ledge and do a running jump to next

     53. Draw your guns quickly to shoot vultures which

     54. Do a running jump to the small ledge on the left.

     55. Hang-drop down to next ledge to collect the MP5

     56. Run and jump to grab crevice, then shimmy right.

     57. Pull up and crawl into cave to collect Shotgun

     58. Now drop into water and collect Small Medi Pack by

     59. Swim around raft and pull up onto ledge to right of

     60. Go through waterfall and climb blocks to enter final


     1. Head left from the starting junction, then right to
     next junction.

     2. Go all the way left to corner right. Climb down into
     hole for Flares.

     3. Climb up left wall to exit hole, then take next

     4. Crawl through tunnel and head left, crawling into
     next tunnel.

     5. Crawl to right for Uzi Clips, then backwards to climb
     down wall.

     6. Corner left, then left again, to crawl right at the

     7. Turn right at junction and all the way to the end to
     turn right.

     8. Go to end and turn right, then right at the next

     9. Follow the passage left and right and drop to the
     next level.

     10. Follow passage around to Save Crystal: jump over
     hole to get it.

     11. Grab Flares and light one, then hang-drop from that

     12. Snakes alert! Shoot the nearest pair, then two
     behind you.

     13. Walk diagonally between slopes, then jump sideways
     to avoid boulder.

     14. Walk slowly forwards, shooting three more pairs of

     15. Head up corridor towards boulder, then crawl right
     into tunnel.

     16. Turn left at end, then drop down to get Small Medi
     Pack and Save Crystal.

     17. Slide down to large chamber, where the bloke sets
     oil pool alight.

     18. Avoid his lethal fire-bombs while blasting away at

     19. Once he's dead, collect the Small Medi Packs on the

     20. Then jump to the central platform to collect the

            2-1 COASTAL VILLAGE
                1. Swim forwards to walk out onto the main beach (with palm 
                2. Go round to left of yellow bank and slide down slope. 
                3. Go down to water and wade through it to other end. 
                4. Climb up to passage and follow it up into valley. 
                5. As you go through bushes, be ready to shoot native. 
                6. Avoid quicksand by running and jumping to block. 
                7. Jump over to opposite side and shoot native by trees. 
                8. Turn left to climb onto grassy ledge, then onto tree. 
                9. Turn away from tree to climb up onto next grass ledge. 
                10. Go left a bit, then turn round to jump to tree branch. 
                11. Follow branch to ledge, then run-jump to grab next branch. 
                12. Collect Serpent Stone, then jump to sandy slope to slide 
                13. Hang-drop to lower ledge, then follow it round to the left. 
                14. Turn right and so a standing jump onto ledge by waterfall. 
                15. Jump through either side of waterfall to passage for Serpent 
                16. Jump back to waterfall ledge, then do a running jump to grab 
                17. Climb up ladder to right ledge and follow passage round. 
                18. Climb up next ladder to emerge on other ledge by pool. 
                19. Climb block to left of sandy slope, then turn to shoot 
                20. Jump over to his ledge to find the series of locked gates. 
                21. Turn around and run and jump to grab higher ledge. 
                22. Turn right and do a running jump to the sandy ledge. 
                23. Jump to torch ledge to collect the third Serpent Stone. 
                24. Return to the locked gates and use the Stones to open them. 
                25. Slide down slope and follow passage. Shoot native who 
                26. Hug left wall to find Small Medi Pack in the dark corner. 
                27. Drop down to village, ready to shoot native coming from left 
                28. Go past left hut and follow path round to treehouse area. 
                29. Climb up block by swamp and shoot native, then jump to his 
                30. Turn the pulley wheel to raise some hatches back in the 
                31. Jump back to treehouse area, ready to blast another native. 
                32. Go back round passage to village, ready to shoot a native 
                33. Head left towards area by pool and shoot another native. 
                34. Head right, to right of far hut, and follow passage round. 
                35. Go through archway, over closed hatches, to new village 
                36. Head left and climb up to left of hut (you can't climb 
                ladder yet). 
                37. Head right between huts, then first left to enter dark left 
                38. Turn the pulley wheel on block, ready to shoot native behind 
                39. Exit and drop back down to lower area to climb ladder to 
                40. Climb left from top to drop off, then climb through the 
                opening gate. 
                41. Jump left to grab hatch, then pull up and enter flames room. 
                42. Head right along passage and run-jump from window to ledge 
                by hut. 
                43. Run and jump gap to next wooden ledge, then head round to 
                44. Jump onto top of hut roof and up to monkey bars to start 
                45. Climb along first set, then right along next, then left to 
                46. Drop off and head over hut roofs to jump to treehouse. 
                47. Flick switch in far left corner to raise hatch above flames. 
                48. Drop down to ground and climb and jump back to flames area. 
                49. Step back a bit from flames to jump onto hatch above them. 
                50. Jump forward and flick switch, then shoot native behind you. 
                51. Head down corridor and time dash past two blades in wall. 
                52. Turn pulley wheel at the end of corridor to open left gate. 
                53. Slide down slope and head right to pool, where hatch has 
                54. Swim down through hatch and follow tunnel to surface through 
                55. Climb out and climb ladder to passage leading to rope 
                56. Cross rope bridge and follow the passage round to end. 
                57. Do a running jump and grab to land on ledge. Enter 

                2-2 CRASH SITE
                1. Pick up Swamp Map, then exit and run-jump towards ledge to 
                drop down. 
                2. Go round to the swamp. The map tells you which lily pads you 
                can jump on. 
                3. Jump onto middle pad, then do a running jump to climb onto 
                third one from left. 
                4. Turn right to run-jump to pad by tree. Turn left to run-jump 
                to next pad. 
                5. Run-jump diagonally left to pad, then to the left one of the 
                two ahead. 
                6. Now run-jump to forest area. Go down slope, ready to shoot 
                7. Head right through fog and climb up onto ledge at the end. 
                Jump up via blocks. 
                8. Climb up through hole, then hang-drop through next one into 
                valley with crashed plane. 
                9. Shoot the raptor to the left of plane, then head back round 
                to right. 
                10. Go into doorway to drop down hole. Climb up next hole. 
                11. Watch out, raptors about. Help soldier shoot them - nick his 
                MP5 Clip if he dies! 
                12. Go down the slope and shoot the scavengers munching on the 
                dead raptor. 
                13. Head right to the water and collect the Flares from the 
                14. Go over to the mound and collect Commander Bishop's Key from 
                his dead body. 
                15. Uh oh, T-Rex! Distract it by throwing flare, then dash past 
                dead raptor, into green alcove. Flick switch and shoot T-Rex. Go 
                to alcove by water and flick switch. Return to original alcove 
                and up steps to return to area above slope. 
                16. Return the way you came, through hole and passage to crash 
                17. Go round to right of plane, over slope to see soldiers 
                shooting raptor. 
                18. Leave them to it (don't risk shooting them) and enter the 
                passage near the waterfall. 
                19. Help another soldier shoot a raptor. The bridge is duff so 
                jump in the water. 
                20. Try to avoid piranhas as you swim to the lever and pull it. 
                Climb out on other side. 
                21. Shoot the raptor coming through the gate. Then enter the 
                compound to shoot another. 
                22. Pull the left switch and shoot raptor. Flick other two 
                switches and shoot raptors. 
                23. Climb up through opened hatch for Save Crystal and Lt 
                Tuckerman's Key. 
                24. Watch out for another raptor! Simply drop through hole and 
                head back to river. 
                25. Quickly swim over river and climb out on right. Go back 
                round passage to crash site. 
                26. Head left and back round the plane to where you first 
                dropped in. 
                27. Jump up to grab left side of the leafy slope on left and 
                shimmy right. 
                28. Pull up and twist-jump to grab ledge opposite. Crawl into 
                29. Climb down onto ledge, then start climbing along those 
                monkey bars. 
                30. Monkey-climb around the U bend, then drop onto the first 
                31. Drop down to lower ledge and go round to flick switch to 
                alter hatches. 
                32. Go back to upper ledge and monkey-climb across towards the 
                second switch. 
                33. Grab climbable wall and climb down and left to reach switch. 
                Flick it. 
                34. Stand-jump to Save Crystal, then to grab ledge behind it. 
                Flick first switch again. 
                35. Go back to upper ledge and climb round to end of monkey bars 
                and turn right. 
                36. Grab climbable wall and climb down to bottom (not hanging), 
                then jump back onto ledge. 
                37. Flick switch there to raise final hatch. Jump back to 
                climbable wall. 
                38. Climb up and right onto ledge. Now run-jump to slope to 
                right of spikes and grab it. 
                39. Shimmy to middle of slope, then pull up and jump back onto 
                pillar where Save Crystal was. 
                40. Retrace your route to the monkey bars and round them, all 
                the way this time. 
                41. Grab Uzi Clip, then climb up via block to emerge outside on 
                leafy ledge. 
                42. Run and jump to grab the tree branch ahead, then jump to the 
                top of the plane. 
                43. Head right and drop through the hatch, guns drawn to shoot 
                another raptor. 
                44. Go into the cockpit and use the two Keys in the locks to 
                start things up. 
                45. Return to the back and drop through the hole, then to the 
                far end to flick switch. 
                46. Head back towards the gun, now outside. Aim diagonally left 
                to blow the roof up. 
                47. Hold n to leave gun, then go and jump over to yellow ledge 
                by blown roof. 
                48. Climb up to corner and jump right to ledge for Save Crystal 
                and Large Medi Pack. 
                49. Now jump over to other roof ledge and head down the steps to 
                complete the level.

                2-3 MADUBU GORGE
                1. Climb up hole into left building for Small Medi Pack, Uzi 
                Clip, and Grenades. 
                2. Drop back down and shoot the reptile, avoiding his poisonous 
                3. Shoot another one as you approach pillars by edge. Then drop 
                to next ledge. 
                4. Drop two steps to left, then jump to low platform in water. 
                5. Run-jump to grab opposite slope, then shimmy right. Pull up 
                onto ledge at end. 
                6. Climb block to right. Stand-jump over slope to ledge, then to 
                mossy ledge. 
                7. Jump diagonally to next ledge and flick switch to drop hatch 
                in building near start. 
                8. Return via ledges, shimmying to yellowish slope to jump back 
                onto river platform. 
                9. Jump/climb back to start and re-enter building. Then drop 
                through opened hatch. 
                10. Climb into the canoe and paddle it down the waterfall into 
                the gorge. 
                11. Let the current take you round, but paddle against current 
                to get Save Crystal. 
                12. Continue down rapids after bridge, then paddle left to green 
                rope to turn off blades. 
                13. Go past blades, down rapids, then paddle right against 
                current into calm channel. 
                14. Now paddle to avoid red ropes (deadly spike traps), but go 
                over left green one. 
                15. Go left past the doorway and try to grab Save Crystal 
                (middle right) over waterfall. 
                16. From the pool with red doorway, battle up the next rapids to 
                pool with giant plug. 
                17. Head down right channel, through blue waterfall at end to 
                find secret Save Crystal. 
                18. Return and head up light blue rapids in far right corner and 
                paddle your way up them. 
                18. At the top is a pool with a croc. Leave canoe and climb out 
                quickly to shoot croc. 
                19. Go round to left and shoot reptile below. Drop down and jump 
                forward to grab ceiling. 
                20. Monkey-climb around it, timing your moves past flames. Drop 
                onto ledge at end. 
                21. Avoid hitting head as you run-jump to next ledge. Then go 
                through doorway. 
                22. Climb up blocks and climb down other side, into blue 
                waterfall chamber. 
                23. Head to end of long ledge, then jump to large ledge and over 
                to Large Medi Pack. 
                24. Go to corner and run-jump left over water to grab ledge with 
                MP5 Clip. 
                25. Jump back over water and right to large ledge. Climb up to 
                left to find a climbable wall. 
                26. Climb up wall and onto right ledge. Turn around and start 
                monkey-climbing across. 
                27. Time move past flame and head left at junction to drop onto 
                28. Collect Flares and Shotgun Shells, then monkey-climb across 
                other side of junction. 
                29. Follow ledge left to (inactive) blades trap. Run-jump to 
                ledge by opposite blade. 
                30. Run-jump back over water to grab climbable wall to left of 
                other blade. 
                31. Climb left, up, and left to eventually reach a ledge. Drop 
                onto it to find left doorway. 
                32. Enter and hang-drop through hole to climb down wall. Tricky 
                bit alertЙ 
                33. Walk up passage and roll over to lure boulder, then run back 
                and climb wall. 
                34. Head back up passage further, to lure another boulder. Run 
                back to climb wall. 
                35. Go up the passage and run along ledge to jump to far left, 
                avoiding boulder behind. 
                36. Stand back, then stand-jump over flames, immediately roll 
                over, and jump twice to avoid boulder. 
                37. Head up passage and climb up to emerge by water. Run-jump to 
                right ledge. 
                38. Climb wall left to next ledge. Then crawl through niche to 
                go round next ledge. 
                39. Stand-jump to block in middle of water, then run-jump to 
                next ledge. 
                40. Stand-jump to rope slide. Before using it, drop to ledge and 
                run-jump to Save Crystal. 
                41. Jump back to rope slide and ride it down to the entrance at 
                the end. 
                42. Drop down by chain, then climb up opposite wall to ledge at 
                43. Draw your guns, ready to shoot reptile - and another down 
                end of corridor. 
                44. Follow square passage around chain to find a switch. Flick 
                it to raise plug. 
                45. Go back down corridor and drop to passage. Slide down 
                slopes, back to canoe. 
                46. Paddle it back down the rapids, then through the unplugged 
                47. Park canoe near blue ledge, then swim for it. Get out and 
                shoot all the crocs. 
                48. Swim under yellow ledge to pull lever, then climb out there 
                to exit.
                2-4 TEMPLE OF PUNA
                SOUTH PACIFIC ISANDS
                1. Turn right at the crossroads, shooting the dart-blowing 
                natives on steps. 
                2. Head up steps and shoot native in passage above, then pull up 
                3. Follow steps round and up, shooting another native near the 
                4. Shoot another native around corridor to room with rolling 
                5. You have to flick four switches to open the opposite door. 
                6. Time running jump over blades ASAP, then run/dash to switch 
                and flick it. 
                7. Immediately roll and run forwards a couple of steps to jump 
                over blades again. 
                8. Leg it to the ledge and pull up before the blades come back. 
                9. Repeat this process for other switches. Finally, run through 
                the open gate. 
                10. Now time dash to Save Crystal, immediately roll over, and 
                dash back. 
                11. Pull up and slide down. Quickly pull block out to stop 
                ceiling spikes. 
                12. Now flick the three switches to open the gate and go through 
                13. Hang-drop down the shaft and slide down to hall with 
                14. Go up to it and flick the switch, then roll and dash for 
                opposite gate. 
                15. Another boulder! Run to the right and dash to avoid it. 
                16. Shoot more natives back at crossroads, then head right up 
                17. Slide down into chamber. When you walk to steps, boss 
                swivels round! 
                18. Immediately jump back and sideways to avoid his deadly 
                electric blast. 
                19. Jump left and right, pausing for a split second to lure 
                blasts so you can shoot him. 
                20. Eventually he'll create a reptile. Avoid its poisonous 
                breath as you blast it. 
                21. When it explodes, immediately start dodging the electric 
                blasts again. 
                22. Repeat this process, killing three more reptiles, until boss 
                23. You can go up the steps and collect the Artefact to finish 
                the level.

            Tomb Raider 3
                Rainy old London is a far cry from the previous sunny climes - 
                no wonder Lara dons her catsuit. From the wharf, she eventually 
                gets to explore a spooky abandoned tube station and the Natural 
                History Museum.
            3-1 THAMES WHARF
                1. Go ahead and drop to platform. Turn around and hang from it. 
                2. Drop onto slope and immediately jump (hold square) to ledge 
                with switch. 
                3. Be ready to shoot the bird, then flick the switch to raise 
                4. Monkey-climb over to cage ledge, then use rope slide and grab 
                slope edge. 
                5. Drop to grab crevice just below, then shimmy right and pull 
                up past guard. 
                6. Kill the guard, then enter the warehouse. Head left and jump 
                to ledge. 
                7. Go round to left and shoot rats on far ledge. Jump there via 
                crumbling platform. 
                8. Head right and follow the dark passage right to windows on 
                9. Shoot the guard and collect the Flue House Key from his body. 
                10. Return through passage and hang-drop to grab ledge below. 
                11. Flick switch to open hatch by warehouse door. Drop to next 
                12. Run and jump to grab stone ledge to left of warehouse door. 
                13. Climb up to exit warehouse. Flick switch on ledge to lower 
                hatch again. 
                14. You can now drop down by the hatch to the ledge below. 
                15. Shoot another bird, then grab middle niche (above window) 
                and crawl left. 
                16. Crawl right along tunnel to new area. Jump over to flick 
                switch by lift. 
                17. Crawl back up tunnel and lower yourself out of the end to 
                drop onto slope. 
                18. Shoot guard, then climb up crates near where you dropped, to 
                net ladder. 
                19. Climb up all three net ladders, back to the top. Jump over 
                gap to start. 
                20. Drop to platform at end again. Turn and run-jump to (lower) 
                left end of roof. 
                21. Go up steps and through tunnel to right. Follow passage, 
                jump to opposite one. 
                22. Shoot bird. Climb over wall into section with glass case 
                switch. Flick it to raise lift. 
                23. Return along passage and jump forward to upper ledge. Watch 
                out for guard. 
                24. Turn around and jump onto the raised lift. Jump across to 
                25. Collect Flares and use Flue Room Key to open door. Drop 
                through into room. 
                26. Go forward to collect the Save Crystal, then flick switch to 
                left of it. 
                27. Time run past flames on way back to door. Climb out and jump 
                to lift. 
                28. Turn left and jump down to platform. Drop down to enter 
                tunnel again. 
                29. Drop down other end and climb ladders to the top to jump to 
                low roof bit again. 
                30. This time climb to left of tunnel entrance and round to 
                right to hand-drop through hole. 
                31. Slide down slope and jump from back of ledge to grab next 
                32. Follow the passage and slide down the slopes, shooting the 
                rats at bottom. 
                33. Hang-drop through hole and shoot guard. Flick the switch to 
                34. Go to end of long corridor and round to large pool. Collect 
                goodies from bottom. 
                35. Pull lever on opposite wall, then return through yellow 
                doorway and along corridor. 
                36. Flick switch again, then take first right from corridor to 
                other pool. 
                37. Swim down through the opened hatch. Then swim past 
                slowed-down propellers. 
                38. Surface and climb out. Draw your guns, ready to shoot the 
                guard down passage. 
                39. Get Shotgun Shells at end and shoot rats, then crawl through 
                tunnel towards blue light. 
                40. Drop down at the end and turn around to enter the chamber 
                with tunnelling machine. 
                41. Time your run past it to far ledge, then head right to Save 
                Crystal. Flick switch for clueЙ 
                42. At other end of room, pull wire block out, then push it to 
                left of fuse box. 
                43. The machine will then hit the latter, causing glass case to 
                raise from switch. 
                44. Exit room and climb up netting. Flick newly uncovered switch 
                and normal one. 
                45. Shoot guard. Go to pool at end of corridor and swim over to 
                the red doorway. 
                46. Follow passage to newly flooded pool. Jump in to set off 
                alarm, then out to shoot guard. 
                47. Swim over other side, climb out, and enter door. Go round 
                either side to flick switch. 
                48. When you return to the pool, it's empty and the door's 
                closed! Worry notЙ 
                49. Head left by the fencing and jump up to grab grating. Monkey 
                climb across it. 
                50. Drop off at end and shoot rats. Crawl left for Small Medi 
                Pack; head right for Save Crystal. 
                51. Drop through hole at end into pool. Shoot guard on way back 
                to switches. 
                52. Flick uncovered left switch. Then head back to third pool, 
                which is flooded again. 
                53. Dive down to enter hatch at bottom. Swim along tunnel to 
                surface in another pool. 
                54. Climb out either side and shoot the guard, then swim over to 
                his ledge. 
                55. Jump over wire to grab net ladder. Climb up and onto barbed 
                wire ledge. 
                56. Shoot bird. Walk (hold R1) through wire, then jump from edge 
                to platform. 
                57. Turn right and do a running jump to grab upper barbed wire 
                58. Walk carefully through wire and jump to right side of roof. 
                59. Head left along rood and climb up to next section, then up 
                to ledge. 
                60. Draw guns, ready to shoot guards as you head round to the 
                61. Drop through gap in fencing to initiate automatic gunfight 

                3-2 ALDWYCH
                1. Sliding down onto second slope, hold 5 to grab opposite 
                2. Collect the Shotgun Shells, then drop into the water below. 
                3. Climb out to right and head up stairs. Shoot through to get 
                Save Crystal on right. 
                4. Climb up the two net ladders to the loft. Head right to 
                collect Flares. 
                5. Head left to get the Shotgun Shells in the corner. Then go 
                back of pillar by hole. 
                6. Pull the block there out once, then drop through the hole 
                onto ticket machine. 
                7. Shoot thug below, then jump via vending machine to push-block 
                and climb it to top. 
                8. Drop down other hole, then round to next. Climb down netting 
                to ticket office. 
                9. Grab Maintenance Key, then flick switch to open door. Exit 
                back to ticket machines. 
                10. Go down the right escalator: at bottom, run-jump diagonally 
                right over chasm. 
                11. Head through pillars to tube platform and shoot one man and 
                his dog. 
                12. Use Key to open door on right. Turn light on and get Small 
                Medi Pack and Uzi Clip. 
                13. Exit and head to other end of platform to find Old Penny by 
                vending machine. 
                14. Run-jump across chasm to grab escalator ledge. Go back up it 
                to ticket machines. 
                15. Insert Old Penny in dark panel of second machine from right, 
                then pick up Ticket. 
                16. This time go down left escalator, ready to shoot thug in 
                rubble at bottom. 
                17. Go through pillars to tube platform, then right into passage 
                to stairs. 
                18. Be ready to shoot dog as you go up stairs. Drop onto first 
                block in pool room. 
                19. Run-jump to grab left of crevice. Shimmy right, then monkey 
                climb along netting. 
                20. Grab tunnel and crawl through it, shooting rat. Use ticket 
                to open barrier. 
                21. Shoot rat on the stairs, then go up and shoot thug to 
                collect Small Medi Pack. 
                22. Head right down escalator and drop into blue passage. Shoot 
                thug behind you. 
                23. Jump over hole and shoot dog. Follow stairs to platform with 
                train (Flares on roof). 
                24. Shoot thug, then drop down hole at end of track for Large 
                Medi Pack. 
                25. Go back up stairs and jump over hole to exit through open 
                left door. 
                26. Now drop into chasm and head left along track. Run into 
                right doorway to avoid train! 
                27. Shoot the two thugs, then climb onto crate in far right 
                28. Turn left to run-jump and grab crate in corner. Turn left 
                and repeat. 
                29. Jump backwards onto middle of slope to jump and grab 
                30. Climb to the top, then jump back onto dark ledge. Turn 
                31. There's a thug on the ledge above - may as well climb up and 
                kill him. 
                32. Now jump forward from that passage to grab the ceiling 
                33. Monkey-climb around to the right to drop onto ledge at the 
                34. Slide down slope and climb up onto right ledge. Tricky 
                section alert: huge drill!Й 
                35. Turn around to slide down slope and grab end. Drop to 
                crumbling platform. 
                36. Quickly jump left to slope, then jump from it to grab ledge. 
                37. Drop to crumbling platform and hold 5 to grab slope when it 
                38. Drop to grab ledge just below, then drop to slope and jump 
                back to safety. 
                39. If you want, quickly twist-jump to right side of slope, then 
                hold 5 to land on lower ledge. 
                40. Collect Save Crystal and Rocket, then hang-drop to collect 
                Small Medi Pack. 
                41. Follow passage up and climb to left. Turn around and jump to 
                grab ledge and pull up. 
                42. Turn around and climb up to pool area, then climb up netting 
                43. Watch it! Pull up, then time run diagonally right past first 
                44. Time climb onto block to extinguish flames. Climb up onto 
                45. Climb to left ledge and head left. Jump to grab netting 
                46. Jump back to land on ledge. Flick switch to drop hatch in 
                red room. 
                47. Turn round and jump to grab ledge above netting. Collect Uzi 
                48. Hang-drop to next ledge, then climb up left to steps. Go up 
                49. Climb up to left, then head right through doorway, guns 
                50. Shoot rats as you head left to find the Shotgun in left 
                51. Now hang-drop through hole in grating to return to area 
                below right escalator. 
                52. Drop down into chasm, turn around, and follow track to red 
                room again. 
                53. Climb and jump up, as before, to reach the entrance to the 
                drill room. 
                54. Drop onto top of machine and climb up into passage to 
                collect Solomon Key. 
                55. Climb up and follow passage to drop back into loft with 
                56. Drop through and head back along the chasm track to the red 
                57. Climb and jump up, as before, to reach the ledge where you 
                shot bloke. 
                58. Head right and climb up through opened hatch. Shoot man and 
                dog in room. 
                59. Stand on crumbling tile to fall through. Pull block back 
                once, then climb out. 
                60. Collect nearby MP5 Clip before dropping into the newly 
                opened hatch. 
                61. Follow passage and crawl through tunnel. Then climb up to 
                62. Head down long passage and follow it around to the two 
                63. Flick right switch, then quickly run left up passage, around 
                to room with doors. 
                64. Run through right door before it closes, then flick switch 
                65. Exit through the back and head right, following passage back 
                to switches. 
                66. Flick right switch. Quickly run up to doors to enter middle 
                67. Climb up through opened hatch. Flick (timed) switch on right 
                68. Quickly head along passage and drop through hole to 
                69. Flick left one and run up passage to enter left door. Climb 
                left ledge. 
                70. Jump to ceiling grating and monkey-climb across before timed 
                hatch drops. 
                71. At end, drop to grab ledge with Shotgun Shells, Save 
                Crystal, and Solomon's Key. 
                72. Now drop into pool and swim through tunnel. Surface and 
                climb out. 
                73. Shoot man who comes through opening door. Go through to 
                ticket machine area. 
                74. Head down left escalator and shoot rats on track. Drop down 
                and follow it right. 
                75. When you reach red area, dash for open middle door to avoid 
                76. Shoot bloke, then flick switch. Get Save Crystal from right 
                door, then enter left. one. 
                77. Swim to the other side of pool, then flick switch to open 
                the door. 
                78. Go round to the right and flick the triple 
                (hands/croc/writing) switch. 
                79. Turn around, head left, then right and flick hands switch. 
                80. Turn around and enter the right room through either open 
                hands door. 
                81. Go to the dark alcove to the left and collect the Small Medi 
                82. Flick the croc switch in that room, then go back to triple 
                switch and flick it. 
                83. Go through writing door opposite and head right around 
                84. Collect Small Medi Pack and MP5 Clip from open hands doors. 
                85. Continue around passage to large Masonic room with two locks 
                on right. 
                86. Use Solomon Keys in locks to unbolt the Hands door at far 
                87. Go through door and over crumbling block to collect Masonic 
                88. Jump back to room, shoot dog, then exit through opened far 
                left door. 
                89. Collect Flares, then drop into pool and swim along passage 
                to surface in earlier pool. 
                90. Get to tunnel via crevice and monkey bars, as before, and 
                crawl through. 
                91. Go up past ticket barrier again, then head down escalator 
                and use Mallet to open door. 
                92. Enter and flick switch, then exit and drop to blue passage. 
                Drop into hole. 
                93. Crawl through gap at bottom, then climb up through opened 
                hatch into the train. 
                94. Press switch to left, to move train, then drop through 
                opened hatch. 
                95. Crawl through the tunnel, then head along the fire-lit 
                96. Slide down either slope (to right or round back) to complete 
                3-3 LUD'S GATE
                1. Don't shoot your new thug friends or they'll soon get nasty 
                2. Follow passage down to pool and head through left doorway. 
                3. Slide down right of slope, then quickly turn right and climb 
                wall to avoid spikes. 
                4. Flick switch and climb onto sandy block, then up grating 
                5. Climb left and twist-jump back from bottom of red section to 
                grab grating behind. 
                6. Pull into niche for Rocket. Climb down near bottom, then 
                twist-jump back to grab grating. 
                7. Climb up to just above green light, then jump (don't twist) 
                back onto ledge for Save Crystal. 
                8. Run-jump back to grab grating, then climb up to pull into top 
                right tunnel. 
                9. Crawl to middle of tunnel and stand up to climb up to right, 
                through hole. 
                10. Drop through next hole, ready to shoot guard. Pull & push 
                block left and flick switch. 
                11. Shoot guard and go right from corridor to Egyptian room. Get 
                Small Medi Pack at back. 
                12. Climb up steps to enter room at back. Push block to doorway, 
                then climb onto it. 
                13. Climb through niche, back to main room. From top step, jump 
                left to grab monkey bars. 
                14. Monkey-climb across and left to drop to grab ledge. Collect 
                Save Crystal. 
                15. Drop down and go back up to monkey bars. Go right and pull 
                up to ledge to flick switch. 
                16. Drop down, then jump/climb to sliding pillar (now blocking 
                original entrance). 
                17. Climb up to ledge, then right into niche and down other 
                side. Climb up next ledge. 
                18. Slide down slope and drop into corridor. Go to room at end 
                and pull block again. 
                19. Go back round into Egyptian room, as before. Go up steps 
                onto sliding pillar. 
                20. Climb to next ledge. Turn right, stand back a bit to jump to 
                ledge with switch. 
                21. Flick switch, jump back to ledge, and drop to pillar. Climb 
                up ladder with closed hatch. 
                22. Climb left to ledge. Turn around and jump left to block, 
                then arch ledge. 
                23. Drop down, then climb right. Turn around and jump to grab 
                24. Get Shotgun Shells and Flares on other side, then climb out 
                again. Turn to climb to corner. 
                25. Slide back down slope to grab end. Pull up to twist-jump and 
                grab ledge. Go through. 
                26. Climb right and slide down slope, then immediately jump from 
                crumbling tile to grab ledge. 
                27. Grab Embalming Fluid, then crawl through tunnel to collect 
                Uzi Clip. 
                28. Climb down into passage and shoot guard. Go forward to dead 
                end and crawl into left tunnel. 
                29. Shoot guard at other end, then flick switch. Grab MP5 Clip 
                through opening door. 
                30. Return to room and drop down hole behind block into Sphinx 
                31. Monkey-climb to Save Crystal. Climb back to just before bend 
                to drop onto Sphinx head. 
                32. Walk to left (front of head) and drop right side to the 
                ledge to collect Grenades. 
                33. Jump back onto head slope and grab end. Drop and slide to 
                paw. Shoot guard below. 
                34. Drop to floor and head round to left to shoot guard by 
                stairs. Head up there. 
                35. Climb up to ledge and pull block out. Drop off ledge and 
                climb up block to grating. 
                36. Climb right to ledge. Turn around and climb up to passage. 
                Drop down hole. 
                37. Drop into brick tunnel. Turn around to push block. Then pull 
                other block twice. 
                38. Turn left to jump and grab blue tunnel. Collect Rocket and 
                Large Medi Pack. 
                39. Climb back down and climb up block to grating, then right to 
                ledge again. 
                40. Turn around and climb to passage, then drop through hole and 
                down brick tunnel back to pools. 
                41. Go up to start and use Embalming Fluid by blue light ledge 
                to open door to your left. 
                42. Go through and drop into water. Swim over Propulsion Unit 
                and press 5 to use it. 
                43. Go through to large chamber and shoot croc. Grab ammo from 
                various side rooms. 
                44. Surface for air, then go to far left corner and up wide 
                passage to surface. Climb out. 
                45. In next pool, swim along upper tunnel to surface to right. 
                Pull lever to open hatch. 
                46. Swim just round to left and up through hatch. Surface, climb 
                up to ledge and flick switch. 
                47. Drop back into water and swim left through opened hatch to 
                surface in large room. 
                48. Swim left and climb out, then up to ledge. Climb onto crates 
                to shoot guard. 
                49. Jump right from end of crates to collect Boiler Room Key 
                from dead guard. 
                50. Head round to right and drop into the water past steps to 
                find diamond tunnel. 
                51. Swim along it into large chamber. Dodge croc and divers as 
                you swim up and right. 
                52. Head for top-left tunnel on right wall for air (return here 
                any time you need it). 
                53. Get Propulsion Unit from top-right tunnel on right wall and 
                kill croc and divers. 
                54. Head down into greenish low tunnel to left of entrance. Pull 
                lever on right. 
                55. Watch out for diver as you enter green tunnel above 
                entrance. Pull lever through hatch. 
                56. Kill another diver as you enter top red (not purple) tunnel. 
                Go through hatch to pull lever on left. 
                57. Harpoon diver as you enter top blue tunnel. Go down through 
                hatch and up long shaft to surface. 
                58. Climb out and press switch to extinguish flames. Run-jump 
                via those platforms. 
                59. Go straight on into passage and follow it right. Time moves 
                past crushers. 
                60. Climb up and go to end of ledge. Turn right and run-jump to 
                grab monkey-bar grating. 
                61. Climb forward and turn left to drop and grab niche in 
                waterfall. Crawl into it. 
                62. Climb down other side and use Boiler Room Key on lock. Get 
                Save Crystal and press switch. 
                63. Climb through niche, back to pool. Head back to large 
                chamber and into top purple tunnel. 
                64. Head through opened hatch and up long shaft to surface. 
                Climb out of pool by rockers. 
                65. From middle-left of ledge, time stand-jump to next, then 
                continue run-jumping to third ledge. 
                66. Jump to the passage and climb up to left of hole. Climb up 
                and slide down slope. 
                67. Climb up steps to emerge at top of deep shaft. Run-jump to 
                grab opposite crevice. 
                68. Drop to blue niche and crawl up through tunnel to passage 
                leading back to shaft. 
                69. Do a running jump to grab purple niche opposite. Crawl left 
                and climb down. 
                70. Turn around and climb up to slide down slope. Crawl through 
                to complete level.   

                3-4 CITY
                1. Exit office through passage and go outside to find the evil 
                Sophia. Dodge her power bolts! 
                2. Head right up slope and turn around to monkey-climb across to 
                pink light ledge. 
                3. Climb up to ledge above and gang-drop off left end. Shimmy 
                left and grab niche below. 
                4. Climb in and down other side for Rocket. Drop down to collect 
                Large Medi Pack. 
                5. Climb out through niche and drop down. Monkey-climb across to 
                left again and climb up. 
                6. Follow bridge around to right and flick switch. Head back and 
                up through fallen hatch. 
                7. Climb up again and head right over bridge. Jump to left 
                netting ladder and climb up. 
                8. Crawl through niche and turn around to climb on top of it. 
                Then run-jump forward to grab ledge. 
                9. Head round to left to find fuse box. Shoot it to electrify 
                the metal bridge - and Sophia! 
                10. However, don't get on bridge for Artefact until you've hit 
                switch* to turn electric off. 
                *Located on other side of bridge - run and jump to ledges to 
                right of it, then climb up to back and left. 

                Tomb Raider 3
                After dodging rattlesnakes in the desert, Lara eventually finds 
                a way into the military compound, only to get arrested. Somehow 
                she has to dodge armed guards, reclaim her weapons, and get to 
                the elusive Area 51.
                4-1 NEVADA DESERT
                1. After sliding down the slope, draw your guns to shoot two 
                2. Walk slowly forwards towards bushes, ready to rattlesnake. 
                3. Head to right of central rocks and small pool (quicksand to 
                left of there). 
                4. Enter passage and follow it right, jumping up short slope to 
                5. Push block left to find Shotgun Shells. Climb up steps around 
                6. Walk to edge of slope (don't slide down it) and run-jump to 
                grab next block. 
                7. Hand-drop down other side. Shoot snakes and get Save Crystal, 
                Small Medi Pack, and Flares. 
                8. Go round to left to shoot another snake, then push block to 
                9. Head round to left and up steps again. Run-jump to grab block 
                10. Run-jump to next block, then climb right to emerge outside. 
                11. Go to right corner and run-jump to ledge. Shoot snake in 
                12. Run-jump to the next ledge. Jump gap and follow it round. 
                13. Run off the end to land on a low ledge. Drop off end and go 
                right for Large Medi Pack. 
                14. Climb back to low ledge and turn right to run-jump and grab 
                ledge on rocks. 
                15. Climb up and jump up short slope. Walk slowly towards 
                rattlesnake and shoot it. 
                16. Continue up the ledge to reach the top of the large box. 
                Drop into the middle. 
                17. Swim along the tunnel to surface in next pool. Climb out and 
                head through archway. 
                18. Dive into the pool and search bottom for various goodies, 
                including some by waterfall. 
                19. Climb out onto ledge to left of waterfall. Climb right onto 
                block, then run-jump right to grab ledge. 
                20. Run-jump right to ledge, then run-jump right to grab ledge 
                between slopes. 
                21. Pull up and scale the climbable wall, climbing left to get 
                back to starting ledge. 
                22. Now run-jump left to triangular ledge, then stand-jump to 
                grab square ledge. 
                23. Shoot vulture, then stand-jump to next ledge. Climb to block 
                at end, then high pillar. 
                24. Run-jump left to grab top ledge. Pull up and follow it left, 
                then jump to triangular ledge. 
                25. Shoot snake in bush, then climb up and jump over to right 
                ledge to see stealth planes. 
                26. Jump slightly right over slope, so you slide backwards from 
                next and can grab it. 
                27. Shimmy left for Save Crystal. Round the corner is the 
                detonator, but you can't use it yet. 
                28. Climb down left wall to drop onto left ledge. Head left and 
                jump to climbable wall by waterfall. 
                29. Climb up to the top and jump back onto ledge. Then run-jump 
                to ledge behind waterfall. 
                30. Turn right and stand-jump to ledge, then run-jump to ledge 
                by right corner. 
                31. Run-jump left over water to next ledge, then head round to 
                the shore. 
                32. Climb up wall through hole in left corner. Shoot snake and 
                grab Uzi Clip. 
                33. Drop back to shore and shoot snake by rock pillar. Head 
                through left doorway. 
                34. Follow passage to room with chain. Jump over via left/right 
                ledge for Save Crystal. 
                35. Return to shore and head to left of yellow machine, blasting 
                unarmed bloke. 
                36. Continue round and climb ladders to top of machine. Head 
                right and onto wall to pass gate. 
                37. Shoot vultures. Drop into water to right and pull lever. Get 
                Flares from opposite hatch. 
                38. Climb out on sandy shore and head past cactus for Grenades, 
                shooting snake. 
                39. Head around to left and drop back into water. Dive into 
                corner to pull lever. 
                40. Surface for breath, then dive down between yellow slopes to 
                enter opened hatch. 
                41. Pull lever above tunnel as you enter, then pull another just 
                around the right corner. 
                42. Continue along and up to surface in small pool. Head along 
                passage and flick switch at end. 
                43. Turn around and head right to slide down water slope, back 
                to pool. 
                44. Climb out by gates and head along wall to emptied area to 
                find Large Medi Pack. 
                45. Run-jump to grab high ledge for Small Medi Pack. Jump back 
                46. Drop to right block and stand-jump carefully into waterfall 
                ledge for Rocket. 
                47. Jump back to block, then turn and stand-jump to low ledge. 
                Run-jump to next two. 
                48. Drop left, back to shore. Run-jump right over water and go 
                around working machine, to left. 
                49. Enter corner doorway to find raised cage lift. Shoot the 
                unarmed bloke who arrives. 
                50. Head around the back to enter lift and finally collect that 
                Detonator Switch. 
                51. Exit to shore and head right, back to long ledge. Follow it 
                round and run-jump to left ledge. 
                52. Run-jump to ledge around left corner, then stand-jump to one 
                by waterfall. 
                53. Run-jump diagonally left to ledge outside. Then run-jump 
                from right side to grab ledge. 
                54. Go left and use Switch on detonator, but jump quickly aside 
                to avoid rolling boulder! 
                55. Follow cable down into cavern. Climb left block to jump and 
                grab left corner ledge. 
                56. Turn around to run-jump to triangular ledge, then stand-jump 
                left to next one. 
                57. Climb up from sandy ledge and crawl through to area above 
                fenced compound. 
                58. Drop down and grab Grenades by right bushes, then head left 
                past fence (don't touch it). 
                59. Climb into tunnel and follow it around to passage. Jump over 
                hole to grab ledge. 
                60. Climb right to find pool. Jump in and swim right to pull 
                lever behind pillar. 
                61. Swim into left tunnel to pull another lever. Return to 
                surface and climb out. 
                62. Drop down and hang-drop into hole. Then climb up other side 
                and crawl back outside. 
                63. Head a round to left to enter large rocky passage. Slide 
                down and shoot snakes by bush. 
                64. Enter right door and flick switch to flood pool. Head back 
                up and round to previous tunnel. 
                65. Crawl/walk around and drop through hole, then crawl through 
                next tunnel. 
                66. Shoot unarmed men and climb up ladder in far side of 
                structure to enter it. 
                67. Swim around to ledge, then run-jump through open door to 
                land on box in compound. 
                68. Shoot blokes and head past left doorway, into hangar with 
                quad bike. Shoot men. 
                69. Grab Small Medi Pack, then head round right pillar for Uzi 
                Clip. Ride quad bike outside. 
                70. Ride it slowly up left ramp, stopping on flat part of roof. 
                Collect Generator Access to right. 
                71. Ride back down ramp and left to other doorway. Enter pool 
                table room and shoot man. 
                72. Go through to office and head right to switch box to use 
                Generator Access. 
                73. Shoot man and enter opened door. Flick switch to turn off 
                electric fence. 
                74. Return to buggy and take it round past ramp to gates. Flick 
                switch to open them. 
                75. Ride out of compound and left into rocky passage. Speed up 
                large ramp to jump fence. 
                4-2 HIGH SECURITY COMPOUND
                1. You have no weapons. Climb up to cell window, then roll over 
                and run past guard to escape. 
                2. Head left and flick switch to release prisoner, who then 
                beats guard to death. 
                3. Press the next switch to open two cells and release another 
                4. Head over walkway and press switches to open cells. Enter 
                leftmost one. 
                5. Climb up by basin and push block. Crawl left, then right 
                through niches. 
                6. Push another block, then crawl back around and push first 
                block again. 
                7. Turn around and jump forward to grab ledge. Pull up into long 
                8. Walk to barbed wire and hop back twice. Then run-jump safely 
                over it. 
                9. Climb up other side and continue. Walk through barbed wire to 
                flick switch. 
                10. Climb to left ledge, then down ladder just a bit to drop 
                onto ledge. 
                11. Drop through hatch, then run around to left, past armed 
                guard, to flick switch. 
                12. Prisoners come through to kill guard. Nick his Shotgun 
                Shells and Keycard Type A. 
                13. Use Keycard to open next set of gates. Head through and 
                round to the left. 
                14. Flick switch to open door to toilets. Enter and flick switch 
                to open next door. 
                15. Only right block moves. Pull/push it around pillar to corner 
                to climb up through hatch. 
                16. Jump over pipe and flick switch to right. Drop back through 
                hatch into water. 
                17. Swim over to opposite corner to surface through hatch. Climb 
                out into dark passage. 
                18. Walk along and jump right over hole to lit area. Continue 
                along lit passage to steps. 
                19. Head along rooftop passage and run-jump over two lots of 
                barbed wire. 
                20. Drop down at end and into yellow section to flick switch, 
                turning off burners. 
                21. Flick other switch to open door, then climb up through hole 
                22. Head back along passage, run-jumping two lots of barbed 
                wire. Climb up to passage. 
                23. Head round to hole and drop through into kitchen. Flick 
                switch and go through door. 
                24. Open right door first, then left one. Run from guards, 
                through right door to canteen. 
                25. Go through far left doorway and head right, then left. 
                Prisoners will kill guards. 
                26. Return through canteen to green guards room and flick switch 
                to raise grating in kitchen. 
                27. Head back to the kitchen and climb up carefully past fans to 
                collect Save Crystal. 
                28. At back, slide down left side, then jump from next slope, 
                over barbed wire. 
                29. Climb up into tunnel and crawl through it. Then climb up 
                ladder and over to left ledge. 
                30. Hatch opens. Turn around and jump to climb through it. Head 
                up passage to steps. 
                31. Climb up grating ladder to green area. Get Small Medi Pack 
                on left. 
                32. Head up slope and run right past guard. Head left by crate 
                and round to right. 
                33. Drop down steps to yellow area and press left switch to 
                release prisoner, who kills guard. 
                34. Get Keycard Type B from dead guard, then return up top. Head 
                right by crate and unlock door. 
                35. Enter and head up steps for Large Medi Pack. Flick switch 
                and return outside. 
                36. You can now head right after the crate. Continue around and 
                climb down ladder. 
                37. Sneak left past guard into yellow corridor and press left 
                switch to release prisoners. 
                38. Press other switch, then turn around and head back to 
                collect Yellow Pass from dead guard. 
                39. Head over to far corner of open area and use Yellow Pass to 
                unlock door. 
                40. Enter and let prisoners deal with guard there. Collect 
                Flares and head round to left. 
                41. There's an armed guard at the bottom, so crawl right through 
                the tunnel. 
                42. Hang-drop down. Wait till guard's not looking then go and 
                flick the switch on right of pillar. 
                43. Jump over deadly red laser beam to go through door. Follow 
                corridor around to end. 
                44. Hang-drop into room. Head left around steps. Hang-drop to 
                ledge, then jump to grab passage. 
                45. Follow passage all the way around to drop into control room. 
                Press switch in corner. 
                46. Press switch to open door and exit. Head right, back to main 
                room and hang-drop in. 
                47. Hang-drop to the floor (you'll lose half energy). Go round 
                opposite side and climb ladder. 
                48. Follow passage and sneak right past guard. Climb into right 
                tunnel for Yellow Pass. 
                49. Sneak left past guard and climb down into main room. Enter 
                red tunnel on opposite side. 
                50. Flick left switch, but head right to control room and use 
                Yellow Pass. Climb up ladder there. 
                51. Jump into pool and swim down through hole for Save Crystal. 
                Swim around long passage. 
                52. Collect Flares and pull lever to open door. Swim through and 
                round to surface. 
                53. Climb out and jump to red area. Swim through new water 
                channel and climb out. 
                54. Go along passage and climb over crates to left. Flick switch 
                to open door. 
                55. Enter the room to rediscover your weapons, plus a Large Medi 
                56. Go back towards door, but shoot up to destroy gun before 
                crossing beams. 
                57. Climb back over crates and head up slope to shoot guard, 
                then the reinforcements! 
                58. Head up the right slope, ready to shoot dogs and guard. 
                Collect his Blue Pass. 
                59. Climb up left ladder, then head around to right passage to 
                use Blue Pass. 
                60. Shoot guard through door and enter. Press right switch (not 
                left one), then head back. 
                61. Climb back down ladder and head up to open area. Enter left 
                open door for Large Medi Pack. 
                62. Head back down both slopes. Climb on crate to right and up 
                ladder to ledge. 
                63. Turn around and monkey-climb forward, then right, timing 
                move past hook thing. 
                64. Climb up and shoot guard, then steal his Yellow Pass. Get 
                Save Crystal. 
                65. Climb down and hang-drop to main room. Insert Yellow Pass to 
                open gates. 
                66. Follow passage to loading bay and shoot guard. Head round 
                past truck to crates room. 
                67. Shoot another guard, then climb far left crates to find 
                Desert Eagle Clip. 
                68. Now head to crates in blue section - the back of the truck - 
                to escape.

                4-3 AREA 51
                1. Get Small Medi Pack in left corner, then shoot guard quickly 
                before he can hit alarm. 
                2. Go left at end, into armoury to collect MP5 and ammo. Don't 
                flick the switch there. 
                3. Exit room and flick right switch to open grating. Crawl 
                through for Large Medi Pack. 
                4. Crawl into tunnel and stay down to duck laser cutter. Time 
                move left for Large Medi Pack. 
                5. Crawl back past laser cutter and pull up by ladder, then up 
                again into tunnel. 
                6. Crawl through and shoot guard before he can raise alarm. 
                Flick left switch to open cell. 
                7. In hall, crawl into second right tunnel for Flares. Climb up 
                and crawl through. 
                8. Keep right to avoid setting off gun. Continue around passage 
                and shoot guard. 
                9. Go around to end and flick switch to drop through. Shoot 
                armed guard and dogs. 
                10. Head right for Shotgun Shells, then drop into central 
                passage and flick switch to left. 
                11. Drop through corner hatch and shoot guard. Go round and 
                crawl into open grating. 
                12. Get Desert Eagle Clip from right, then crawl through to 
                passage for MP5 Clip on right. 
                13. Drop through left hatch and shoot guard. Turn around and 
                flick door switch at end. 
                14. Shoot guard (not prisoner), then enter cell and crawl into 
                tunnel for Large Medi Pack. 
                15. Exit and follow prisoner along passage, but crawl left into 
                tunnel. Drop down and crawl through. 
                16. Head left and wait for prisoner to kill guards. Go towards 
                right gates and he'll kill some more. 
                17. Enter left gates and flick switch, then enter opposite room 
                and crawl into tunnel. 
                18. Crawl left and shoot guard in passage, then run past beams, 
                up two slopes to the top. 
                19. Go right at junction and shoot armed guard. Climb down and 
                up to his ledge to get Code Disk. 
                20. Head back to junction and climb down ladder. Jump over green 
                beams to yellow Фdoor'. 
                21. Insert Code Disk to raise missiles. Then get onto their 
                ledge and jump over to ladder. 
                22. Climb to the loft and shoot the guard in corner. Then grab 
                his Hangar Access Key. 
                23. Climb down and climb to hook ledge. Jump and shoot right 
                purple shutter to climb in. 
                24. Go left along passage and climb down ladder for Save 
                Crystal. Climb back up and out. 
                25. Climb back up short ladder and go straight past junction to 
                missile silo again. 
                26. Drop down and head into next passage. Go past hole and down 
                to use Key in lock. 
                27. Go through and shoot guard in back. Drop down by 
                (electrified) rail track and head left. 
                28. Climb up ladder and flick left switch, then climb back down 
                and return left to train. 
                29. Crawl under track and up ladder for Shotgun Shells. Then 
                stand-jump to top of train. 
                30. Climb up through hole. Run over first grating, but 
                monkey-climb over second one. 
                31. Crawl under laser cutter, then drop through left side of 
                gap. Run-jump right over track. 
                32. Collect Shotgun Shells to right, then climb up and shoot 
                guard. Head into passage. 
                33. Follow passage all the way up and shoot armed guard. Jump 
                over laser beams in passage. 
                34. Jump over more beams around corner, then a yellow one into 
                crates room. 
                35. Climb over crates and quickly shoot guard in large room 
                before he can hit alarm. 
                36. Climb onto central control panel and jump to grab left 
                walkway. Flick switch and shoot guard. 
                37. Repeat his process for right walkway switch, shooting 
                another armed guard. 
                38. Now flick both switches in quick succession, then run 
                through the open gates. 
                39. Shoot armed guard, then flick all five switches. Exit to 
                large room via small door. 
                40. Exit and climb back over crates, then head round to open 
                gates by alien craft. 
                41. Get Shotgun Shells under craft, then flick far right switch 
                and climb ladder. 
                42. Jump back onto high ledge. Run-jump right around girders to 
                drop onto ledge. 
                43. Drop onto alien craft to collect Launch Code Pass. Slide 
                back down to floor. 
                44. Exit gates and head right. Go down passage and run-jump over 
                track to climb ladder. 
                45. Head back past laser cutter, monkey-climb over grating, then 
                drop to train. 
                46. Drop left and climb up ledge. Go back through door and left 
                to hole. Hang-drop into it. 
                47. Open striped door and go through to right. Use Pass in slot 
                to uncover switch. 
                48. Danger! Press switch, then quickly roll and run from the 
                resulting launch blast. 
                49. When fire has gone, head back past switch, through door, and 
                up hole ladder. 
                50. Head left to silo (missile has gone). Climb to top of right 
                ladder to high ledge. 
                51. Climb up next ladder and shoot guard. Flick switch to open 
                sliding doors. Go through. 
                52. Crawl through tunnel, following laser cutter. Then jump over 
                it and crawl through tunnel. 
                53. Grab Grenades, head down right slope, then left along 
                passage to climb out. 
                54. Head up outside and shoot guard, and the armed one up on 
                55. Head down to right and shoot armed guard. Get Disk from him, 
                then flick switch. 
                56. Go back outside and drop down opened hatch. Follow passage 
                to corner. 
                57. Follow laser cutter along and crawl under it at end. Head 
                left and jump to grab grating. 
                58. Climb down and head left, back up passage and through gates 
                to alien craft. 
                59. Go to the room at the back and use the Code Clearance Disk 
                to open some doors. 
                60. Enter the alien autopsy room for a Save Crystal. Exit and 
                head up to opposite door. 
                61. Enter water tank room and go round to left to collect 
                Shotgun Shells and Flares. 
                62. Exit and go back round to alien craft. Climb up into it 
                through opened hatch. 
                63. Head round and up through next hole. Shoot armed guard, then 
                head up slope. 
                64. Climb up through the hole and quickly run to centre to grab 
                the elusive Artefact. 

            Tomb Raider 3
                Only once Lara has completed all the other adventures can she 
                brave the icy wastes of Antarctica - and freezing cold water. 
                Exploring the dark mines, she can finally locate the lost city 
                of Tinnos and confront Willard.
            5-1 ANTARCTICA
                1. Stand-jump left over water to ice platform, then run-jump to 
                right ledge. 
                2. Go past cabin (can't get in yet) to edge, to run-jump over 
                water to other side. 
                3. Climb up right ledge, then up to left on sloped bit. Run-jump 
                right to next ledge. 
                4. Walk around and stand-jump to ice bridge. Then walk right and 
                run-jump to passage. 
                5. Head up there to collect Large Medi Pack, Flares, and Save 
                Crystal. Return to bridge. 
                6. Jump back to left ledge and drop to ground. Head around to 
                right and jump over slope. 
                7. Go to edge and swim quickly over to opposite ledge to avoid 
                freezing to death. 
                8. Wait till Lara's warmed up before quickly swimming over to 
                the next low ledge. 
                9. Head right and climb up the blocks in the corner until you 
                can grab the monkey bars. 
                10. Monkey-climb across to the end, then drop onto block. Jump 
                over to ship. 
                11. Drop through hole and go down slope to shoot guard. Flick 
                switch to open door. 
                12. Head around to the right, shooting guard. Go up behind 
                machine to flick corner switch. 
                13. Turn around and drop through hatch to shoot guard. Head 
                along the long corridor. 
                14. Shoot the guard near the end, then flick switch to open 
                door. Go through. 
                15. Flick left switch to open door. Head right to shoot guard 
                and get Desert Eagle Clip. 
                16. Drop through hole and kill guard behind you for Uzi Clip. 
                Then climb up ledge. 
                17. Flick switch to drop dinghy outside. Drop back down and 
                climb up through hole. 
                18. Head up through large hole in white room. Follow passage 
                around to door and open it. 
                19. Go through to stern deck. Head round to right and back-jump 
                into left ice tunnel. 
                20. Hang-drop and get Save Crystal. Climb up, jump back to ship, 
                and return to stern. 
                21. Jump over the slope at the very back of the ship and jump 
                onto upper ice ledge. 
                22. Jump up ledges to enter niche. Get Rocket, then climb out 
                and return down ledges. 
                23. Swim over to dinghy. Steer it right, all around the ship, 
                into channel by cabin. 
                24. Drive down there and round to the left. Jump out to right 
                and shoot guard. 
                25. Climb up onto left of cabin, then monkey-climb across, 
                heading left at junction. 
                26. Continue climbing around to end of monkeys bars to drop onto 
                ice ledge. 
                27. Slide down into opening and shoot guard. Follow passage 
                around to new area. 
                28. Shoot dog, then enter dark tunnel ahead, ready to shoot man 
                and his dog. 
                29. Continue round and press switch by door. Drop onto ledge in 
                pipe hole. 
                30. Swim under next ledge and climb out on far one. Climb up to 
                31. Turn second boiler wheel and get Save Crystal. Turn last 
                wheel and climb out. 
                32. Enter door to machine room and flick switch. Get Large Medi 
                Pack on right. 
                33. Exit and go outside. Head through left passage and press 
                fence switch. Shoot dog. 
                34. Enter compound and press switch. Shoot dogs and go through 
                35. Go through door and shoot dog in office. Get Gate Control 
                Key from far right corner. 
                36. Return outside and shoot bloke. Exit compound and head left 
                to passage. 
                37. Shoot bloke by bridge. Climb down ladder and shoot dog. Get 
                Grenades, climb out. 
                38. Head over bridge, back to area with hole. Head past it into 
                passage. Shoot dogs. 
                39. Time runs through sliding doors. Head upstairs to shoot two 
                40. Collect Small Medi Pack and head round to left into office. 
                Press switch there. 
                41. Exit office and head left. Shoot guard behind, then collect 
                that Crowbar. 
                42. Return downstairs and past sliding doors again. Shoot 
                another guard outside. 
                43. Return along the ice passage round to right, through 
                original dark tunnel. 
                44. Go back through ice passage ahead to water. Monkey-climb 
                back across to cabin. 
                45. Use the Crowbar to open cabin door, then draw guns before 
                entering. Shoot guard. 
                46. Press left switch and use Key on right lock, to raise 
                barrier in water outside. 
                47. Get back in dinghy and drive left through raised barrier. 
                Drive right past guard. 
                48. Follow passage round to end and get out on ledge. Climb up 
                to top compound. 
                49. Shoot guard, then follow passage up, avoiding mine shaft. 
                Shoot guard below. 
                50. Head to left of cabin and follow passage around to meet Dr 
                Willard again.

                5-2 RX-TECH MINES
                1. Turn left and climb into tunnel and crawl through to passage. 
                2. Head left and around four corners, through opening doors. 
                3. Pass left door until you head another door open. Turn around 
                and go back. 
                4. Go through open door and crawl down tunnel. Climb down ladder 
                through hole. 
                5. Get MP5 Clip (and watch mutant outside get flamed), then 
                press switch and climb into passage. 
                6. Head around outside - don't shoot flame-thrower bloke. Head 
                round to next passage. 
                7. Go through to large chamber. Drop to bottom and head left to 
                shoot poisonous mutant. 
                8. Get in mine cart. Press L2 to duck low girders, but quickly 
                press 5 to hit lever. 
                9. Veering left, press n brake a little at the top of the slope, 
                then duck and let cart speed over pit. 
                10. That earlier bit of braking means it can now take the left 
                corner ahead. 
                11. Duck more girders. When the cart stops, press l + c to get 
                12. Jump left for Save Crystal, then back again and head up the 
                13. Press switch to open door and go through. Follow passage 
                around to slope. 
                14. Go down and slide down long slope to drop onto steaming 
                15. Head left, guns drawn to shoot mutant who arrives from right 
                16. Enter passage and follow it around to tunnel on right. Crawl 
                17. Crawl right under tracks for Shotgun Shells and Rocket. 
                Return through tunnel. 
                18. Shoot mutant in passage, then head around to dark area. 
                Light flare and climb ladder. 
                19. Drop off right to passage and press switches to open doors. 
                Enter far one. 
                20. Follow passage and crawl through tunnel, up slope. Climb 
                down end. 
                21. Get ready to shoot another mutant who comes through door. 
                Head outside. 
                22. Jump into pool and collect Winch Starter from bottom. Climb 
                out quickly on low side. 
                23. Go back into cabin and open left door. Shoot mutant and go 
                through next door. 
                24. Jump over hole and go through left door to head back to 
                cart. Get in it. 
                25. Hold n to brake, so it doesn't go out of control down first 
                26. After going up hill, duck girder and press 5 to head right 
                at junction for Save Crystal. 
                27. Brake a bit down the hill to come to a safe stop back in the 
                large chamber. Get out. 
                28. Go down to middle cart and ride it all the way around to the 
                next stop (press 5 to activate it). 
                29. Grab the Save Crystal and enter the passage. Time your run 
                past drills. 
                30. Head round to the left passage and slide backwards down the 
                slope. Grab end and drop. 
                31. Watch out for another mutant coming out of that hut. 
                Hang-drop to next ledge. 
                32. Turn left and slide backwards down right slope, to drop 
                safely to ledge. 
                33. Grab left crevice and shimmy left to drop and grab next one. 
                Shimmy right and drop. 
                34. Shoot mutant below, then shimmy left across crevice and 
                climb into it to tunnel. 
                35. Shoot mutant in passage, then head round to area with 
                friendly flame-thrower man. 
                36. Climb up to bridge and collect the Crowbar on the right end. 
                Drop down to snow. 
                37. Head over to entrance passage and up slope to left of it. 
                Run-jump left to top of next mound. 
                38. Run-jump to mound ahead, then walk along it and run-jump 
                from near end to grab next. 
                39. Pull up and head left to the ladder. Climb up and left to 
                drop into new passage. 
                40. Time your moves past the four drills and up to the big 
                41. Head past it and climb ladder. More machines! Time your runs 
                past them. 
                42. Climb left at the top and up all the blocks. Shoot mutant up 
                to right of arch. 
                43. Go up there and hang-drop from end onto track. Slide down 
                and follow it to cart again. 
                44. Ride it all the way back to original chamber, jumping pits 
                and flicking lever. 
                45. Head over to left ledge and use Crowbar to open right door. 
                Get Acid Lead Battery. 
                46. Exit again and head up track to the top and get in the mine 
                cart there. 
                47. Ride the cart over pit and up hill, ducking drills, to 
                emerge in new area with pool. 
                48. Jump over to right and use Battery on crane. Then jump onto 
                back and use Winch Starter. 
                49. Jump in the water and swim straight down to the diving bell, 
                entering it from below. 
                50. Get Large Medi Pack and heal yourself. Then swim down into 
                51. Surface to the right and climb out to claim Large Medi Pack. 
                52. Jump back in and head right and up shaft to Save Crystal. 
                Get Small Medi Pack. 
                53. Follow passage up to area with another flame-thrower guy. 
                Head over bridge. 
                54. Shoot mutant, then press switch to open door. Enter to 
                complete the level.

                5-3 LOST CITY OF TINNOS
                1. Go through door to lost city, then head over to far left to 
                climb up ladder. 
                2. Follow passage up and around. Flick switch on right to open 
                gates below. 
                3. Turn right and jump to newly opened passage. Get Uli Key from 
                4. Exit passage and drop down. Head over to left and use Uli Key 
                to open grating. 
                5. Enter and climb up ladder to passage. Head left and flick 
                switch to open grating. 
                6. Head left through window to ledge. Flick switch there, then 
                return through window. 
                7. Head forward and down right slope. Flick switch at far end to 
                create ladder. 
                8. Go through open gates, then through doorway in far left 
                corner. Climb ladder. 
                9. From left to right, flick the first, second, and fifth 
                switches to open gate below. 
                10. Head along the walkway and shoot the first few green flies 
                (more keep coming). 
                11. Run-jump from the far left corner to grab ledge with Save 
                12. Jump left to the flat ledge, then climb up to the next. Turn 
                right and run-jump to grab pillar. 
                13. Drop off left side and head for rock wall at back. Go left 
                for a Small Medi Pack. 
                14. Return and drop over other side to passage. Follow it around 
                to left. Watch outЙ 
                15. Use a good weapon to shoot the two bolt-throwing monsters, 
                then head up the steps. 
                16. Watch out again! Time your runs past the two swinging fires. 
                Shoot more flies. 
                17. Head right up the steps to the top. Note the forcefield as 
                you enter the nearest doorway. 
                18. Follow passage to quicksand and head through it to the right 
                and keep going. 
                19. When you reach a junction, you can climb out onto low ledge 
                to right. 
                20. Climb up rocks and either side past rock pillar, shooting 
                fly by fire. 
                21. Continue along passage to reach area with fires. Head over 
                bridge to room. 
                22. Grab Oceanic Mask 1 and the whole place will start shaking. 
                Head back, avoiding falling rocks. 
                23. Go back along passage to rock pillar. Watch out! Run-jump 
                over new chasm. 
                24. Head down rock steps. Turn right and run-jump to ledge - hop 
                back and grab to avoid rocks. 
                25. Jump forward to ledge on right. Then run-jump to ledge ahead 
                on right - more rocks! 
                26. Head right into passage, then all the way down ladder to 
                another passage. 
                27. Head along it and climb up, then slide down slope to find 
                more swinging fires. 
                28. Time your runs past them and flick the switch, then climb up 
                29. Wait till hatch closes, then go right through opening gate 
                and left/right to forcefield room. 
                30. Insert Mask in any of the four holes around forcefield. Head 
                back upstairs. 
                31. Return towards forcefield and enter right doorway. Drop past 
                blades and swim down. 
                32. Swim along tunnel and time move past blades into left hole 
                to surface. 
                33. Pull lever, then return past blades. Head into right hole 
                and up to surface. 
                34. Swim right, past two sets of blades into open tunnel. Follow 
                it round and down to lever. 
                35. Pull lever and swim into crevice and down to first chamber. 
                Surface through left hole again. 
                36. Pull lever and head through right hole again, all the way up 
                to surface. 
                37. Now head left, past blades, into newly opened grating to 
                surface in large pool. 
                38. Climb out and claim Oceanic Mask 2, then get Save Crystal 
                and flick switch. 
                39. Swim back through tunnel, past blades to surface. Head into 
                other tunnel. 
                40. Swim back down to bottom and surface in left pool. Exit and 
                swim into bottom hole. 
                41. Follow tunnel around and down to surface in long pool. Wade 
                over and dive down. 
                42. Swim through tunnel and all the way up to surface. Climb out 
                and flick switch to drop. 
                43. Head left and left at hatch, through opening gate, to return 
                to bottom of forcefield. 
                44. Insert Mask and head upstairs. Head towards forcefield and 
                through left doorway. 
                45. Use our map to claim the various ammo, then head round and 
                up slope to Mask room. 
                46. Jump to left to lure spike roller, then hop back to avoid 
                it. Jump onto slope again. 
                47. Head up slope and roll over to lure second roller. Run back 
                down to avoid it. 
                48. Jump to left slope again and go all the way up it to claim 
                the Oceanic Mask 3. 
                49. Go through opening right door and down tunnel to drop a long 
                way into water. 
                50. Swim to next small pool. Get out and head right through 
                opening gate, back to forcefield. 
                51. Insert Mask and head upstairs. This time jump past 
                forcefield and enter doorway behind it. 
                52. Climb onto right block to see a map of fire blocks ahead - 
                not that it's much help! 
                53. Jump to left safe block, then run-jump to short block by 
                wall - another safe one. 
                54. Turn right and run-jump to grab short block by wall. The 
                next bit is trickyЙ 
                55. Stand-jump to right side of Medi Pack pillar. Turn left and 
                quickly run-jump to ledge. 
                56. Head forward to drop through trap door and slide down to 
                another fiery room. 
                57. Go to end of ledge and hop back, then turn right and time 
                run-jump to invisible ledge. 
                58. Walk to end to avoid fire. Time stand-jump to next invisible 
                ledge and walk to edge. 
                59. Repeat this process onto next ledge. Then run-jump right to 
                ledge to flick switch. 
                60. Jump back to invisible block, then right to solid ledge. Go 
                through opening grating. 
                61. Run past swinging fire to side of plinth. Climb onto it to 
                get Mask 4. Exit through door. 
                62. Follow tunnel to head left at hatch, through opening gate, 
                back to forcefield. 
                63. Insert the Mask in the final hole, then head upstairs and 
                return to right passage. 
                64. Head back outside and over to opposite doorway. Go down and 
                flick switch. 
                65. Blast bolt-throwing monsters in arena. Shoot more when gates 
                66. Enter left gate and flick switch. Exit and climb onto block 
                to run-jump and grab hatch. 
                67. Head right and jump over gap to next ledge. Crawl into niche 
                around corner. 
                68. Drop right to bridge and climb up, then jump-grab left. 
                Crawl through niche to flick switch. 
                69. Exit and run-jump over to right ledge. Crawl through niche 
                to flick switch. 
                70. Exit and drop right down steps to corner. Turn around and 
                run-jump to next platform. 
                71. Jump forward to ledge, then right to block. Be ready to 
                shoot more of those green flies. 
                72. Flick switch below, then climb/jump back up to ledge. Turn 
                around and jump to new platform. 
                73. Flick switch to drop. Climb/jump back to ledge. Turn left 
                and jump to grab platform. 
                74. Run-jump to corner platform, then climb back up to ledge. 
                Crawl through and flick switch. 
                75. Drop down steps and jump to left ledge. Walk one step back 
                from edge and stand-jump. 
                76. On ledge, grab monkey bars and climb all the way over to 
                flick the next switch. 
                77. Turn around and jump left to new ledge. Climb up onto bridge 
                and head left. 
                78. Jump round to right and up steps to niche ledge. Crawl 
                through and flick switch. 
                79. Head down to the bottom, as before, and through open gates 
                to pools room. 
                80. Head right and round to right to darkened ledge to find Uli 
                Key. Take it. 
                81. Return towards pools and head over to far corner, past 
                block, to find ladder. 
                82. Climb up to left passage and flick switch to open gate. Use 
                Uli Key on lock. 
                83. Go through to find forcefield has vanished. Hang-drop 
                through hole and slide down.

                5-4 METEORITE CAVERN
                1. Willard has turned into a giant spider, firing lethal bolts 
                if he gets his sights on you. 
                2. To avoid this, keep chasing him around the middle, but don't 
                get too close. 
                3. Keep stopping to take a few shots with Desert Eagle and 
                eventually you'll stun him. 
                4. Quickly run into the nearest passage to retrieve an Artefact 
                - Willard will soon reawaken. 
                5. Run back to middle. Repeat the process three more time to 
                retrieve all four Artefacts. 
                6. Willard will be destroyed and the central core will fall. Now 
                you just need to get out. 
                7. Jump to grab either ladder and climb up. Enter passage, then 
                tunnel to left. 
                8. Follow it round to the ledge. Then monkey-climb across to the 
                left ledge. 
                9. Do a running jump over to the ledge on right. Then climb up 
                to right snowy ledge. 
                10. Turn right a bit and do a running jump to rock ledge. Climb 
                out to the top. 
                11. Head into passage and slide down. Follow passage down, guns 
                12. Shoot the guards outside and collect their goodies. Two more 
                arrive - kill them. 
                13. Kill guard by door, then press switch. Turn around and head 
                right between green buildings. 
                14. The helicopter will arrive. Wait for it to land and the gate 
                to open. Then go through.