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TOCA - Touring Car Championship

Enter the following as your Driver's Name:
cmcatdog	cats and dogs fall on track
cmchun: 	go-kart view
cmcopter: 	different view
cmdisco: 	trippy sky
cmfollow: 	different view
cmgarage: 	a tank and a cadillac 
cmimposs	Increases difficulty
cmlock: 	lock tracks
cmlograv: 	low gravity
cmmayhem: 	everyone drives like a maniac
cmmicro: 	micromachines view
cmnohits: 	collision off
cmrainup: 	rain falls up the screen
cmstars: 	night sky
cmtoon:		cartoon style background and sky
cmupside	Drive upside down
flexmobile: 	pink car
jhammo: 	all tracks
patscreem	play TOCA showdown, mirror championship mode
tank: 		horn for weapons
xboostme: 	more speed