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Space Quest 2 (walkthrough)

Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Space Quest 2. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, you'll spoil the game. You'll catch a bad cold. You'll stub your toe. For the love of God, heed this warning!!


TCK is back with a retro classic, Space Quest II. This is an incredible game
from the best adventure gaming company; namely Sierra Online. This guide will
take you through each and every step necessary to solve the game. You will
receive 230 points out of 250 possible. Maybe you'll get the other 20 points
by yourself? Anyway, they're not necessary to complete the game. Enjoy!

Here we go.....

002 : PRESS C.
003 : Go up the wall and step on the circle in the ceiling.
004 : Go near the clothes and CHANGE CLOTHES.
005 : Go to the cabinet and OPEN CABINET, GET CUBE, GET SUPPORTER, CLOSE
006 : Exit the room through the door.
007 : Go up the elevator and enter the pod in the tube.
008 : Go to the ship's entrance and ENTER SHIP.
009 : When you've landed in the jungle, SEARCH MAN and GET KEYCARD.
010 : Go to the craft, then SEARCH CRAFT and PRESS BUTTON.
011 : Go up between the trees.
012 : A hovercraft is patrolling in this area. Hide behind the trees so you
      can't see our hero yourself. Wait for the craft to pass by.
013 : Go one screen left. Go near the plants on the ground, but be sure you
      DON'T touch them. They're poisonous. GET SPORE.
014 : Go one screen up. There's a weird looking carnivore here. Sneak through
      the labyrinth of tentacles. Be sure you save often. It can be a good
      idea to use slow speed here. When you have passed it, go to the bushes
      and GET BERRIES. Go the same way back again.
015 : Go to the place where you hid for the air patrol. Go a little up and
      then a screen right. Stand next to the mail box. PUT ORDER FORM IN
016 : Go one screen to the right, then go down a little (while in the same
      screen) and take the path right.
017 : There is a trapped alien here. Go towards it and FREE ALIEN.
018 : Go one screen left, then go up a little. Go one screen right.
019 : There are a dangerous beast in this water. Therefore, you need to
020 : Go one screen to the right. Then go to the right side in this screen.
      Search a little, and you will find a deeper spot. TAKE A DEEP BREATH.
021 : Swim down to the bottom then one screen left. Swim up here.
022 : There is a glowing gem in this cave. GET GEM.
023 : Go back again. Remember to TAKE A DEEP BREATH.
024 : Now you should be on the surface again. Walk to the right and go ashore.
025 : When you walk right, you'll see that here stands a rotting tree. When
      you CLIMB TREE, it will break, making a nice bridge over the chasm.
026 : Go one screen right, and you will be trapped by a snare. Wait till you
      pass away.
027 : You are now trapped inside a cage. The cage is guarded by a hunter.
      You need to take him out. First YELL, and wait for him to get closer
      to the cage. Then THROW SPORE, so that he passes out.
028 : SEARCH MAN and GET KEY. UNLOCK DOOR and OPEN DOOR. Walk over to the rope
      and GET ROPE.
029 : Exit to the north. Go west until you reach the lodge over the chasm.
030 : CLIMB LOG. When you get half way, TIE ROPE TO LOG. Climb down the rope
      til you get to the end of it.
031 : SWING ROPE and wait a while. When the monster tries to grab you, wait
      till the rope reaches the right side, then press F6 to release the rope.
      You end up on the other side.
032 : Enter the cave, and USE GEM when you step into the darkness. Go left
      until you fall down a hole.
033 : You are in place where some aliens live. These are the same type of
      aliens that you rescued earlier. They tell you to follow them. Do so
      after you GET GEM.
034 : The leader of the aliens will tell you to say the word when you're ready
      to leave. If you have got the rock, then SAY THE WORD.
035 : You are now in a dark cave. You can't use the gem, because you don't
      have enough arms...PUT GEM IN MOUTH.
036 : Find your way through the cave.
037 : You're in a cave with a waterfall. Step into the water and go right. You
      now have two choices, take the right way. If you take the left, you will
      fall down and die.
038 : You have now gotten spit out of the mouth of a big rock face. Go to the
      right. In the middle of this screen, there is a large rock blocking
      the way. While standing in the water, BLOW WHISTLE. A strange monster
      will make an entrance in the rock. Get out of water and THROW PUZZLE
      to the alien. He will calm down then.
039 : Go to the pile of rocks and GET ROCK. Go through the entrance.
040 : Hide behind the bushes now. When the guard is out of sight, sneak
      forward to the next bush. Then advance further to the platform. Make
      sure he doesn't catch you. He's a crazy guy, and trigger happy too.
      Go to the right pillar, and when he's not looking, USE CARD in SLOT.
041 : Now, you got to hijack the space shuttle. Walk to the left side on the
      rear of the shuttle and ENTER SHUTTLE.
042 : First thing to do inside the shuttle is PUSH POWER. Then SET DIAL TO
      VAC, PUSH ASCENT, PULL THROTTLE. Move the shuttle upwards until you
      have reached maximum altitude. Then SET DIAL TO HAC and drive forward
      till Vohaul take control of the shuttle and brings it to his base.
043 : You are now inside Vohaul's base. Go to the right and enter the
      elevator. PRESS THREE.
044 : Walk to the other side of the floor until you reach a door with a button
      next to it. PRESS BUTTON. Get inside and GET PLUNGER. It will get real
      useful. Watch out for the cleaning robot. He poses a serious threat to
      your health.
045 : Get back to the elevator. PRESS FOUR.
046 : Again, walk until you reach another door and PRESS BUTTON. Get inside
      and GET CUTTER, another useful artifact.
      Now, go to the toilet on the same floor. PRESS BUTTON. Enter the toilet
      and go towards the vacant booth. OPEN DOOR and GET PAPER. Exit and
      go to the elevator.
047 : PRESS FIVE. Remember to watch out for the red lipped alien beauty (not)
      on this floor. If she/it kisses you, an alien will later in the game
      pop out of your stomach. Kinda like the Alien movie.
048 : Walk until you reach a door and then PRESS BUTTON. Enter the room and
      GET BASKET. GET OVERALLS. A lighter will fall out of it. GET LIGHTER.
049 : Get back to the elevator and PRESS ONE.
050 : Now get back to your shuttle and go down one screen. You will get
      trapped here and killed. To get away from the opening ceiling, HANG IN
      PLUNGER. When the floor closes again, DROP DOWN.
051 : There are some dangerous robots on this level. To get rid of them, PUT
      PAPER IN BASKET and DROP BASKET. With your lighter, you then have to
      BURN PAPER. The sprinklers will be turned on and destroy the robots.
052 : Go one screen right and go through the gate. Listen to what Vohaul has
      to say, then walk up the stairs to get him. He will shrink you body and
      put you in a glass jar. To get out, USE CUTTER.
053 : Then go towards the vent and ENTER VENT. If you read the sign, you will
      find out that you have to PRESS BUTTON. It's the big red button by the
      respirator. This will kill Vohaul.
      Now exit vent and go to the left.
054 : Now you're standing by a computer. Go to the lever and PULL SWITCH,
      then TYPE ENLARGE. Go to the right and enter the glass cage.
056 : Get up stairs.
057 : OPEN BOX. You will automatically remove the oxygen mask.
058 : Go to the next screen and WEAR MASK.
059 : Now you're out in the corridors again. Go three screens right, then PUSH
060 : Inside the pod, PRESS BUTTON.
061 : You're just about done now. All remaining now is to LOOK. You'll discover
      a chamber. OPEN CHAMBER. Then ENTER CHAMBER.


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Written by The Ciller Krew (1998)