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Rise of the Triad

Enter these codes for super fun!

DIPSTICK - enables codes (type this to do all of the below)
86ME - kill yourself
BADTRIP - mushroom mode
BOING - rubber ball mode
BONES - firebomb
BOOZE - drunk missile
BURNME - fire doesn't hurt you
CARTIER - see the entire map
CHOJIN - god mode and all weapons
CUJO - killer dog mode (invincible)
FLAMEWALL - what do you think
FLYBOY - fly mode
GOARCH - exit current level
GOGATES - exit to DOS
GOTO - level menu
HOMERUN - Magic bat
HOTTIMES - heatseeker
HUNTPACK - some guns, all keys, heatseeker and a slip missile
JOHNWOO - dual pistals
KESOFDEATH - kinetic energy sphere
LONDON - fog
LUNGDUNG - gas mask
MAESTRO - change music
NODNOL - no fog (london backwards)
PANIC - back to normal mode
PLUGEM - MP40 machine gun
REEN - re-enter again in same level
RIDE - see from a missle's point of view
SCARECROW - access dummy mode
SEEYA - god mode
SHOOTME - bulletproof armor
SHINEON - light sourcing on SHINEOFF - light sourcing off SIXTOYS - All keys and bulletproof armor
SLACKER - All keys
SLIPT - slipt missile
TOOBAD - god mode again
VANILLA - bazooka
WHACK - hurt yourself
WHERE - toggle coordinate display
WOOF - dog mode