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Need for Speed: High Stakes

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Names" as a name:

Name            Effect 
Hotrod          Titan Hotrod 
Flash           Phantom Car 
Whirly          Helicopter 
Bigoven         American Police 
Nfs_pd          More Police Cars 

More Various Cheats

     During gameplay, enter any of the following "Codes":

Code            Effect 
ACAR            Bonus Car 
ALLTIERS        Open All Tiers 
BCAR            Bonus Car 
BUY             Free Purchase 
CARS            All Cars 
CCAR            Bonus Car 
DCOP            Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 
ECOP            Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 
FCOP            Bonus Hot Pursuit Car 
GATES           Cash Increase 
GOFAST          Upgrade Engine (Arcade) 
MADLAND         Super Human Opponents (Arcade) 
MONKEY          Upgrade Automatic Trans (Arcade) 
MOON            Low Gravity (Arcade) 
TR #            Drive as Traffic Car # (list below) 
UP0             No Upgrades (Career) 
UP1             1st Upgrade (Career) 
UP2             2nd Upgrade (Career) 
UP3             3rd Upgrade (Career) 

Traffic Cars
TR00 - Minivan
TR01 - Pickup
TR02 - Sedan 1
TR03 - Wagon
TR04 - Sedan 2
TR05 - Hatch Back
TR06 - Bus1
TR07 - 1950s Truck
TR08 - SUV
TR09 - Sedan 3
TR10 - Bus2
TR11 - Congo Truck
TR12 - Semi Truck
TR13 - Snowplow
TR14 - Water Truck

Dashboard View
     After selecting the game options, press Start, then immediately hold
Up + Triangle + X before the Loading screen appears.

Drunk Mode
     Before the Loading screen appears, after selecting your car, hold Up
+ L2 + R1 until the loading screen disappears.

Money HexCheat
     Open the file PLAYERS.CDB, which is located in '..\SaveData\DB', with
any hex  editor.  Then go to the offset 3E and change those values to FF.
Then, at offset 3F, change those values to 55. Now you'll get more than