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Mordor 2

Unlimited Gold
     Create a new character. Load the new character and have another
character join the party. This second character will be the one that
receives the unlimited money. Have the second character withdraw a
negative amount of gold from the bank. Give the negative amount of
gold to the newly created character. After accumulating enough gold,
quit the game and delete the character with the negative amount of

     Load a party with a character (the leader, let's say char. X)
and the character (char. Y) you want to duplicate. BEFORE all the
windows of the game are loaded, reduce the Start Toolbar (with the
Start button, down the screen). This will cause the game to go back
in the main menu but, at the SAME time, to be in the city. On the
main menu (under the windows), press on "Run a character" (which is
still the leader character, character X), and that will cause one
leader character X to be with TWO following character Ys! This way,
you can...

     1- Duplicate money or items by having the clone give money /
items to the TRUE character Y, and then kick the clone out (the game
will only save ONE character Y, the one you haven't kicked out:
useful for duplicating Aards of Being, which raises all stats by

     2- Raid the whole dungeon or beat a tough boss by having 2-3-4
mighty Character Ys (having 4 or 3 character Ys causes them to be
stuck together, though, you have to reload the game to kick the
clones out). Only the true character Y, or the one leading the party
or second to the party leader, will be saved in the game (if you
reload the "Y Party" you'll have all identical Ys chars).

     3- Duplicate companion monsters by cloning a character with
companions and making him sell them to the confinement and then kick
him out, so you can have 4 monsters out of one after two clonings.