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Lords of Magic

     Press [Ctrl] + \ to display the cheat prompt. Enter one of the
following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat
function. Note: The codes are available only in v2.0 or greater in the
game and may not be enabled in multi-player mode.

Code 		Result 
puff 		Dragon 
jackpot 	200 Gold, Crystal, Ale 
marathon 	1000 Movement Points 
hocuspocus 	All Spells, 1000 Mana 

Control Opposing Army
     Note: This trick works better with fast troops. When in a capital and
attacked by an army larger than your own, just run away. If your troops
can get away, and you do not get into any more fights until your turn,
then you may be able to control the opposing army in a limited way.
Although you will not be able to move the army, they will be on the bottom
panel instead of your characters. Double click on them, and click the
disband button. You can not disband Lords. It a Lord entered your capital,
move in with an army. This trick can be used to win the game if the Lord
who enters the capital is Balkoth with his unholy armies.

Unlimited Defense
     Choose the Life Warrior, and when you get to the playing field,
double click on him and move The Peacemaker artifact from his hand to his
backpack. His defense will keep going up. Repeat this to build the defense
indefinitely. This also can be done with the same artifact obtained when
the life great temple is conquered with the Life Mage Lord. Note: This
trick does not work with v2.02.