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Full Throttle (walkthrough)

Warning: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Full Throttle. It has all the information you need to finish the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, who knows what might happen. I knew a guy who read the whole thing from start to finish once and now he don't look so good. You catch my drift?


To begin with, you are inside a garbage dumpster. Punch the rightmost lid
to get out. Leave the screen to the right. Use your hand on the bike -
oops, no keys! Enter the bar by using your foot on the door. Talk to the
bartender as long as you want, then use your hand on him. After some further
animated discussion, you get your keys. Leave the bar, use your hand on the
bike again, and take off!

You'll have your first bike fight. Just follow the instructions in the
reference guide. Basically, move your mouse to the right and click a lot.

After you win the fight, you'll pop a wheelie and then suffer a small mishap.
When you wake up, you'll find yourself in...


You'll be introduced to Mo. After talking to her, get the gas can and hose.
Also, look at the picture on the wall. Leave the shack.

Outside, you'll talk to Miranda, the reporter. Tell her about the ambush.
After you leave the shack, she'll take off. You'll come back on screen and
share a dry witticism. Now leave again.

First, go to the trailer. Use your hand on the door to get Todd to come up
from down below. While he's talking to you, use your foot on the door.
Enter the trailer. Take the lockpick from the cabinet and the meat from the
refrigerator. Step on the tan strip near the right rear; you'll be taken
below to the workshop. Grab the torch. You'll be instantly taken back to

Leave Mo's and head for the gas tower on the far right of Melonweed. Use
the lockpick on the lock. Grab the lock when you're done. Enter the door.
Go over to the ladder and touch it. Gawds, what a noise! Quick, hide in the
shadows to the extreme rear and far left of the tower. Wait for the cops to
arrive. They'll look for you in the tower. While they're up there, open the
gas cap of their vehicle. Use the hose on the gas cap and use the gas can on
the hose. Lastly, use your mouth on the hose. After some more hijinks with
the police, you'll go back to Mo's.

Now head for the junkyard. Lock the gate with the lock, then climb the chain.
Go to the parts pile toward underneath the lights. Oops, did I forget
to mention the dog? After playing with him for a while, re-enter the junk
yard. Move all the way to the right; eventually a red arrow will point you
to a place where the dog likes to play with his cars. DON'T MOVE! Use the
meat on the blue car next to you. Exit back to the left. See the big
crane? Move the cursor over it until it become a red arrow. Then click,
and you'll be taken to the control room. Move the magnet over the dog's car.
Hit the button to turn on the magnet and use the far left lever to lower the
crane until it picks up the car. Raise the magnet as far as it can go.
Now leave, enter the junk yard, and grab the forks from parts pile.

After some more conversation with Mo, you'll leave Melonweed, apparently
forever. However, some cops have some areas of disagreement to discuss. So,
go back to the gas tower and touch the ladder again. Quick, leave, get back
on your bike, and get out of town whilst the cops check out the alarm.
Now you can really leave Melonweed, apparently forever.

After a very long cutscene with some interesting points (don't forget Corley's
nickname for his daughter), you'll go back to Melonweed and Mo's shack. All
you need to do here is look at the debris. After Ben makes some Sherlock
Holmes-like observations, leave the shack, and use your bike. Exit to the
top-left of the screen: You've said goodbye to Melonweed forever (no, really!)
and you're off to the Mink Ranch.


Alas, your police friends still want to talk with you, and they've closed
off the roads. You'll find yourself once again in front of the Kickstand.
Go behind the bar to your favorite garbage dumpster. Look in the dumpster.
You'll find a new resident - Miranda, who looks right at home. She'll give
you a fake ID. Now you can go enter the bar. Talk to the truck driver as
long as you want, then show him the ID. He'll put you in the front of his
truck. Now you can get by the roadblock.

He'll drop you off at the Mink Ranch. After you swear a vow of death upon
the guy who helped you out, enter the front door of the Mink Ranch (which is
at the bottom-right of the screen). You'll find Mo's bedroom. Use your hand
on her pillow - you'll find a very versatile tire iron. Get the tire iron and
use it on the trunk. You'll find a hose you can use to fix your bike.

What follows next is another long cut scene. After briefly seeing Mo (and
eating her dust), and watching the trucker get his (but not from you), you'll
find yourself next to a pile of fertilizer.


First, use the tire iron on the wheels. The use your hand on the trailer.
This should tip it over. While you're at it, grab some fertilizer - only a
little. Then, head back up the road (towards the top of the screen). Ignore
any signs leading to the Mine Road; you'll get there later.

You'll come across Nestor and Bolus. They'll follow you. Again, ignore the
signs and lead the straight to the fertilizer. They'll crash (but live).
After Colonel Blair - er, sorry, Adrian Ripburger - takes them away, you'll
find yourself next to the ruins of the bridge. Head back down the road and
wait until you see a stop sign. Click your mouse then, and you'll stop at
the crash site. Use the tire iron on the rear fender. You'll get a hover
lift. Use it on your bike.

Now for the Old Mine Road. Head up the road in any direction, and click when
you see a sign for the Mine Road. The first person you'll meet is Father
Torque. Talk to him for a while. Then you'll start meeting friends and
having pleasant conversations with them. Here's what you'll need:

CHAIN- This you get from a guy on a small bike - just punch him
enough, he'll go down easy.

CHAINSAW - Mohawk woman is impossible to beat with ordinary weapons.
Just click the right mouse button until your fertilizer
appears, then get close to her and use it. She'll go down

BOARD- The guy who has this is tough, but a whack from the chainsaw
will convince him to part with it.

BOOSTER PACK- You don't have a lot of time to get this guy before he boosts
away, but a couple of hits with the chain, and you'll have
a new booster pack. Don't use the chain with the skull, just
the plain chain.

GOGGLES- The Cavefish don't come here to play. The way to get them is
to wait for the Cavefish to raise his (its?) head, then get
as close as possible without bumping and use the board to give
him a whack. One hit should put him down, but the timing has
to be right.

You can fight the others if you want, but they're just for fun. TIP: If you
come across someone you don't want to fight, hit the esacpe key to skip the

Once you have the goggles, wait until the goggle picture appears in the top
right part of your screen, then click your mouse. You'll put on the goggles.
Look at the lower left part of the screen, and wait for the word "CAVE" to
appear. Click your mouse, and you'll enter the Cavefish's lair.

Keep driving down the road, through the turn, until you see the weird giant
carvings - and a ramp. Use your hand on the ramp to push it behind your
bike. Use your hand again on the ramp to hook it up to your bike. Use your
bike, and drive down the road to the turn. Use your hand on the ramp again,
and watch the Cavefish waste themselves. You can now leave the cave.

After setting up the ramp, read the sign next to your bike. Read the plaque
in the lower right part of the sign. You'll now jump over the gorge, and be
on your way to Corville.


Walk down the hill and enter the stadium. Go to the souvenir stand and use
the joystick to move the toy car around until it runs down. Then look at the
souvenirs at the rear of the stand. While the old guy's back is turned, grab
the yellow bunny. Head back to your bike and use it to drive towards the top
of the screen.

You'll see the Vulture's hideout, protected by a mine field. Use the bunny on
the mine field. He'll hop along until he blows up, but he'll leave behind
a battery. Grab the battery and head back towards the souvenir stand.

Once there, use the battery on the toy car. Then use the joystick to move
the car off the top of the screen. Then drive the car into the turnstile.
The old man will go chasing after it. While he's gone, grab the box of
bunnies. Go back to the mine field.

Use the box of bunnies on the mine field. All of them will start hopping
about. QUICKLY, pick all of them up but one. Let him hop until he blows
up. Follow his path as far as you can, the drop another bunny. Follow this
procedure until you reach the Vulture hideout.

You'll have a painful conversation with an off-screen Mo. Threaten her, call
her names, and use the nickname her father had for her - Diapered Dynamo.
She'll release you after a while, and the Vultures will come up with a plan
that lead you to...


Mo's being guarded by Nestor and Bolus in the blue car, so you gotta find
a way around them - or over them.

TIP: The arrow keys are better to use than the mouse; they offer much better

Go to the left center of the arena, and jump over the ramp. The bronze car
will oblige by sitting right where you land; this stalls it. Push it to the
ramp on the bottom right of the arena. Push it up the ramp and over. Follow
it over; you'll bounce off it and onto the the bad guys' car, stalling it.
Now ram Mo.

She'll blow up. You run; run to the top of the screen next to the closed
doors and set the stadium on fire. Next, you'll hop on top of the bronze
car. Wait for the bad guys to ram the bronze car, then hop on top of their
car. Wait for them to drive by the burning wrecks, them jump off and run
into the fire. They'll follow and blow themselves up.


Back at the hideout, talk to Mo some more, then look at the disassembled
bike. You're looking for a six-digit number (no letters). In my game the
number was 154492; it may be different on yours. Now, leave the hideout and
go behind the factory.

It's difficult to describe where you need to be when you kick the wall. It
is to the left side of the screen, about a fourth of the way along the wall.
See the three metal support poles attached to the wall? When you kick the
wall, you want to be lined up with the far left pole. Wait until the green
lines on the power meters all have black gaps (and the clicking noise stops),
then kick the wall. If you've got it right, the hatch will open. Enter it.

In Corley's office, look at the floor safe in front of the desk. Use the
six-digit combination, the press where the initials are engraved. The safe
will rise and you'll get a card and a reel-to-reel audio tape. Now enter the
hallway on the right.

Use the card on the card reader next to the door on the far right. Enter the
room. There are two levers on the projector. Use your hand on the left
motor lever once. Quickly, use your hand on the right lamp lever twice.
Then leave the room. Mavis will leave her post and enter this room.

Once back in the hallway, enter through the center door. Use the photos on
the easel. Then sit back and watch another long cut scene.


Ripburger has smashed your bike (although you already know from the number of
times you wiped out on the Old Mine Road that your bike is indestructible).
You're clinging to the front of the semi for dear life.

First, open the grill. Then open the panel. When Ripburger leans out to
close it, grab his cane. Use the cane on the fan. You'll climb through the
engine compartment to the back of the cab. Use the tire iron on the far
right fuel line.

After some more fun, you'll find yourself in the Vulture's road-plane. Climb
the ladder - don't worry, Ripburger is a lousy shot. Keep moving towards the
ladder until you can climb it. Then activate the screen in the cockpit. If
you're interested in trying to activate the self-destruct, remember Dr.
Strangelove. What you really want to do, though, is raise the landing gear.
You'll find this option in the Takeoff - Post Takeoff - Gear menu.

Next, you'll be on top of the cab of the semi as it teeters on the bridge.
Enter the cab, then activate the screen. Use the Defense menu to reach the
Machine Gun menu, then use the Conrtol menu to shut down the machine guns.
Ripburger gets his.

Climb back into the road-plane. It's about to explode. Climb on your bike -
where is it? Walk to the left side of the plane and you'll see it. Use it,
and take off!

That's it. Another long cut scene, a poignant good-bye, and credits.

There's lots of other stuff you can do, like askthe bartender about the
picture on the wall, or have fun with Mavis the projectionist. Feel free to
try anything; nothing will kill you or make it impossible to win the game