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Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of a Monster (walkthrough)

Warning: The following contains information that will help you solve Frankenstein. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll ruin the game. Fire bad. Make Frankenstein angry. Cheating bad, too.


Version 1.3 March 29 1996


After viewing or at least listening to what happened to you (you were
falsely found guilty and hung high for the murder of your daughter), you
wake up looking at Dr. Frankenstein who gives you a shot of morphine (he
also takes one to celebrate your rebirth). You find out that you still
live but you now have a ladies' left arm. You get up and look around the
lab. There are several things to see around this floor. For instance, 
can look at the blackboard, activate some electrical machines, look at a
periodic table (chemical elements), you can climb to the tower's roof
(you do not need to activate anything yet), you can open a dumb-waiter
and look inside the shaft, you can push aside a cabinet to find a closed
grate, you can read a newspaper telling about your verdict and hanging,
you can look at a lifestone and some notes. Take the lifestone and turn
right (Dr. Frankenstein will not let you out of the laboratory with this
crystal). Put it on the table. Take the cloth and put it beside the
lifestone. Take four strands of rope and put them on both the cloth and
crystal. Now you have a parachute that you can throw by the window. 
that it will go over the wall. You will need to retrieve it later. If 
climb the ladder leading to the roof, take note of the plaque and the
pattern of planets. This is plaque no. 2 and it is associated with 
Take careful note of this pattern because you will need it later on.

Exploring the tower's floors

You may have notice a trap door in the floor. Go down the lower level. 
in the back and look at the large Tesla coil. It is supposed to store
energy. Notice the lever just below this coil. It is already in the ON
position. You will need to pull it down later on at the endgame on. You
will eventually find a note telling about this information. Another note
will explain the ON and OFF position. Open the door besides the stairs.
You will find yourself on a large balcony. Go toward the cannon balls.
Take one and put it in the steel basket. Pull on the rope. The 
should fall on the left upper gangway and roll out to the left knocking
the moose head trophy.

Secret passage no. 1

Now pick the rope and turn right. Place it in the wall opening. Now go
through this opening and go down. You will see a broken grate. Go 
it, turn right, go down once and turn left twice. You will find yourself
in a small room with a corpse and a desk. Read the notes. This desk will
serve for a forthcoming experiment later on, so keep in mind its
emplacement. Now turn left twice and go down and turn right. Activate 
pulley. The wheels will broke loose, so put them back in place and try
again to open the hidden door to the castle great hall. There is a lot 
explore after that. However, few doors open to let you in.

Castle exploration

Go directly in front of you toward the double doors. These lead to the
dining room. Dr. Frankenstein will speak for a moment and will leave. Go
toward the fireplace and take the bag. Click on the bag to see its
content. Read the notes. Go back toward the table and take the turkey
leg. Put it in the bag. You may explore all three floors but only three
doors will let you in. Exiting to left of the fireplace, go right and
then left and enter the door to the right. You will be in some kind of
kitchen. Read the note found there. Again Dr. Frankenstein will come to
speak with you. This time he will be less friendly.

No other door opens on this floor except for the ones leading outside
(we will come back later for these). Climb up one of the two stairways 
the main hall. Only one door opens toward a burnt room. Look at the 
on the fireplace. This is plaque no. 1 and it is associated with fire.
Be careful to write down the exact position of all seven planets on this
plaque. You will need this pattern later on.

You will find stairs going up to the third floor. Turn right, forward,
right and left and enter. This is the observatory room. You will find 
notes. Read them. Nothing can be done yet in this room. Go back down to
the great hall and open the door to outside. Go outside and turn left, 
forward and right. The rope lying on the floor will come handy later.
Look on the plaque at the bottom of the tree. This is plaque no. 4 and 
is associated with height. Take note of the pattern of planets. Go left
toward the tower near the courtyard doors. You will be able to climb the
wall. You will retrieve the lifestone if you always choose the left 
Climb down and go toward the courtyard doors. Turn around toward the
castle and look at the plaque. This is number 3 and it is associated 

Go back inside the castle and into the secret passage behind the 
Drop the turkey leg and lifestone on the desk. Climb up again, exit the
grate, climb up toward the balcony and get inside the tower. Now take 
wooden plank beside the stairway leading up. Turn right and go down. 
the plank on the missing stairs and go down. Dr. Frankenstein will come
visit again. Look around and go toward the corner desk. Take the battery
(glowing green box) and the rope-wire hanging on the wall. Connect all 
wires in turn and pull the levers. One will make the cat head groan. One
will make the human head say some word. A third will contract the arm 
the last will turn off the freezer. This will help you go through the 
beside this table. Turn around and look at the desk in the middle of the
room. Open the drawer and take the key. Use the key on either doors. The
right one leads to your bedroom. There is a secret passage in the 
The left one leads to an anteroom where you will find more notes and a
crowbar. Take them all. There is a locked door in this room. You will
eventually find a note in the mines that will explain how to unlock it.

First experiment with lifestone

Go through the first secret passage to reach the hidden small room (the
one with the corpse). Place the battery on the desk. Attach both wires 
the battery to the lifestone. This will recharge the crystal. The turkey
leg needs to be also on the desk. It will seem that the experiment 
so you will eat the turkey leg. You will then black out to wake up 
at live vomit (the experiment did worked...). Take the grappling hook.
Get back to your bedroom and explore the hidden passageway. Map it
carefully, because it is difficult to find its way when in a hurry.

Secret passage no. 2

When you enter the secret passage in you bedroom, you will face a grate.
Looking through it you will be able to see the anteroom. If you go to 
left of the secret door you will find a place to look in your bedroom.
Now, if you go right of the secret door, you will come to a fork. Going
right leads to a ladder. This ladder goes up to the Tesla coil level 
can only peek at this room) or further up to the room where you have
awaken. You will be able to open the grate and move the cabinet in order
to free the passage. Now you have a way to get from or to this floor
level. If you take left at the fork, you will encounter another fork.
Going right leads to a grate where you can look at the observatory. 
left leads to a ladder. Go down the ladder. You will encounter another
fork. The right passage leads to a fireplace (you will be able to go
there later on). the front passage leads to another ladder going down.
To reach it, you need the crowbar to remove the planks blocking your 
Take the next ladder. Turn right and pull the lever. You now have 
passage leading to the great hall. If you decide to go further on in the
secret passage, you will be blocked by hot steam coming out from a
defective pipe (you will correct that later on).

New rooms to explore

Go outside the castle and head toward the tree where the loose rope lies 
the ground. Use the grappling hook with the rope lying on the floor. 
the hooked rope. Go up the tree. Use the grappling hook on the window. 
the window. Look around and read the notes lying on the table. Push the
small table lying beside the entrance and put it in front of the exit 
Go forward and both axes will fall down on the table. Now look at the
aquarium. Remove the piece of wood. The aquarium will move under the
chandelier. Look at the fireplace and unwind the rope wheel. The
chandelier will come down on the aquarium and smash it. This will
extinguish the fire. The way to the secret passage no. 2 is now open. Go
to the exit door. Go forward, turn left then right and go through the
door in front of you.


Take the staff on the armorial bearings. Use it on the sliding ladder. 
down and look around. Read and take all the notes you find. Go in the
back of the library and look at the scale. Take the weight and place it
in the right tray. A hidden door will open. Go through it and you will
come near the defective plumbing. Turn off the wheel. This open the way
to secret passage no. 2. Go back to the library and exit the door in
front of you (the one in the back of the reading room). This door leads
to the first floor of the castle. Now go to the great hall and Dr.
Frankenstein will catch you. He will bring you back to the library and
push you down in the dungeon where he will cuff you and scourge you.

Escape from the dungeon

After he is gone, someone will drop a key from the grate. Remove your
left hand from the cuff (remember that you have a lady's left arm, which
is smaller than your right arm). Use the key on the right cuff. Head 
toward the stairs and turn right toward the grate. Remove the grate and
go through secret passage no. 3. You will come to a room with two exits.
The right one connects to the first floor in secret passage no. 2. The
front hole leads to yet another room. The right hole brings you to a
ladder heading toward the garden. The left one leads toward the hedge
maze. (hint: you could already know the layout of this maze just by
looking at it from the entrance doors to the castle; I was able to map
it before entering it).

I will not give you the indication to navigate this maze. However, you
will need to gather some objects in this maze. Look for a skull and
take the black beetle. Find the carnivorous plants and place the beetle
in the right one. After the right plant took the beetle, the left one
will open its mouth. Take the corroded scissors. Finally, you will need
to find the entrance way to yet another secret passage (no. 4). Use the
scissors on the vines to get access to the hatch.

Planetarium room

Go down and pull the leftside lever. You will hear a opening sound. Go
forward and climb the ladder. You will be now in the planetarium room 
four doors numbered 1 to 4 (remember the plaques). Go toward the orbital
machine. Dependently of the door you want to open, you will need to open
one of the four lower little doors. Opening them will show a number (the
plaque number). The upper door reveal four patterns. If you want to open
door no. 1, you will need to open the leftmost upper little door and the
leftmost lower little door. After that, turn the wheel until the pattern
of planets fits with the pattern on the plaque. When this is done, pull
the lever. If you hear a sound, you will have succeeded. If not, you 
have to try again. Door one leads toward the mine. Door two leads to a
collapsed tunnel (for now). Door three leads to the melting chamber and
door four leads to the mausoleum.

For now, you may look at the mausoleum to gather notes and read them. 
should also open door 3. This door leads to the wine cellar maze. From
the entrance of this maze, follow these directions: forward, forward,
forward, right, forward, left, forward, right, forward, left, forward,
right. You will eventually come to a small room leading to the melting
chamber. Look around. Pull the lever to open the steel doors leading to
the mine. Go in the back and go toward the coil. Turn the switch on. Go
toward the right stairway and search the room (more notes to read). For
now, head back to the planetarium room. The next step will be the mines.
Also, if you head back to the hedge maze, you will find a newly created
passage leading out directly toward the entrance doors of the castle. 
should let door 1 open when you leave the planetarium room. This will 
you a lot of walking around when going through the mines.

The mines

There is two entrances to the mines (at this stage). The first one is
through the planetarium room. The other one is in the garden. Start near 
exit doors to the courtyard near plaque no. 3 and go toward the left 
of the water basin (between the garden and the hedge maze). Push the
gargoyle and a pedestal will emerge from the water. Step on it and the
entrance to secret passage no. 5 will open (it also leads to the mines).
Go ahead until you find the secret dock. Take the diving suit and 
and activate the air pumping machine. Turn right and go down in water.
Look around and read the note and look at the treasure chest (you cannot
take any of them with you). Turn around and kill the squid with the
speargun. Climb the ladder. Shut out the pump and go back in the tunnel.
Take the right tunnel. It leads to the mines. It is important to turn
around in all directions in the mines to find all passages. Go forward
until you encounter a left passage. Go in and turn around. You will find
three passages. You entered from the left. The middle one leads to a
conveyor. Remember its location. You will have to come back to activate 
later on. Two more of these are to be found in the mines and another one 
in the ore processing room (this one needs to be activated first).

Turn around and go forward. You will encounter a left passage leading to
a waterwheel and chained doors. We will come back later for this one. If
you continue to the end of this corridor, you will eventually face a
closed door (it is door no. 1 from the planetarium room). Turn right and
follow the side corridor to the end (you will find another conveyor). 
back to the planetarium room door no. 1. Head back toward the side 
leading to the waterwheel. Before getting there, you will encounter a 
door fork. The center one leads to a conveyor (Come back later on to
activate it). The left one leads to a trap door you cannot yet enter. 
right one is the main corridor. Now at the waterwheel location, turn the
wheel to stop the flow of water. Take the chain and attach it to the
waterwheel. Turn on the water and the doors will be torned away. Before
entering the tunnel ahead, pull the switch to the right. You may also
encounter a monster hand creeping on the floor. Do not throw a rock at 
because it is friendly. This monster hand will also help save Sara 
on in this game. You can follow it outside the mine toward the secret 
It will be back later on in this game.

Ore processing plant

You will come to a corridor with rails leading to the left and to the
right. For now, take the left tunnel until you come to a steel door. 
the lever. If it does not work, the entrance switch is probably off. 
the steel door is open, climb the ladder and step in the ore processing
plant. Look around. Activate the conveyor in the back of this cavern. Go
back and activate all three conveyors found in the mines. These 
can only be activated after you forced the door with the waterwheel and
after the switch near this waterwheel has been turned on. When all four
conveyors have been turned on, rocks will begin to be carried toward the
ore processing plant. Turn right and push the black button on the 
Head toward the control panel and pull the left switch to activate the
crushing machine. Use the black and red buttons to crush the ore with
the left or right crusher. You need to crush each boulder two times. If
the processing plant shut off, pull the lever and restart the machine 
the beginning. After enough ore has been produced, you will hear a 
Get down the ladder and follow the rail until you find a control panel 
your left.

Continue down the tunnel and you will encounter two forks. At the first
one, the left rail leads to the melting chamber (the steel doors should
be open if you went through door no. 4 in the planetarium room). At the 
fork, pull the lever to direct the rails toward the left passage. Go 
to the first of these fork and look at the control panel. Pull the left
switch and a wagon full of ore will come from the right. Head toward the
second fork and go in the left tunnel. You will come into a room with
closed doors in the ceiling. Attach the chain to the wagon and head back
to the control panel. Flip both switch up and down again and the wagon
will retreat to the right tearing off the ceiling door. Pull the lever 
the side of the control panel. Flip the left switch back up. The wagon
will go into the melting chamber. Go to the melting chamber.

Melting chamber

Go toward the left stairway and you will come facing another control
panel. This panel has different controls and switches. The upper two
switches control the claw power (left one) while the right is the
electric switch. On the left side, is the vertical claw control. In the
upper middle lies the horizontal claw control. Just below it, you will
see the temperature gauge (left side) and temperature control lever
(right side). At the bottom of the control panel, you will find the
voltage control (left) and the voltage meter (right). It took me several
tries but the following actions worked out: Switch claw power on. Pull
horizontal claw control to the right. Pull vertical claw control down
(the claw will gather the ore) and up again (ore will be lifted). Pull
the horizontal claw control to the left and pull down the vertical claw
control down (The ore will be put in the melting machine). Pull it back
up. Increase temperature to the maximum with the temperature control
lever. Use voltage control to increase voltage to 80. Pull the electric
switch on (the angle of the claw will be raised). Pull down the vertical
control claw, and up again (now you see a glowing white mass in the
claw). Pull the horizontal claw control to the right (the claw will put
the white crystal in the wagon). Head back to the control panel in the
mine. Pull both switches down to let the wagon go to the right. Pull the
left lever to  redirect the rail toward the second fork. Pull both
switches up and then pull the left switch down. The wagon will head
toward the room with the ceiling doors.

Mixing room

Go to the room with the ceiling doors. Note there are now open. Climb up
the ladder. Go toward the control panel in the far corner of the mixing
room. There are several controls on this panel. If nothing works, go to
the melting chamber and pull the switch at the base of the coil. The
electric switch in on the upper left corner. The claw control is in the
upper right corner. The claw to the crystal maker in on the lower right
side. The voltage meter is in the middle. The voltage control is in the
lower center of the panel. The spin control clutch is to the right side
of the control panel. Now, pull the claw control to the rightmost 
(the claw will get the white crystal from the wagon). Pull this lever to
the leftmost position (the claw will put the crystal in the mixing tub).
Go to this mixing apparatus. Turn the left wheel to pour H20 (water) in
the mixing tub. Turn the right wheel to pour HNO3 (nitric acid) in the
tub. Pull the switch to start the mixing process. Pull the bottom switch
to fill the container. Head back to the control panel. Pull the claw
control to the left and then down. Pull down the crystal maker claw.
Activate the electric switch. Set voltage to 80 volts. Activate the spin
control clutch. You have created a large lifestone. Use the controls to
direct the claw to take the crystal and place it in the dumb-waiter. 
the dumb-waiter up by pushing one of the botton on the left side.

Meeting with Dr. Frankenstein

Now is time to talk with Dr. Frankenstein. Go to the tower's first 
Go through the anteroom. You should now have found the note at the dock 
sure of the exact location where this note is to be found). If you do 
have it, then put the first, second and fourth switches (starting from 
left) in the up position. Switches no. 3 and 5 should be in down 
This will unlock the door. This will lead to another laboratory room (it
looks like a biology lab). turn left twice. Take each brain in turn
and place them in the machine to the right. Pull the lever and they will
speak the last word they listened before being killed. Explore the room
further to find more notes. Save your game because you can die in the
meeting to come. Open the door to the left (it should now be unlocked).
Enter the room and look around. There is a door to your right but do not
open it yet. Go straigh to Dr. Frankenstein and a discussion will 
When it is finished, look at the cages to see some disturbing sequences.
Turn left and go to the desk. Take the notes in the drawer. Read them.
Turn left and Dr. Frankenstein will talk again. Save your game and head
for the other door (not the one you entered). You will be forced to face 
Frankenstein who will point a gun at you. Turn around and go through the
door as fast as possible. You will be OK outside.

Meeting the thugs and run for your life

Go outside near the exit doors to the courtyard. Save your game again.
Turn toward the castle. A thug will greet you with a rifle. Another thug
will be to your left, so head right toward the castle doors. You will
know where to go because a thug will always block your way if its not 
right direction. Climb up the left stairs. Go forward, turn left and go
straigth forward to the open door. It will close behind you. Turn right
to face the mirror. Do it quickly because the thugs will soon brake the
door of this room. A girl will appear in the mirror and she will shatter
it. Follow the girl to the secret cave (it is not far from the planet 
door no. 1). You will be safe there. Sara will talk to you several 
Take the cup of water and drink it. She will ask for the bottle on the
upper shelf, so push one of the barrel and use the wooden fork to 
a bottle. There will be some more talks and then the monster hand will
appear. Sara's life depends on what you do next. If you send a rock at 
Sara will eventually be killed. If you wait until the hand goes away,
Sara will be safe and it will be the hand who will be killed later on.
Sara will now want to see Dr. Frankenstein.

Go to the mausoleum (door no. 4 of the planetarium room). Look into the
drawer and look at the notes. More talks will follow. There will be an
earthquake that will block all the doors except door no. 2 (the tunnel 
collapsed before). Follow Sara in this tunnel. This will bring you to a
vast cave with a ladder going up. You may save your game because this is
the ladder maze and a monster will try to catch you. The exact route is
as follow (I hope it is not random with each game): up, up, take left
ladder up, take left ladder up, take right ladder up, take left ladder 
up, up, and up. Take Sara's hand to get her free of the monster. You 
be back in the garden.

The observatory

Go to the secret dock through secret passage no. 5. Look around and you
will find a note. Take it and read it. Turn around and you will see a
bomb (you cannot deactivate it). Go to the observatory on the third 
of the castle. Go straigth to Dr. Frankenstein. There will be talks
between Sara and him. Move around a bit to start new conversations. He
will then leave and lock you inside the observatory with Sara. Go back
to talk with her. Look into the spyglass to see the thugs forcing your
child Gabrielle to follow them to the secret dock. Go back near the door
and push the desk under the wall grate. Open the drawer and take the 
Use it on the locking mechanism of the grate (the one on the wall). The
key will fall in the floor's grate. Push back the desk and go retrieve
the horseshoe shaped magnet near the spyglass. Use it on the floor's
grate to retrieve the key. Push the desk again and use the key to unlock
the wall's grate. Sara will climb through the opening and unlock the 
to the observatory. What comes next will depend on whether or not you
thrown the rock at the monster hand. If you did throw a rock at it, Sara
will be murdered on the spot. If you did not throw the rock, it is the
hand that will be shooted at. Go directly to the secret dock. You will
find Gabrielle lying dead on the floor, killed by the bomb. Take her 
you and head to the laboratory on the third floor of the tower.


This is the toughest part of the game. Many gamers, including us, had a 
time finding the exact sequence of actions to finish the game without
killing for good Gabrielle. So, Place Gabrielle on the table. Go to the
dumb-waiter and retrieve the lifestone. Put it in the holding apparatus
above the table. Go to the main control panel. Pull the three left
switches to the right position and then the two right switches to the up
position. Pull the lever at your left (to raise Gabrielle to the roof 
Climb the ladder and look at the speed gauge. Wait until the speed 
between 10 and 20 and unroll the rope to let the kite float free. Go 
to the Tesla coil chamber (2nd floor of the tower). Pull the switch down
to charge the coil and pull it back up when the needle in the display is
still in the light red area (but close to the dark red area). Head back
to the control panel on the third floor. Turn the three left switches to
the left and see the results. This set of actions is needed to save your
daughter. You then leave the castle and live long and happy.

There is also another ending to this story. If you pull up the switch
in the Tesla coil chamber on the 2nd floor when the needle is in the 
red area, and then pull the three left switches to the left, your 

will come to life but dies eventually again. You will then be emprisoned
again by Dr. Frankenstein and won't live long and happily.

Thanks to David Ulrich!