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Fade to Black (walkthrough)

Warning: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Fade to Black. It contains information that will help you solve the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. Someone worked really hard on the game, and you'll just ruin their efforts. Is that what you want to do? Crush someone's dreams? Then go ahead, you big dream-crusher...

Fade to black (walkthrough) 

 There's a superlarge amount of keys to be used in this game. All of 
 them are necessary for finishing it successfully, and so here they 

 UpArrow - run ahead 
 Left/RightArrow - turn respectively 
 Down - duck (so you can't be hit). 
 RShift+Up - walk 
 RShift+Left/RightArrow - step left/step right (a bit like strafing in 
 RShift+Down - fast 180o turn. 
 PgUp/PgDown - small steps ahead/back. 
 I - calls Inventory screen. From here use Tab to move between objects, 
     Enter to select object for use during play, RShift to get some 
     useful (not) info on object. Use RShift to read incoming messages 
     also. I or Esc exits the inventory. 
 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - quick inventory object select. 
 Space - open/use/operate everything that can be opened, used or operated. 
         Also take object from cabinet. 
 U - use the selected object. 
 Enter - reloads gun (as soon as you got the bullets). 
 J - jump. You can do this from standing or running position. Run to 
     jump farther. 
 AltG (or V) - gun out. By pressing this you go in aiming position. 
 RCtrl (or B) - fire. If your gun is not out, press B to throw a grenade 
                (if you have any). 
 Esc - menu. Use Left/RightArrows to rotate the caorusel, Up/DownArrows 
       to switch menu modes. 
 S - quick save. 
 L - quick load. 
 Numeric 1, 3, 7, 9 - different viewpoints. You can look round corners 
                      and such stuff. 
 H - Far/Near view. Far view is a bit like Alone In The Dark.  
 K - the same, but works when you are shooting somebody. 
 CtrlL - frame rate increase/decrease. Try this if the game looks too 
         slow (or too fast? :) ) 
 CtrlM - mouse on. (But you don't want to play this game with mouse, 
         do you?) 
 CtrlJ - joystick on. 
 F7 - sreen resolution. 320*200 looks too shoddy, SVGA is too slow, and 
      320*240 makes the game look like a wide-screen movie. 
 ShiftF1/F2 - screen expand/shrink. 
 CtrlD - draft realtime rendering mode. Rubbish but fast. 
 F - Gouraud shading on/off. Everyhing looks OK, but Pentium is 

 These keys are taken from Hybrid Fade To Black dox (respect, copylefts, 
 etc.), but I made some additions and corrections, as some keys described 
 didn't work or worked improperly). Maybe due to a not very correct 
 crack or a different keyboard layout. 

 I've read this from the beginning to the end a few times, but still 
 there can be grammar errors and typos. I'm just 99,99% sure that this 
 solve *works*. If you find some glitches - sorry, but bear in mind that 
 I written it thru the couple of sleepless weeks playing the game and 
 typing this bitch all over. :) Thnx for your understanding. 

 Ooooff. Okay, now the solve... 

 Get out of your cell, kill floating ball. In corridor step on the plate 
 to open the door ahead, run before it closes. Step on the green plate. 
 The green forcefield will deactivate and the security droid will move 
 ahead. Wait until the droid passes the red plate and deactivates the red 
 forcefield ahead of you, then run. 
 Open the door, kill automatic turret on the right and duck. The Morph 
 guard will come down to get you - kill him (2 bulletts). Step inside 
 the teleport and use it. 
 At the second floor recharge your shields, open the door with a red cross 
 sign. Walk ahead and prepare to kill a giant spider that will drop down 
 at you. He takes about 6 bulletts (don't forget to reload your gun in 
 progress). Search the cupboard, get map scanner and hint. Read the hint. 
 Use the console 
 near there and exit to the corridor where you came from. Now drop down 
 to the door with a spoon and fork sign - prepare to kill the Morph on 
 your right. Go thru the door to the hall, open lockers, get mine and 
 recharger, proceed further and kill Morph on left. Search the locker. 
 Open door, there'll be a scared cook begging you to not to kill him. 
 It's a shame that you can't kill this swine, 'cause as soon as you 
 enter the fridge room (door on the left) he'll let the two Morphs on 
 you. Kill them, use the code console. Make your way back to the starting 
 corridor, prepare to kill one more Morph. (It'll be a good idea to 
 recharge here). 
 Go to the second corridor again (where the spider was) 
 and go thru the door near the locker. Ignore the Morphs, you can't kill 
 them all. Here do everything fast - use lever, run thru newly opened door 
 and kill Morph inside. As soon as the door closes you'll be safe. Go left 
 and prepare for an explosion. It's a good idea to use your portable 
 recharger now. Push the red button, go ahead to another door, use 
 console near there (I don't know if this is necessary, but it's fun). 
 There's a Morph generator in there, so watch your back. Go thru the door. 
 In hall kill Morph behind the bars. You may also shoot the half-dead 
 human there, or you may leave him for some extra thrilling moments (but 
 you were warned! :) ). Search lockers, read the new message. Open door 
 ahead - from here you'll be in the same corridor. Go thru the left door 
 to the first corridor, kill Morph, go to new door (against the kitchen 
 door). In small room be ready to kill the Morph as the door opens. In 
 console room go thru left door, kill Morph, use code console. Go out and 
 to the opposite door, kill Morph there, approach the left door slowly 
 and it will open. Jump over the electric floor and kill two Morph guards. 
 Use right teleporter, push button to turn off electric floor, kill 
 Morph, get into the room with some funny "human" stuff (TVs, etc). Get 
 key from locker, return all the way, use left teleporter, in hall go 
 thru the big door behind the column, use console, exit thru the second 
 Now the second teleporter in the corridor is active. Recharge 
 here. Use 2nd teleporter, kill floating drones, use the console to 
 activate the cartrack. Follow it thru the door (it opens for cartrack 
 only). (If you fail to match it - open the door near the cartrack 
 operating console and find the second console there to return the 
 cartcrack to its place.) In small corridor push button, use nearest 
 teleporter. Up there kill Morph, run thru the dark hall with 2 turretts 
 on walls (they'll shoot, don't mention). Open door, ignore the console for 
 now. Open next door, kill security droid. Run ahead the corridor and open 
 the door at the end. This is the warden's office. Stand before the 
 glass walls that go round his desk and use a bouncing mine to finish him. 
 Be ready to kill a guard appearing behind you and get his key. Then open 
 the locker in the office and get the hangar key. Get out, go to the room you 
 came here thru, use the console, exit and run thru the hall with shooting 
 turretts again. Use teleporter, in the same small corridor use teleporter 
 on the right (it was inactive). As you land shoot the floating drones 
 immediately, then go into the shuttle. 

 Read all the messages you receive - they contain some info about 
 how to complete this part and what to do after what. 
 In the new room recharge if needed and take the door to the right. Kill 
 Morphs (they are different here, a bit harder and punky-colored :) ) 
 and go to door straight ahead. In first locker take explosive 
 bulletts and change to use them (they're infinite, but twice more powerful 
 that normal bulletts). Proceed all the way ahead until you find a room 
 with a console and a recharger. Recharge (if needed) and use the console 
 to access the cells. Proceed to go ahead, kill Morphs and droid guards 
 until you find the door that you cannot open. From here return to the 
 corridor and take the door near the one you visited. Jump between the 
 mines, open door, kill Morphs, use farther console of the two. 
 From here go back to the starting hall, kill guards if any. Open the 
 far door and proceed ahead carefully - prepare to kill 2 spiders coming 
 at you from each side! After you done it take the door to the left, 
 then in small corridor turn left. Go thru opened door, step on the 
 first floor switch, then on the second, then go one step back - this 
 should desactivate both of the forcefields, red and green. Jump over 
 the second switch now and take plasma bulletts from locker (for use 
 Now return all the way back to that room with a door you could not open 
 then - it should work for now. Turn around the corner - here's the 
 professor you were looking for. (Also search the locker for heat-seeking 
 bulletts. Pity they're not infinite). Use console to turn off the 
 forcefield, go near the old man and move ahead slowly. From here you must 
 only walk, not run, or the professor will not follow you. Open the second 
 door in this room, not the one you came here thru, kill Morphs (if any). In 
 the washing room turn left, kill guards again, open door in the end of the 
 corridor and guide the old man to the teleporter slowly. As he leaves 
 he gives you the data cube containing powerful computer virus to 
 destroy the security net. 
 With said cube return to the room with two consoles, but now use second. 
 Select data cube in your inventory, step near it and press U. Now, RUN! 
 Ignore all the flying balls, guards and creatures, just run to the 
 same teleporter! 

 From the room you appeared at turn right and kill Morphs: they are more 
 tougher now, and some of them are unarmed - they just run at you screaming 
 "Die, human!" (damn scary, if you got the full CD version with speech) and 
 try to slice you with their bladed hands. Blimmin' krewel. :) 
 Okay, first of all clear the big green hall you are in now of Morphs. 
 If you lose too much energy, the recharger is hidden behind the secret 
 door just opposite the door you came out from. Then find a train of 
 cartracks and push the button near there to activate one cartrack. Follow 
 it everywhere - there are 4 doors that open for cartracks only. Kill 
 everybody behind the doors, search all lockers to obtain a huge amount 
 of keys to different sectors. Behind one of the doors there's a console, 
 operate it. Also you should find a radiation shield and a recharger 
 somewhere there. With the keys open all of the doors you can in the 
 hall and find 3 pieces of some blue mineral called Risidium. It's simple, 
 there are no monsters there, you must just switch a few floor switches 
 and all. In one of the rooms with Risidium there's a spider hanging out 
 behind the forcefield - kill him before you step on the floor switch, or 
 he'll let loose on you. In the same room there's an another door - if you 
 open it the sign "Radioactive area" starts to flash. Use your radioactive 
 shield (it's nice to recharge before), then use 4 bouncing mines to kill 
 the Morph miner hiding behind the right corner. Go to corridor and take the 
 right door avoiding that nasty creature hanging on the wall - it has damn 
 long claws. Open door, kill droids and Morph guard. Step on the floor panel 
 and read the message given by the computer. From it you'll understand how 
 to operate the drilling machine - just use Risidium on small slot on the 
 machine's left side. It'll move, follow it. You'll have to recharge it a 
 few times. As soon as the machine reaches the end of the corridor, the 
 labaratory door will open and let it in - you must slip inside too. 
 In this room you can discard that power-hungry radioactive shield. 
 Search the locker straight ahead for station coordinates document. As 
 you read it, you'll recieve a message from your friends - read it and 
 you're teleported to the next level. 

 Don't bother killing that blue Morph - they appear always and always, 
 better run to the door to your left for safety. In the corridor visit 
 the door near the console - it's radiation everywhere, so kill those 
 drones quickly and sneak to the right for safe room. Look right and 
 kill the Morph who's mucking with the code console. Recharge, use console, 
 get everything from the lockers. Go to the opposite side of the room, open 
 door, in the hall ignore the first opening door on the right, but use 
 the teleporter. Go ahead, then to the right thru door avoiding turret 
 shots and the electric floor. In next room search the nearest to enter 
 locker, ignore the second and sneak past the mine. Run thru the door 
 and do not stop when the guards will run at you - instead step on the 
 two floor swiches ahead of you, they'll activate forcefields which will 
 kill the Morphs. Go right, thru two doors, sneak between the bouncing 
 mines. Go to the far end of the room, search the locker for area scanner, 
 kill two Morphs appearing at your back. Now return all the way to the 
 teleporter and use it. 
 From the same hall where teleporter is walk right to the curvy corridor 
 ending with a door. There'll be two Morphs - one in front of you and one 
 back - so be prepared. Open the door, ignore the "Radioactive room" 
 line, it's just a fooling. From the very beginning of the room turn 
 right into the small corridor near the red forcefield. Step on the floor 
 switch, exit - the forcefield's gone. Go there, kill guards, search both 
 lockers for two keys. Exit the way you came here thru. And now visit 
 the big door on the right side of the hall. It's the door to that top 
 deck part (or something like that, don't remember :) ) and it has a 
 kind of bridge behind it. This is the most tricky part of the level - 
 you must walk between the lasers that shoot thru that whole area. I 
 can't help you much here, it's all a business of steps and jumps: watch 
 the lasers, time carefully between shots and save at *every* single 
 move. At the deck you may ignore the door on your right - there's a 
 couple of grenades in there, but you'll have to deal with two Morphs. 
 Stand before this strange stand, take your gun out and aim at the console 
 on its right side. Shoot it twice - the forcefield will die and you will 
 release this thing that was hidden inside of the stand. (Jeez! It's a 
 flying head! What a nice hairstyle! :) ) This, hmmm, thing will fly ahead to 
 the left door, and as the door opens you must run inside the room. Kill 
 the guards or ignore them - it's necessary for you to not to lose that 
 flying head from your sight. Follow it up to the space shuttle - and the 
 next level. 

 It's the hugest and hardest level of the game. Check everything twice 
 you won't get into that "I-forgot-to-take-that-thing-and-now-I'll-have 
 to-return-all-the-way-and-lose-energy"-kind of problems. :) 
 From the room you landed in run to the door on your right. Nevermind the 
 shooting turret - there are 3 blue forcefields on this bridge that restore 
 your energy to the full, use them carefully. In the next hall search the 
 *far* locker, the one near the wall with a red and blue stones in it. 
 Approach this locker from its farest side, or you'll wake up one of the 
 Golems (green stone guys) that stand in this hall - they are slow but 
 invulnerable to shots. With the key you found in the locker return to 
 the starting room (recharge with the blue force if you need). Use right 
 In this room search both lockers, nevermind the floor switch, but do *not* 
 touch the button on the wall! Be sure to take the gem from the second 
 locker, they are important. Walk out the door, run ahead from the shots, 
 open next door, here are 2 rechargers. Behind next door kill 4 guards 
 and enter the basin room. Open the door and in the blue room search both 
 lockers. As you approach the second one (with a switch) turret will start 
 to shoot, push wall button to stop it. Again, make sure you took a colored 
 gem. Exit to basin room, push wall button. Now the floor switches in 
 the corridor are active - step on one of them accurately and the red 
 forcefield will appear. Go back to the starting point of the corridor 
 to the basin room - there are two wooden statues in there (maybe not 
 wooden, but they sure look like :) ). Push first the right, then the left. 
 Be ready for some action - there will be a Golem coming alive behind the 
 left door. Run ahead to the first floor switch and stand on it to keep 
 the forcefield active. The stupid Golem will follow you and burn in the 
 field, leaving his eye (yekk!) behind. Step out the switch and take the 
 eye. Return to the basin room and approach the basin from the back side - 
 the hand will appear out of the water, apparently attemting to make you 
 give something to it. Pity you don't have any spare change :) so you 
 must give it the Golem's eye - it will be quite satisfied. If you check 
 out your inventory now you will notice a new item - pyramid code. 
 Now return to the same corridor and approach the wall just against the 
 room where Golem was hidden. Aha! A secret passage! Kill droid, avoid 
 bouncing mines, take another crystal from locker, jump away from the 
 forcefields and exit to the old room with teleporter. Use it. 
 In the landing room now use the second (left) teleporter. In rooms 
 ahead shoot 3 Morphs. Run thru the corridor full of bouncing mines, trying 
 (as much as possible) to avoid them. In the bird hall kill guards. Here 
 you must get one paralyzed bird (as said in hint #3, as I remember). 
 To paralyze it use any of the 4 floor switches - step on them to activate 
 the stun guns that are hidden behind the crystals in walls. As one of the 
 birds gets stunned pick it up and pay your attention to the wall painting 
 which describes the evolution of Morphs. Remember it. Now visit the door 
 on the left side of the hall. Here kill 2 blade-handed Morphs, avoid Golem, 
 and proceed to the end of the curvy corridor to the door. Open it. If you're 
 lucky, the 3 Morph guards in there will be busy trying to kill one Golem - 
 they won't pay attention to you and you may kill them one by one. If you're 
 not lucky, the guards will notice you and you will be caught in a hell of 
 a crossfire. Anyway, after you finished the Morphs, approach the group of 
 icons to your right - these are the same as the wall painting in the bird 
 hall, but in a wrong combination. All you need to do is to place them so 
 that the evolution line of the Morphs is correct. When everything's done 
 right, the door near the one you came here through will open for you. Kill 
 spider, search locker for another crystal. Exit thru another door and 
 return to the landing room. 
 From here run to the same very hall which you visited the first (with two 
 Golems). Go thru the first door on the left, here look at the mosaic on the 
 floor carefully, remember it very good. Use teleporter, jump over the 
 fields, and you are in the oracle room. Here you need to "follow 
 the way of the oracle" - it means that you must walk the same way the 
 mosaic on the floor of the previous room lies. It's simple, you just 
 need to remember the exact appearance of the mosaic. After you are done, 
 an another flying head will appear and tell you to free the bird. Do so 
 (just [U]se the bird) and it will thank you and give you a crystal code - 
 it's a model of six different-colored crystals you need to have. You 
 already got 4 and there will be 1 more - return to the hall 
 with 2 Golems and search the second locker for a crystal. Be careful, at 
 the same time the Golem behind you will come alive and the wall gun will 
 start to shoot paralyzing shots. After you took a crystal approach the 
 wall panel on the left side of the hall - it's the exact copy of the 
 pyramid code. Look at the code in your inventory and place the buttons 
 under the icons in the same position (ie, push the first and last buttons). 
 Now enter the second door (right) in this hall (be quick, the paralyzing 
 gun will shoot at you and the another one Golem will come!). Use teleporter. 
 In dark hall run ahead, avoid paralyzing shots and keep left. Here be aware 
 of two more Golems - they are brown this time, and a little harder. Run 
 around the hall to fool the Golems and win some time, then run ahead, to 
 the corridor on the left side, open the door. Here is the final part of 
 this level. In this hall you must place all the crystals you have to their 
 slots according to the code. One crystal is already at the place, use it 
 for orienation. Do it fast, 'cause the Golems are coming. When you did 
 everything right the pyramid will appear just ahead of you. Admire this 
 beatyful view for a while and exit thru the door on your back, 'cause the 
 Morph guards will start appearing from the corridor. Behind the door 
 turn left for another door, recharge there, take heat-seeking bullets. 
 Now exit and proceed ahead the long corridor. When you are near center 
 another monster will run at you. I'm not quite sure what he is, but he's 
 invulnerable like Golems and *fast*. You need to overrun him and head 
 for the teleporter in the room ahead. After you succeeded go ahead, listen 
 to what flying head will say and enter the teleporter. 

 As you appear shoot Morph just ahead of you, the droids should kill 
 themselves so don't waste time and bullets for them. Kill another Morph 
 around the corner. Now approach this strange horny shuttle with a floor 
 panel near it, push controls, and... 

 ...you're flying! Now you control this bumpy piece of aircraft. Here 
 everything is pretty easy - you just fly ahead wasting other pilots like 
 you. Try to not bump into the walls and pipes - it's pretty dangerous to 
 your health (bear in mind that you can't recharge here). It's pretty 
 boring arcade part of the game so save often and go where the road tracks 
 you. (In the room with 4 teleporters take the left one for shortest way.) 
 When you appear in a dead end just approach the wall ahead of you... 

 ...and return for the game proper. Kill Morph, then flying droid. Open 
 door on the right, use middle teleporter, step on the switch to stop the 
 shooting turret. Go right, kill droid and blade-handed guard. Open door 
 on your right in the same corridor kill Morps, search locker avoiding those 
 tentacles on the wall - jump over the floor switches to fool that creature. 
 Exit and go straight to the corridor ahead (where the blade-handed guard 
 was). Visit the top room (second incubator), kill everyone, get key from 
 locker. Exit, proceed right, in next corridor open the left door, get one 
 more key (beware of the Morphs!). Exit, skip the left corridor (with 
 forcefield and electric floors), and return to the first corridor. Now 
 visit the door on the opposite to the enter side. Kill 2 flying drones, 
 go ahead and up the corridor with many floor switches in it. Avoid all 
 of the switches - they enable forcefields that may be dangerous for you. 
 There will be a door on the right side of the corridor - enter it. As 
 you approach the locker 2 Morphs will appear behind you - kill them, then 
 shoot the button to kill the forcefield. Take everything from the locker, 
 exit and proceed ahead the corridor. Kill the guard to your left (behind 
 the forcebars), then run to the right part of the corridor - there's an 
 invisible switch that turns the bars out. Go ahead, enter right door. Here 
 you need to perform a tricky task: to jump between forcefields over 
 electric floors avoiding bouncing mines (gulp!). But before you must turn 
 off 2 big forcefields that block your way. To do this, step first on the 
 floor switch that is nearest to the wall, than on the neihbouring one. 
 This makes your way clean - but for a limited time: if you get captured 
 between two forcefields you'll have to start it all over, so save like 
 After you jumped well, open the door, enter the hall (the forcefield may 
 appear behind and kill you). Shoot all the Morphs (there are lots of 'em). 
 You are advised to ignore the door on the left side of the room - there's 
 nothing crucial for completing the game in there, but you may inspect it 
 freely if you want. After you've finished, open any of the two right doors, 
 kill 2 blade-handed guards. Proceed thru, to the left, kill Moprh and 
 run ahead to the strangely-shaped teleporter - another invulnerable steel 
 creature will chase you! Don't forget to *use* the teleporter! :) 

 You appear in a hell of a crossfire - start shooting immediately. It is 
 advised to use armor-piercing bulletts (one more clip is in the locker 
 to your right). After you shot all the Morphs, the giant hulking security 
 droid will come to get you. You can't kill him, so just overrun him - run 
 straight behind the boxes (visit the right door if you need recharging). 
 In next room, kill machine gun drone, proceed ahead thru the door. Talk 
 to the wounded guy in the corner - he'll tell you where to get the key 
 to the command room. Use teleporter in that room and ignoring the next 
 shooting, run left, thru the door. Kill 2 Morps there. Proceed until you 
 find a room, where 3 Morphs hold captured one human. Kill the guards and 
 talk to the human - he'll give you the key. Exit thru the another door in 
 this room (the shooting is over now), use teleporter again, open left door, 
 there go right and talk to commander. He'll tell you to find Sarah (one 
 of those you are saving) in the next level. Open second door, use right 
 teleporter - off you go! 

 The first thing you see here is a human guard. But don't let your eyes 
 deceive you - approach him and he'll turn to an alien. Take a look at the 
 beautyful realtime morphing (great job, Delphine) and beat this sucker 
 down. Proceed to the door ahead and shoot your way thru the following 
 rooms (this part of the game is mostly point-and-shoot, no puzzles). In 
 one of the rooms you'll find one human in uniform, talk to him and he'll 
 give you the access key. Proceed to the next door, kill Morphs that hide 
 in the toilet :) . Go ahead - there you'll find Sarah. She'll ditract the 
 attention of the guard and you must shoot him fast. Approach her and 
 she'll teleport away without even saying thanks or bye (those women... :)). 
 In the tiny room turn right - go thru this corridor, kill guards and use 
 the teleporter. 

 As you possibly know already, John (the leader of the human rebellion 
 against the Morph empire) has set the bomb in the reactor room of the base. 
 Sadly, he couldn't initiate it. Now it's your job. Run ahead, ignore giant 
 droid, open next door. In corridor jump between the direction arrows - they 
 move you fast to the direction they show at, and if you won't be careful, 
 they'll throw you right into one of the mines. Open door, overrun another 
 droid, get into the door on the right of that corridor, shoot machine gun 
 drone in the green room. There are 2 doors in this room - one of them is 
 marked "Airlock 1" and the other isn't marked in any way. If you go thru 
 the second you'll get the opportunity to recharge, but generally "Airlock 1" 
 door is a little shorter way. Anyway, you'll apperar in the one of the 2 
 very similar corridors - they both have 2 doors, mines, floor arrows and 
 You must first visit the farest room - you can see the door to 
 it behind the forcefileds. Jump over the floor arrows, then use the first 
 door's frame as a safe cover, wait until the forcefields move away, then 
 run ahead and to the door (it's a great idea to save before). In the next 
 hall you see a lot of arrows on the floor - some of them are useful and 
 some of them push you into the deadly forcefields. There are also some 
 moving arrows - they change the direction where they move you continously. 
 It's all too difficult to explain, you need just to get the idea of it 
 and jump carefully. Your goal is to reach the control panel on the deep 
 side of the hall. 
 After you've done it and used the panel, return to the 
 corridor, and now to the first door. Be careful, as you enter the door 
 *jump*, not run - there's an invisible switch on the floor that turns on 
 the forcefield ahead of you. Enter the door marked "Reactor area" - as 
 you walk in you may notice the title "Destruction process initiated" on 
 the screen - it means that your job is done and must get a hell outta here 
 fast. Don't waste your time with the droids - just run to the left side of 
 the reactor room and approach the teleporter. You'll be gratified for your 
 work and taken out of this place. 

 In the starting room kill the machine gun drone, then use teleporter. 
 Up there, jump between the forcefields and electric floors. In the hall 
 kill Morphs and proceed ahead slowly, so that you won't activate the mines. 
 Keep the left side. Somewhere there in the hall there's an another type 
 of Morph - it's like one of those miners with bladed hands, but it's half- 
 invisible that makes that creature a real pain in the ass. (If you let it 
 get close to you, you'll certainly appreciate that cool "liquid metal" 
 look of that gyu, the problem is that this may be the last thing you'll 
 see :).) 
 In this hall there are 2 doors to visit. The first one is just opposite 
 the entry - it has a hole near it and if you won't be careful these 
 tentacles will rip you in pieces. Behind this door there's nothing 
 important but power-ups, so visit it only if you require recharging. The 
 second door is right-back - enter it, proceed thru the corridor killing 
 those half-invisible guards. Enter the door in the end of the corridor, 
 step on the floor switch and rush ahead while the forcebars are off. You 
 must sneak past all the moving forcefields and jump over some floor arrows 
 that guide you to the opposite direction, and you must do it *fast*, 'cause 
 those bars won't be inactive forever. If you'll get stuck in the middle 
 of that corridor you will start all over (so save before you go). 
 In the next corridor jump over the arrows and enter the door on the left. 
 Here you encounter the invisible labyrinth - it's made of glass and you 
 can hardly see where you can go where you can't. Make one step ahead, then 
 left, back, two more left, and now proceed ahead and right, to the right 
 forcebar. Step near that yellow forcebar and jump thru it (you'll lose some 
 energy, but there's no other way. Don't stop running ahead, 'cause the 
 field will drag you back again - turn right, run to the door and enter it. 
 You must do it all fast, if you won't the Morph blob that appears behind 
 you middleways will kill you in one bite, but as you enter the door, you 
 are safe. 
 In that room kill all guards, run ahead and open next door. Here, step 
 ahead, jump over the floor switch, recharge, and jump over the next switch. 
 In the next room run ahead, nevermind the shooting turret. Open the door 
 to your left, avoid the moving forcefields and proceed ahead to the 
 After you used the teleporter, go ahead and open the door. Kill all the 
 Morphs (there's usually lots of 'em), run ahead and use the teleporter. 
 (It's not really a teleporter, this thing just opens the second door in 
 this hall.) Open this door (right side if you face the entry) run ahead. 
 As you enter, the first human will start to morph into that bloody clawed 
 steel monster. Overrun it and stopping nowhere follow Sarah (she standed 
 at the back) thru the corridor. Open doors, rush into the space shutlle... 

 You just saved the human race! The game successfully over!