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Duke Nukem 3D

Simply type in the following codes:
DNBETA Displays the "Pirates Suck" Message DNCASHMAN Duke Will Spew Money When Space Bar is Pressed. DNCORNHOLIO Toggles God Mode DNHYPER Duke on Steroids
DNITEMS Gives you cool stuff DNRATE Shows Current Frame Rate in Corner DNSKILL# Changes Difficulty where # is 0 to 4 DNSCOTTYab Level Warp a=episode and b=level DNCLIP Duke can walk through walls. DNSTUFF Gives You EVERYTHING!!! DNMONSTERS Gets Rid of Monsters DNVIEW Changes Point of View to Behind Duke DNKROZ God Mode DNCOORDS Gives coordinates DNSHOWMAP shows map! DNUNLOCK toggles door locks DNKEYS gives you the keys
DNINVENTORY Gives you everything but weapons
DNTODDRegister Cosmo today
DNDEBUGDebug menu
DNWEAPONSWeapons and Ammo
DNALLEN"Buy Major Stryker" message
DNENDINGTakes you to end of game
DNMAJORInfinite Jet-Pack fuel (must have jet pack)
DNAMMOFull ammo

Multi-Player Cheat:
In setup for multi-player game...At DOS, type setup/r. In a networked game, press k to see through the other player's eyes (try and recognize his surroundings...).

Mac Movie (may only work on Mac version):
In Hollywood Holocaust, go into the movie theater, start the movie. Then, looking at the big screen, type DN1984.
Apple's famous 1984 Macintosh commercial will play over and over.

Thanks to Bulldog, Tanker D.I.E., Kevin Wong, Sammy Roth, Mark Hall, Koolman, Da Ol' P, Robert V., Norma Whitlatch, Richie, Daniel Norman, Wendy Manderson, Joshua "Q" Inglima, Carl Archer, Gwendolyn Hughes, James Devall & Aaron Hyland!