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cheat code


GABBAGABBAHEY Enable cheats! MITZI gives you all keys BIGRED super weapons FLASH quick exit RACERX god mode GUILE cloaking device PORGYS mega super wowie zowie weapons v1.4 only POBOYS starts self-destruct sequence v1.4 only AHIMSA robot firing off v1.4 only
FARMERJOE Warps to level of your choice
TWILIGHT Recharges shields
BRUIN Another Life
SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons
ASTRAL Ghostly mode (registered only)
LUNACY Robots move fast, fire seldom (registered only)
BUGGIN Turbo Mode (registered only)
PLETCH ### Fire a flare and hit a robot and it paints them ### color

Press Alt-F on Auto Map screen for FULL MAP...