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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (walkthrough)

Warning: The following is a walkthrough of Commandos. It will help you solve the missions. please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. You'll just spoil the game. But we understand that this isn't an easy one, so we forgive you...

Mission 1: Baptism by Fire

The main goal here is to take out the radio station in the northwest corner of the map. You will have to assemble your unit, as you will need each one of them to pull off the mission.

The Green Beret and the Driver
To start off with, click on the driver and have him crawl just a few feet to the rocks in front of him, and have him wait there. Find the Green Beret in the southeast corner of the map, and have him run to one of the brick structures to the west. The outer perimeter guard will walk south, down into the snow as your Green Beret lays in wait behind the bricks. As soon as the guard turns his back to head north, click on the knife, and have your Green Beret run to knife him in the back. Dump him somewhere out of view, and head for the wall separating the two areas. Have him hide in the corner of the wall and the rocks. As soon as the two patrolling guards turn their backs to walk south, climb the fence, stab the guard by the guard shack, and quickly climb back over the wall to safety.

As soon as the excitement of finding their dead comrade fades, have the Driver crawl out from his hiding place where he can get a good shot at the patrolling guards. If he can get a clear shot at them near the tree, this usually works out best. Set his sites on the guard in front, and fire a couple of busts to kill them both. Have your driver and Green Beret meet at the dock just north of the house in that section.

The Marine
Have your Marine walk up to the rocks just behind him, and then wait for the nearest guard to turn his back. Stab him, then crawl to a position to shoot the guard near the boat when the other patrolling guard is farthest away. Run to safety behind the nearby rocks after shooting the guard on post, and wait for the patrolling guard to come running. Shoot him as he rounds the corner. If the patrolling guard doesn't try to investigate your hiding place, shoot a round or two to lure him in.

Have your Marine scuba northeast to the post guard, and stab him quickly while the patrolling guard to the right has his back turned. Equip the scuba gear and dive back down into the deep water. Now wait for the patrolling guard to calm down and go back to his post. Sneak up in the shallow water behind him, jump up and stab or shoot him. Head for the boat on the other shore, and go pick up the Green Beret and the Driver.

Taking out the Communications Camp
Take the boat behind one of the buildings on the south shore. Watch for the three patrolling guards to turn their backs to the building, then have the Green Beret move one of the barrels near the shore next to the barrel in between the two buildings. Make sure that the guards aren't looking, and have him drop the decoy by the barrels, then run just behind the corner of the house on the left. Make sure that he has a good shot at one of the barrels, and activate the decoy to lure the guards in close. Once they're next to the barrels, shoot at one of them, and with one shot you can take out all three guards and the northeast house.

Have your driver crawl to a spot where he can take out the submachine gunner, then all you have to do is have the Green Beret move the barrels close to the remaining structures and shoot at them from a safe distance. Make sure that you destroy the Communications tower last, as soon as you do you will end the mission.


Mission 2: A Quiet Blow Up

Once you cross the river, the rest of the mission is comparatively easy. Wade your Marine into the shallow water, and click on the boat in his backpack. Remember that you can only take three men at a time. It's tempting to travel around the outside of the compound, killing all the guards outside. This is not necessary, however. Use your sniper's bullets wisely from across the river, then when you cross you can use the ladder on the wall to get into the compound. Make sure that you have two bullets left in your Sniper's rifle for inside the camp. The lever at the front gate isn't just there for looks, you will have to have someone activate it by clicking on the base of it. Once you blow up the fuel tanks, get out as quickly as possible with all of your men in the truck.

The First Three Guards
The first thing that you want to do is take out the three patrolling guards around your crew. Have your Green Beret set up the decoy near the fence to alert the middle guard. Have your Green Beret near the break in the fence, and stab the guard as soon as he rounds the corner. The second guard is a little tricky, try using the decoy in the same way, hiding your Green Beret behind the fence on the right. For the third and final guard, simply have one of your crew fire a shot from behind the building, and he will come running. Fill him with lead as soon as he comes into sight. You should have all three guards killed just as the boat begins its first pass.

Crossing the River
Have your men rendezvous behind the wall on the bank of the river. Watch out for the pesky Patrol Boat, it can't be taken out. Before crossing the river, have your sniper crawl just north of the broken wall by the bank, and snipe the guard on top of the wall across the river. Have him then run down the bank south and take out the patrolling guard in the field, but make sure that his body will land behind the rock formation. When the coast is clear, have your Marine run to the bank, and click on the boat in his backpack to use it. Have the Green Beret and the Driver accompany him on his first trip across the river. Land them across the river, near the ladder that goes up the wall. Your Green Beret will have to lower down the ladder, have him climb the wall when the Guard in the yard has his back turned, lower the ladder, then climb back down the wall where he won't be seen. Have the Marine return and bring the rest of your troops across the river, landing them in the same place as your other members.

Storming the Compound
Once the Green Beret has lowered the ladder, have your driver climb up when the patrolling guard in the yard has his back turned. Hide him behind the building on the right. Next have your sniper climb the wall and hide in the same place. Make him crawl to the right, in between the two trees. When the patrolling guard stops at the end of his route near the fence, take him out with the sniper. His buddy out in the field will eventually see him lying dead and come running. Take him out as soon as he crouches over his dead friend. Have your sniper crawl once again around the back of the building, over by the truck. Take out the guard at the gate, then have everyone come over.

Taking out the Fuel Tanks
All of the enemy soldiers inside the compound should be dead. Have the Green Beret go to the gate, and activate the lever to raise the gate. It's kind of tricky not to enter the building instead, as they are so close together. Once the gate is lifted, have everybody jump in the truck except for the Sapper. While everybody is climbing aboard the truck, position him at the front end of the fuel tanks, close to the gate. Have the driver move the truck into position just in front of the gate, and check the patrolling guards just outside the gate. When they are far enough away, have the Sapper drop a time bomb, jump in the truck, and take off down the road. The fuel tanks should explode just before the truck reaches the end of the road.


Mission 3: Reverse Engineering

This is a pretty large map, deal with each area individually. You will have to use the decoy and trap wisely to get rid of the first six guards and get down to the river. The Marine can pick up the boat at the far end of the first camp, you really only need to bring your Spy and Marine into this area. Leaving the others on the shore on the other side of the cliff will save you some time in the long run. While you're there, take out any enemies that can potentially see you across the river. Learn to use the Spy's "distract" move inside the Power Station, as this skill is invaluable. When you finally have your explosives, you will have to act very quickly. The hut at the bottom of the dam can only be taken out with one of the time bombs, and the truck will show up straight across the river from it.

The First Six Guards
First off, you want to get rid of the three patrolling guards. Have the Sapper set a trap just at the edge of the rocks near the fence and run around in the snow nearby before the guards come back. When they see your tracks, they will come running around the corner. The trap takes out one, and your pistol should take out the other two. Once they're taken care of, run to the left and take your men into the small cove. Have your sapper set another trap at the left edge, then fire a shot to get the closest guard to round the corner. If you set it just off the edge of the big boulder there, you should snag him every time. Reset the trap, and have someone run out into the clearing. Don't have him run too far, just enough to get the next guard's attention, to have him come running into the same trap. Have your pistol ready in case he goes around the trap. The last guard at the water's edge is an easy mark, simply walk up behind him, and stab him.

Getting the Boat
Once you have your crew assembled at the water's edge, you need to get the boat in order to carry out the rest of your mission. Have your Marine scuba downstream until he is near the area where the boat is stored. Place him in the shallow water, and when the patrolling guard has his back to you, click on the scuba tank, click on the gun, and shoot him dead in his tracks. Grab the boat and head to the corner of the wall on the left. From there you should be able to see the tents, and one more patrolling guard. Wait until he rounds the corner, and find a hiding place along the rock wall. Equip the Harpoon gun, and once he gets close enough, let him have it. Have your Marine return to the water, and swim to the last guard outside the northern wall. He keeps his back to the water, so sneak up and stab him. Return to your troops on the other side of the cliff, and pick up your spy.

Have your spy run completely around the entire compound, meeting the Marine at the southernmost wall. Watch out for the guard patrolling the gate; make sure you run when his back is turned. Have your Marine take your Spy just around the wall and drop him off where he won't be seen. The Spy can now run up to the clothesline and get into the German Uniform. He can now simply walk out the gate, and meet your Marine at the cliff wall. Give him a lift in the boat around the corner, where your other troops are waiting.

Getting Your Troops into the Power Station
Have all of your troops except for the Spy jump in the boat on the right side of the dam. Make sure that you are out of view of the hut across the other side, click the sight on it and stay just south of its sweeping view. Your spy can run along the top of the dam, and head for power station. Go into the compound with your spy, and turn off the electric fence. Now run outside the fence and kill the two guard in between the river and the outer fence. Make sure that they are out of sight of all the guards inside. Remember that you can move the bodies afterward to a safe hiding place. Return to the compound, and kill the guard at the southern most end. Distract the guard next to the switch by standing behind him and using the officer's hat. When he turns around to face you, have your other three comrades boat across, and land just behind him. Crawl the length of the fence until the generators near the southern end can hide you. Your Sapper can now cut through the fence with his wire cutters and enter the power station.

Picking up the Explosive Charges
Once your guys are safely inside, and your Spy is still commanding the attention of the guard near the fence switch, have your Green Beret crawl over and kill the guard that patrols near the first charge. Hide behind the house nearby, and when he turns his back, knife him, and take dump his body back behind the house. Do the same to the guard on post near the charge; then have your Sapper pick it up.

Use basically the same technique with the other charge by the doorway to the house, the only difference is that you have to only kill the guard next to the charge, pick it up, then run around the house and knife the other from the back. You can now take care of the guard that is talking to your spy in the same manner, making sure that you dump his body in a safe place.

Getting Past the Gate Guards
You will need to kill every last gate guard in order to complete your mission. First, have the spy kill the one south of the wire spools with a lethal injection, then hide him behind the wire spools. Then have your spy talk to the guard outside of the gate on the left side of your screen. Make him face the opposite way, and when the other guard outside is looking away, kill the guard inside and on the right with your Green Beret's knife. Carry him behind the house next to him so that the body won't be seen. When the outside patrol guard stands and faces north, have your Green Beret kill the inside guard on the left, and dump his body behind the wire spools. Now comes the tricky part. Click the enemy sight on the group patrolling northwest of the gate. When they aren't watching the patrolling guard outside on the left, have your Green Beret kill him and drag his body back behind one of the houses. Now have your Spy dismiss the guard that he was distracting, and as long as the patrolling group above does not see you, kill him with a lethal dose and hide his body. Have your group rendezvous near the hut to the left of the power station.

Blowing up the Dam
You should have your group together below the dam on the left side of the river. Have the Marine take the spy and the Green Beret across, landing them just out of sight of the hut guarding the dam. They can now crawl just north of the landing spot, just to the side of the rocks on the side of the dam. Return your Marine and his boat back across the river. Once he's there, have the Sapper drop a time bomb next to the hut, and jump in the boat. Take the boat almost all the way across the river, just out of sight of the hut. Once the hut blows, quickly row to the base of the dam, place a charge, and head to the riverbank. Get out quickly and crawl to where the Marine and the Spy are waiting. Jump in the truck as soon as it arrives, and once you get all your men in safely, your mission will be complete. This part may take a few times to master, make sure that you save your game just before this final part. The trick is to have your boat almost all the way across the river, that way when the hut blows, you don't have far to go to reach safety once you place the charge that blows up the dam.


Mission 4: Restore Pride

Getting to the tank in the first area is imperative for your survival; the area south of this is almost impossible without stealing the tank. You will not be able to take the tank out of the first area, so don't waste your time trying to squeeze it through the opening in the fence. Using the bridge can be dangerous when a train is coming, but you can walk just along the edge to avoid being run over. Before you cross though, take note of the post guard at the other side. If he sees you, he will alert some friends. Don't bother bringing the diver to the other side, he is best used from the backside, climbing down the ladder in the middle of the bridge.

The sapper has grenades for a reason, don't be afraid to use them to do away with groups of enemies that would otherwise take you hours to kill individually. You will only need one near the end of the mission, once you make it to the enemy camp. The sergeant that comes and goes in the truck will not alert anyone even if you stand right in front of him, so don't worry about him. The truck also makes an excellent weapon for taking out groups of enemy soldiers. Make sure that the Sapper, Sniper, and the Driver make it to the area where the supplies have landed in the northern part of the map.

Killing the First Six Guards
The first three guards can be taken out easily enough. Have your Marine and Sapper run to the second rock wall, and have the rest hunker behind the first wall on the right. When the patrolling guard comes close enough, have the Green Beret fire a shot to bring him running. Shoot him and his two compatriots as soon as they round the corner. Leave them where they lay, they will not be discovered.

The next three guards are almost as easy. Hide your Green Beret behind the broken down house, and run up behind the patrolling guard and knife him. Hide his body behind the house, then knife the other two post guards north of the house, and hide their bodies behind the rocks north of the house.

The Patrolling guards are a little tricky. Have your Sapper and Green Beret Hide behind the Boulders just northwest of the train cars. Place the decoy out around the corner, and the bear trap right in front of it. When they come to investigate, lure them around the corner with a shot. They may alert a couple of other guards, and this is okay, but you have to be quick with the pistol to kill them all. Make sure that you save right before you set up the trap, as they might react a little differently each time.

Stealing the Tank
It's not necessary to steal the tank to complete the mission, but it makes your next move a whole lot easier. After you've taken out the patrol group in this area, the next guard that you want to take out is the one with his back to you, just to the right of the wrecked boxcars. Have your Sapper set a trap right behind the car next to the guard, drop a decoy and the guard should come running right into your trap. The next guard to take out is the post guard just south of the trees. Use the same Trap and decoy method with him, making sure to get your guys back behind one of the trains before turning on the decoy. Watch for the patrol guard just to the south. Now you can crawl just north of the trees and over to the guard sitting on the bank of the river. If you crawl close enough to the edge, the post guard by the tank won't see you. Stab the guard by the river's edge, then fire a shot to bring one of the guards by the tank running over. Shoot him as well, the other tank guard will not leave his post. Now have someone sneak around behind the tank, shoot the other guard on the bank, and the remaining post guard next to the tank. Now you can have your driver board the tank, and drive down by the barbed wire, shooting everyone in his path and all of the patrols across the train tracks. Unfortunately, you cannot take the tank out of this area; you will have to hoof it across the bridge.

Crossing the Bridge
Before you go tearing off across the bridge, take a gander across the river. There is a post guard next to his motorcycle that will go make a report if he sees you. Take him out with the sniper. A few of his buddies will show up, you might consider taking a couple of them out in the same way. This will definitely make things easier for you later on, just make sure that you save at least one bullet for later. Go across first with your Green Beret and the Sapper, their traps will be invaluable on the other side. If you happen to keep getting run over by the train, you can walk right along the south edge of the tracks to avoid this. Halfway across the bridge is a ladder. Have your Marine head down the ladder and wait at the bottom. The rest of the group will rendezvous after you've taken out the guards in the meadow.

The Meadow
You should first have your Green Beret and Sapper hide behind the big rockpile just to the right of the train tracks. There are two ways to go about clearing all the enemy troops in the meadow. One is by of course, sneaking around and knifing or trapping them one by one. There is another way, however. Once your Sapper and Green Beret are behind the rockpile, wait for the patrol group to come around between the rockpile and the group of trees. When they are close enough, toss 'em a grenade. This will eliminate four enemies immediately. When the others hear the explosion, they will also come running over. Once they've all grouped together, toss a grenade over the rockpile once more, and now you can freely move through the meadow, keeping in mind that one of the post guards just north of your position will not leave his post. Have your Green Beret crawl back behind the trees, then out into the meadow. Once he is close enough, have him shoot the remaining post guard. Have him crawl back over to the rock walls to the east, then have the rest of your troops rendezvous there.

The Truck and Supplies
With any luck, the guard from the other side of the gatehouse came running and got killed when you took out the rest of the guards in the meadow with the hand grenade. If not you will have to knife him with the Green Beret and carry his body quickly to the woods. The sergeant that comes to and fro in the truck is not worried about you, so don't worry about him. Simply go up to him with the Green Beret, knife him, and carry his body out of view.

Wait until the patrol group starts heading north of the gatehouse then shoot a shot from the woods just to the east of the gatehouse. The patrol guard to the north should come running. Shoot him down then have everyone climb in the truck. If you're quick enough, you can catch up to the patrol group and simply run them over with the truck. Pick up your supplies near the drop, and head the truck over near the back part of the woods. There will be a time bomb for the Sapper, some bullets for the Sniper and a submachine gun for the Driver.

Preparing to Storm the Compound
The patrol guard just outside of the gate near the road is the first one that you want to take out. Have your Sapper crawl down just out of his sight when he is walking northwards. Once he turns around, quickly run down into the snow, place a trap, and have your Sapper take off for the safety of the woods at the very top of the map. Once the guard sees his tracks in the snow, he should walk straight into the trap.

You should have one grenade for your Sapper left in your ammo belt. Once the patrol guard is taken out, have your Sapper run along the wall, behind the enemy barracks. Have him wait there. Next, have your Sniper leave the truck and run near the road. You will have to keep him out of sight of the two guards at the entrance to the compound. Have him crawl a fair ways up, until he can get a clear shot at the guard at the entrance. Once you can line him up, have your Sapper toss a grenade over the wall at the enemy barracks. The Sniper can now take out the guard at the gate. Make sure that he crouches down right after the shot, and take out the solitary enemies that come back from investigating the barracks explosion. Don't waste his ammo if the group patrol comes to investigate the dead guard at the gate, however.

Inside the Compound
Once you have taken care of the guards at the gate, the enemy patrol group should go to the inner part of the base. This gives the rest of your men the chance to go inside the first fenced area. Have your group rendezvous to the left side of the inner gate, making sure that your driver has a clear shot at anyone coming through the archway, and the rest of the group is right up against the wall. Have your Green Beret run down and shoot a couple of shots near the river. This should bring the patrol group and one additional guard toward the archway. When they get there, mow them down with the Driver's submachine gun. Now your Sniper can move into position to take out the post guard by the fountain, then quickly conceal himself back by the wall.

Now it's time to put your Marine into action. Have him scuba down to the dock, climb the ladder, and take out the guard there with his harpoon gun. Crawl up the stairs, and do the same to the guy in the machine gun nest. There is one more guard left, standing by the pathway. Take him out with the Harpoon gun as well, but you have to be careful not to let the guard behind the enemy command center see you. Stay just out of his bright green vision field while crawling up close enough to shoot the guard by the path. When his vision sweeps past you, shoot the guard and quickly crouch back down and crawl out of sight. Now the rest of your buddies can easily come on into the inner part of the compound, take out the guard behind the house, and blow up the rest of the buildings with a Time Bomb. Once everyone is in the boat down by the river, your mission will be accomplished.


Mission 5: Blind Justice

This is a pretty straightforward mission, so let's move out.

Getting the German Uniform
This is pretty much a bait and trap mission. Start out by placing the remote just to the right side of the supply tent behind the house. Get back behind the house, set off the remote, and wait until the guard comes up. Turn off the remote, and when the guard goes to leave, stab him and carry his body to the back of the house. Repeat this process to get rid of the other guard at the front of the house, but this time place the remote closer to the side of the house. When those two are done with, place a remote at the left corner of the house, by the shed. Take care of this guard in the same way, then sneak down and simply stab the other patrolling guard when his back is turned. Work your way with the Green Beret down the left side of the screen, using the remote and the knife to make it to the telephone. Be aware of the patrolling group down south of you, and when the time is right, hop on the telephone. Your spy should be positioned over as close as possible to the guard watching by the clothesline. The phone will distract him, and your Spy can take the officer's uniform from the clothesline.

Taking the Tram
Once your Spy has his uniform, go and have him distract the guard that watches the other two on the tram platform. Your Green Beret should be able to sneak up behind the one nearest the building, and when his buddy isn't looking, stab him and carry him out of sight. Do the same with the other guard, making sure that you keep track of the patrolling group to the south. Once your Green Beret is hidden away again, dismiss the post guard talking to your spy. Use the lethal injection, and carry him to a hiding place. Have your spy take the tram to the top, and kill the guard there. Return him to the bottom and pick up your Green Beret. This is a little tricky. You have to make sure that the two guards patrolling in the middle of the camp have their backs turned to the tram, otherwise they will see your Green Beret inside.

Taking out the Satellite
Once you get your Green Beret and your Spy at the top, the rest is easy. Have your spy stand behind the guard in front of the barracks. When the patrolling guard have their backs to him, inject him and carry his body down behind the barracks building. Now have your Spy go and inject the lone guard just north of the satellite, and carry his body behind the smaller building. The important part is waiting for just the right moment, as you have to go and distract the guards before they turn and see his body. When you have the patrolling guards attention distracted with your spy, your Green Beret can set up the final part of the mission.

First, he must hide the body of the guard that the spy just killed behind the barracks with the other. Now sneak up behind the guard near the cliff wall, knife him, and hid the body. There are three barrels nearby, take two of them to the base of the satellite. Leave the other where it is near the barracks door. Now your Green Beret can go hide back on the tram platform. Dismiss the patrol group from your Spy, and run down to within shooting range of the barrel by the barracks. When the patrol group is next to the barrel, shoot and destroy the barracks and the patrol group in one swift motion. Now shoot the barrels next to the satellite, and take off.


Mission 6: Menace of Leopold

This is where things begin to get difficult. The only way to the camp is through the burned out building, and this area is not easy. Take careful note of the viewpoints of each guard in this area, and understand that the guard near the clock cannot be decoyed away from his post. Clicking on the different guards to see their point of view sweep back and forth is invaluable. Some guards may be facing forward, but you can run right in front of them if you follow their vision path. Make sure that you save after every guard killed in this area to save some time. The truck that patrols the meadow is best dealt with head on. Your Sapper has two remote bombs here, and the cannon only takes one to blow it up. An explosion might bring some key guards out of the camp to see just what the heck all the noise is about.

Make sure that you clear the house near the escape point before you blow up the cannon, and once you do, begin entering the truck as soon as you see it show up.

The First Building
This is a tricky one, and will tax your coordination. First off, knife the patrol guard just to the south of you, then have all of your troops rendezvous near the ladder on the right side of the burned out building.

You Green Beret will be doing most of the work with his trusty knife here. Imagine the second floor of the burned out building as a square. Make sure that you click on the guard in the upper left corner by the clock to see what he can see. Then check out the guard at the bottom of the square. Have the Green Beret knife the guard nearest the ladder, then carry him straight south and hide him behind the partial wall at the top of the stairs. Knife the guard just below you on the stair landing, and return to the wall.

Now wait until the patrol guard in the upper right hand corner of the floor is walking toward the right, run around the wall and knife the guard at the bottom of the square when his back is turned. You should be able to leave him where he lays, and hide behind the partial wall that is L-shaped. When the coast is clear, run and hide behind the wall just north from your position, the one with the H-shaped frame still attached to it. You will have to have the sight marker on the guard in the upper left by the clock. Now, when the guard patrolling the right two rooms is out of sight from him, knife him from the back.

Have your Green Beret set up his decoy there, and run into the upper room on the right, and hide him along the left wall. Have your Sapper set a trap where you killed the last guard, and hide by the Green Beret. Set off the remote decoy, and the guard at the top of the left stairway should run right into it. Make sure that the trap is out of sight of the guard by the clock. Have Green Beret pick his decoy back up, and watch the clock guards sight sweep over the floor. When it starts to sweep left, run across the hallway to the outer landing where there is another guard with his back turned. Knife him, and have the Sapper and the Sniper run across the hallway in the same manner until you are all out on the landing.

The Meadow and the Truck
Once out on the landing of the burned out building, have the Sapper set a trap on the steps, then lure him up to the second set of steps with the Green Beret's decoy. Have the Green Beret climb down the wall in the corner, then sneak him up and around the corner to knife the guard near the barbed wire. There are two more guards just south of there, they will also have to be taken out with the Green Beret's knife and the bodies hidden behind the rocks out by the tents. Have your Sapper and Sniper meet you there.

Now this next part is a little tricky. You'll never be able to get into the camp with the truck roving around, so you want to use one of the remote bombs on it. Set up your Green Beret on the southwest side of the house, and have the Sapper place a bomb just up and to the left of him. Your Green Beret should be able to have a clear shot at whoever comes to investigate the wreckage, which should be a couple of guards from the camp. Blow up the truck and kill the guards. Now have your sniper set up where he can shoot the guard on top of the tower at the entrance of the camp. This may take a few times to get it all right, but when you do it this way, you take out two patrol guards from the camp, and the truck as well.

Finishing the Mission
Once your sniper has taken out the guard on the platform near the entrance of the camp, have him crawl over by the crates and look across the camp. There will be a post guard looking toward the entrance that he has to take out. Once he does, all three men can run freely along the wall and over to the left side of the cannon that you have to destroy. Before you blow it up, you have to take out the three guards in the building to the right side of the cannon.

Have your Green Beret stand at the bottom of the ladder, and as soon as the guard in the hallway turns his back, run up the ladder and hide behind the wall at the end of the hallway. Wait until the guard on the left turns his back, run up and stab him, then run around the hallway wall to stab the other patrol guard. You must act quickly, but it is possible. Then stab the guard in the corner, overlooking your escape route. This is where you will want the Sniper to come and pick off the guard in the field, the one in the corner by the barbed wire, and the machine gunner. Make sure that you kill the guard across the field when he is on the left side of the tree, so the other guards won't see him. Now have your Sapper place the remaining bomb next to the cannon, and have all of your troops rendezvous right at the machine gun nest. Set off the remote bomb, and as soon as you see the escape truck, start loading your men into it. If you wait for it to stop, you men will not make it in time.


Mission 7: Chasing the Wolves

Start out with the Green Beret and the Marine. In the immediate area where they begin, a pistol shot will not bring on a red alert. Keep in mind that there are explosive barrels behind the enemy barracks in this area as well, taking out the whole barracks just might save you time dodging patrols in the long run. A red alert in one area will not cause one in the other, however. When you are safely in the boat, it's time to switch to the Spy, Driver, and the Sapper. The camp near the submarines is meticulously defended, to have the Spy try and poison all of the guards and drag their bodies away is impossible. You might try causing a distraction nearby to send them all away while you take over their camp. The Sapper has three time bombs, and only one per sub is necessary.

The enemy camp has an empty vehicle available with a load of machine gun ammo just begging to be used. Enough shots with the guns on this truck can even take out a mortar gunner if shot at long enough. The time bombs must be placed on the subs so that the whole ship blows, so be careful with that placement.

The Green Beret and the Marine
From behind the rock, have one of your guys go to the upper edge when the two patrol guards are a little ways away. Shoot the nearest guard when he sees you right around the corner and all three other guards as they come running up. No alarm will sound. Work your way southwest and have your Marine hide behind the corner of the building and take out the guard with his Harpoon Gun. Lure the next closest guard with the decoy and shoot him with the Harpoon as well. Make sure that you hide the bodies.

Now work your way down around the houses and have your Green Beret run behind the patrolling guards and stab the lone guard when he stops behind the barracks. Quickly run and pick up a barrel, placing it next to the barracks. Stand a safe distance away and shoot near the barrel to bring the patrolling guards running. When enemy soldiers start piling out of the barracks, shoot at the barrel, and take everyone out at once.

Take out the remaining soldiers near the dock, using the decoy and a knife for one, and just shoot the other at the end of the dock. You can either enter the rowboat with both the Marine and the Green Beret, or try and take out the three guards near the lighthouse. I suggest you take out the guards by the lighthouse, they become a pain later if you don't.

The Spy, the Sapper, and the Driver
Keep your eye on the patrolling soldiers in the meadow south of your original position, and sneak your spy over to the clothesline. Inject the guard there, and hide his body behind the blanket on the clothesline. Take the Officer's uniform, and go distract the three patrolling soldiers in the northern meadow so that the Sapper can pick up the explosives. Wait until your Sapper's tracks disappear in the snow before you dismiss them.

Once your Sapper has the explosives, sneak him down by the barracks with the house next to it. You can distract the patrol guards near there with the Spy. Make sure you can see what the Machine gunner there can see, his vision sweeps in between the house and the enemy barracks. The Sapper can run from one building to the other while the machine gunner is looking away.

Sneak your driver behind the clothesline where your Spy hid the body of the guard. Make sure that he crouches down.

Now with everyone in position, you're ready to do some damage. Have the Sapper place a time bomb near the door of the barracks, then run and hide in the house next to it while the Machine Gunner looks away. Your Spy should be distracting the patrolling guards so that they cannot see in between the buildings. When the explosion goes off, all of the soldiers from next door will go and check out the situation. Once the last group leaves that area, have the Driver get up and run for the tank near the submarines. Drive it over near the gate of the compound and start shooting. You will have to swing your guns around, back and forth between the gate and the barracks next to you, as soldiers come piling out. Make sure that you concentrate mostly on the barracks, as more of these soldiers have submachine guns, which will do the most damage. If you stay there long enough, they will destroy you, so try to line up each shot to take out the most enemies at a time. At the end of the fracas, you should have quite a pile of dead soldiers. Now back up your tank so that it is about halfway between the wall and the water, and start shooting at the Mortar Gunner closest to the barracks. He will turn around immediately to aim at you, but if you simply stay still and keep firing at him, he won't shoot at you, and you will eventually destroy him.

Now that all immediate soldiers are out of the way, have your Sapper leave the house that he was hiding in, and run back behind the other Mortar Gunner along the dock. Place another time bomb behind him, and get away. Once he's taken care of, you can take out the subs with the rest of the time bombs. Make sure that you place the bombs near the tubes on each ship. The escape buoy is located over by where you picked up the lifeboat.


Mission 8: Pyrotechnics

Start out by taking out the guards in the immediate area with the decoy and a knife. The guards out in front of the walls can be dealt with last, remember that they can be seen from down below. While you're up there, drag one of those barrels over near the Mortar Gunner to set up the end of the Mission. The Sniper will come into play once you have the top level cleared. You'll be doing a lot of crawling in this mission, so get used to it. It might be tempting to drag a barrel down with you to take out the enemy's barracks, but in this case the barracks are able to withstand a blast like this. Brick structures with sandbags around them are impenetrable to attacks like this.

The guards on top of the water depots can't really see you if you are right up underneath them, even though their point of view would tell you otherwise, so take advantage of this. Make sure that you clear as much of your escape route as you can before the red alert comes up, and you can shoot at barrels through the wire fence here.

Upper Level
Stab the first patrolling guard on the other side of the wall when his buddy can't see you. You will have to be quick, and take his body where it can't be found. Now place the decoy against the north wall, so that the other patrolling guard has his back turned when he goes to check it out. Stab him and hide his body as well. Now place the decoy along the east wall where the post guard off to the right of you will come and check it out with his back turned. Stab him as well, and leave him where he lays. Now you can run over to the patrol guard by the truck and stab him first, then the post guard right in front of the truck while his back is turned, listening to the decoy.

Now go along the right side of this area, run and stab the first guard, then decoy the next two into the corner of the small room behind the guard near the ledge. Stab them, then take care of the one patrolling the area near the mortar gun. The next one you have to take out is the one standing to the right of the barrels, check the sight on the guard on the left side of the truck to see when it is okay to take him out. Now you can take out the two guards at the top of the road. Simply stab one when the other guard isn't looking, then stab the other right away.

Lower Level- Entrance/Shack Guards
Have your Sniper shoot the guard at the entrance behind the black barrels. Now your Green Beret can sneak down and place the decoy in between the two sets of oil barrels. Set it off, and when both patrolling soldiers check it out, run up behind them and stab them both.

For the two guards at the tents, place the decoy at the northeast corner of the tent on the right. Crawl back to the left side of the guard on the left, stab him, and carry his body back behind the tent. Make sure that the guard below you does not see you. As long as the coast is clear, do the same with the other guard by the right tent, and hide his body as well. Now take out one of the patrolling guards by placing the decoy around the back corner of the building by the truck, hide behind the truck, and stab the soldier as he comes to check out the decoy.

For the patrolling soldiers by the little shacks, have your Green Beret place the decoy in between the enemy barracks and the first shack. Hide behind the shack, and stab the guard when his back is turned. Clear his body from the scene. Place the decoy just a little south of where you placed it earlier to kill the guard that patrols over by the clothesline. You will have to hide inside the first shack in order to sneak up behind him. Hide his body as well, and go over by the row of shacks that run north to south. Place the decoy in the middle, and hide in the end shack once you have activated the decoy. When the third guard comes around the corner, step out of the building and stab him in the back.

Lower Level - Barrel Guards
You can lure the middle patrol guard away by having your Sniper crawl out and shoot the soldier behind the sandbag wall by the bridge. As soon as the patrol guard inside sees him dead, he will come running. Have your Green Beret standing behind the truck with a knife ready, and stab him as he rounds the corner. No need to hide his body, you're almost done. Now you must sneak around the corner of the building and take out the post guard in the middle of the barrels. This is easier than it sounds, although it may take you a few tries. Make sure that you set the sight on the guard on the depot that is closest to the water tower. When his vision sweeps away, and the other two remaining guards have their backs turned, sneak behind the barrels to the left of the post guard, stab him, then hide him very carefully behind the barrels.

Now for the last patrol guard. Have your Green Beret run from the corner of the row of shacks right behind the closest depot. If you stick right next to the side, the guard above cannot see you. Place the decoy next to the side of the depot, then hide around the corner. When the patrol guard comes to check it out, wait for him to lose interest and turn his back, then stab him quickly. Now you can have your Sniper take out the guard on the depot just above. Have the Green Beret decoy the last depot guard into looking away from the ladder then climb up and stab him. You're ready to move the rest of the barrels into position.

Finishing the Mission
Place one of the middle barrels next to the water tower, and one next to the depot next to it. Place one in between those two, so that it will catch from the barrels in the crates. Make sure that you leave a single barrel close to the fence in the upper right of the field. Once the barrels are arranged, have your sniper crawl along the main road until he has a clear shot at the soldier on the bridge, and can shoot the barrel inside the fence with his pistol.

Your Green Beret should be up on the upper level, moving a barrel into position next to the Mortar gunner if he already hasn't. This has to move very quickly.

Have the Sniper shoot the soldier on the bridge; an alarm should sound. Then have him shoot the barrel inside the fence to total the depot. Have your Green Beret shoot the barrel next to the Mortar Gunner, then start climbing down the side of the hill as your Sniper runs up and shoots the machine gunner in the nest by the bridge. If all goes well, a jeep will come to pick you up on the bridge. Waste no time in jumping aboard and getting the mission over with.


Mission 9: A Courtesy Call

Use your Spy to begin with in this mission. A few of the guards inside the camp are only covered by one other guard, so you should have no problem clearing the camp with his fatal injection technique, or combining his "distract" move with a good old-fashioned stab in the back. Make sure that you pay attention to the intro on this mission, all of the targets must be destroyed before you escape. If you need a reminder, take a look at the map. The red circles will note all of the targets. Explosive barrels can take out whole buildings if they are not too large.

You will want to use the remote bombs for larger structures; placement is critical with the selected targets. Make sure that you place one right in the breezeway of the barracks if you plan on blowing it up.

Clearing the Camp of Enemy Soldiers
Pay attention to the intro on this one, you have to make sure that you destroy all targets of your mission. To begin with, have the Spy walk into the front entrance and poison the first two guards when the coast is clear. Dump their bodies around the other side of the wall. Now have your Spy distract the guard near the wall at the south gate, so that your Green Beret can climb the wall and stab the patrolling guard in the back. Hide his body, then stab the soldier that the Spy is distracting. Now have your Spy distract the guard at the wire gate, and stab him from behind as well.

Your spy can now go and inject the two guards near the bunker, and hide their bodies behind it. Have him distract one of the guards up near the shack, and have your sniper take them both out. Now have your Spy distract the patrol group, facing away from your Sniper. He should have three shots left, make them count. You may have to try this a few times, so save your game just before taking the shots. Shoot one of the guards in back, then the sergeant, then the other in back. If you do it right, you can kill them all before they have time to sound the alarm.

Destroying the Targets
Once all of the soldiers inside are dead, have your Sapper first place a charge in the narrow hallway between the stairs and the enemy barracks. Have your driver move the truck just a little ways in front of the tank on the left of the garage, and your Sapper can place a bomb in front of the middle tank. This way when the explosion goes off, you will take out the tanks, the truck, and the bunker.

You Green Beret should be busy at this time, setting up the four barrels by the rest of the four buildings. One barrel should be set by the radar dish, one by the radar station, and the other two should go by the southwest corners of the other two buildings. If you do it right, the Green Beret should be able to stand in between the radar station and the building north of it, and have a good shot with the pistol at the three barrels there. Now have everyone rendezvous at the South Gate, except the Green Beret.

Watch the enemy patrols outside the wall; the one near the south wall should be at the far east end of their patrol, and the north patrol should be at the far west end of their patrol. Have the Sapper set off the remote bombs one after the other, then have the Green Beret shoot the three barrels that he is close to, then run and shoot the remaining barrel. Meanwhile, be looking for the truck to show up at the South Gate, and have your crew jump in the truck. The Green Beret should be able to catch up in time to escape, if you started setting off the charges when the outside patrols were far enough away.


Mission 10: Operation Icarus

Taking a shot or two at the guards in the first area won't sound the red alert, but will bring other guards in the area running. Luckily, your Driver shows up with his submachine gun in tow. Don't forget to rescue the pilot once you clear the entrance to the camp. It's no good to use the time bomb for anything but blowing up the weapons store near the end of the mission. A well thrown grenade can take out enemy tanks, just remember that it will set off a red alert, as will entering the empty tank. Men can also hide inside the weapons store to avoid capture or worse when the alarm goes off. Stealing the tank is fun, and I wouldn't recommend trying to get through this mission without it.

Field Northwest of the Compound
This mission focuses more on timing than anything else. The first sets of soldiers are not that difficult to defeat, simply have the Green Beret stab the first two to your right then have him hide as the enemy patrol comes around. Your Driver is equipped with his submachine gun, so have him in a crawling position near the corner of the wall to the right. When the enemy patrol turns their backs, a good shot with the machine gun should take them all out. Your Green Beret can then do in the last guard, then travel south and take out the post guard north of the compound.

For the guard at the entrance of the compound, your Sniper will have to crawl into position and shoot him at the northern most point of his path. Your Green Beret will have to carry his body to a safe place along the wall afterwards.

Inside the Compound
To get inside the compound, have your Green Beret scale the wall behind the crates near the jail. Kill the patrol guard there by placing the decoy next to the North wall and stabbing the guard in the back. Hide his body. Simply running up behind him and stabbing him in the back can kill the next patrol guard when the other guards aren't looking. For the guard near the weapons depot, use the decoy around a corner and stab him as well. The guard at the north entrance of the compound shouldn't be worried about, but have your Sniper take out the one in the upper right corner near the tents. Take out the guard near the crates by the disassembled tank by stabbing him and dragging his body out of view behind the crates. The guard just south of there will need to be decoyed over by the crates, and his body hidden as well.

The guard in between the two tanks in the lower corner can be taken out with the decoy as well. Crawl up behind the last tent on the right, and take out the guard near the barracks by jumping up and stabbing him as he turns his back to you. Take out the rest of the guards on the floor in the same manner, except for the patrol group.

Getting the Tank
Have your Sniper and the Pilot tucked away inside the weapons store before you try to take over the unmanned tank at the south wall. All guards should be dead except for the patrol group. Your Green Beret doesn't have to be with you, but since he was probably in the area, take him with you. Have your Sapper, Driver and Green Beret hiding along the short part of the L-shaped wall just in front of the tank you plan to steal. Wait until the patrol turns the corner away from you, and have all three of your troops run around the corner in front of the tank. Make sure that you have the Grenades equipped on the Sapper, and have the Driver and the Green Beret jump in the tank. As soon as you enter the tank, the alarm will go off, so be ready. When the closest tank comes rolling out, you should be able to hit him with a grenade from behind the wall. If you can hold out and take out two tanks with grenades, you're better off. With a couple of tanks down, and enemy soldiers running up, get the Sapper into the tank. Soldiers are little threat to the tank, make sure that you take out all enemy tanks first. If you don't want to waste time lining up your sights on enemy soldiers, you can simply run most of them over.

Finishing up the Mission
There's not much to the end of the mission once you have the tank. Pick up your Sniper and the Pilot from the Weapons Store then have the Sapper destroy it with a time bomb. There will be an enemy tank on the loose on the outside path, if you just wait until it comes down the road then starts to go back north, you can usually go just barely through the gate and shoot it. The machine gunners along the road can do some serious damage, make sure that you take them out from a safe distance. Drive up to the gate and wait for all of the soldiers to come out of the barracks. Luckily they come out in groups, so it's easy to take them out with the tank. When you are sure that there are no more soldiers, you can blow up the planes with the barrels, and once everyone is in the large plane, you have completed the mission.


Mission 11: In the Soup

There are enemy soldiers everywhere in this one, so the Spy will have to do most of the work in the first camp. Once you have the camp clear of enemies except for the patrol group, the explosive barrels really come into play. One can take out the whole barracks, and the other just might be able to take out any one who comes sniffing around after the first explosion. Take a look at the west side of the area and see where the Green Beret might be able to climb a cliff and take care of some guards that will pose a problem later. The big key to this mission is the escape vehicle. Use it as soon as you can to take out whole barracks of enemies. The escape route is just off to the left of the middle camp.

First Area
The first few guards in this scenario aren't that tough, but they get progressively tougher. Take them out by using the Spy to distract the ones inside the yard from looking at the others as you take them out with the Green Beret's knife. Hide the bodies behind the shack. The spy can poison the ones on the West Side with an injection, these two must be killed before you can clear the one that paces in front of the white building. To kill him you must use the decoy in between the two tents, then have the Green Beret run up behind him and stab him.

To take out the two guards by the barracks, distract the one in between the building and the oil tower with the Spy. The Green Beret can run out from the building and stab him while the guard by the corner of the barracks turns his back. You have to be quick, but it can be done. Hide the body behind the nearest tent. The spy must poison the other guard just as he rounds the corner of the barracks. Once you have all but the patrol guards taken care of, place a barrel in between the barracks and the other building, right next to the patrolling guard's path. Place the other barrel a short distance away, to the left and behind the oil tower. Have your Sniper shoot the barrel just as the patrol passes the first barrel. When the soldiers from next door come running up, and gather around the tower, have the spy shoot the barrel to do them in.

The Middle Camp
Use the Spy to take out the remaining guard at the gate of the middle camp. This will be easier if you have the Green Beret climb the wall in the lower right hand corner of the map. He can crawl up and stab the two guards above. You will also want to have the Green Beret stab the patrol guard over by the escape vehicle, and have the Spy distract the guard in front of the house in that area as well so that you can take care of the Machine Gunner. Have the Spy also poison the guard in front of the house so that the area around the escape vehicle is free and clear.

Now it's time to take care of the main middle area by the barracks. Take out the guard at the right gate with the Spy, and hide his body. Take out the soldier on patrol by the shacks next, use the decoy to the side of one of the shacks and stab or poison him there.

Have your Spy distract the guard by the gate, and when the patrol has their backs turned to the barracks, you can use the Sniper to take out the soldiers on top of the barracks. Kill the moving one first. Now you can have your Spy kill the guard at the left gate, then distract the patrol group so that they are facing away from the right gate. Now your Sapper can set his remote bombs at the oil rigs, your Driver can enter the escape vehicle, and your Green Beret and Sniper can hide in the house by the escape vehicle.

Finishing the Mission
With your Driver in the truck, have the Sapper set off the first time bomb, which should blow up the oilrig by the shacks in the middle camp. The alarm will sound, so have your Sapper hide in the house or escape vehicle. When the barracks start to empty, have your driver simply mow them all down with the machinegun on the truck. Now it's time to finish the rest of the mission. Drop the Sapper off just to the left of the enemy barracks down below. With your escape vehicle, you can take the road that runs left to right just above the enemy barracks in the middle area. When the tanker truck below gets in between the two oilrigs, have the Driver shoot it with the machine gun mounted on the truck. This should set off an alarm in the upper camp, and the truck from there should come through the tunnel and park just above your Sapper. Have him toss a grenade up to take it out, then take out the rest of the soldiers with the truck. Now get everybody in the truck, and take the small path road off to the left of the middle camp to end the mission.


Mission 12: Up on the Roof

This mission can be quite taxing on your patience. It is recommended to save after every guard that you kill, waiting a minute to make sure that his body is not discovered. To get your comrade out of the jail, you will first have to go up and assassinate every guard in the first area, except for the patrol. Pay attention to where the Sniper is hidden, you will need him and the rest of your manpower to take out the four guards on the roofline that runs left to right. This is definitely the hardest part of the mission; press 2 to hear the specifics on how to handle them.

Exact placement of dead soldiers and the Sniper start coming in to play on this mission, so play around with your positioning to find the opportune hiding places.

Green Beret and the Spy
Get your Spy to the left-hand corner of the building and have him poison the guard and drag him around the corner. Your Green Beret should meet him there. The next guard up the ladder has to be poisoned and stashed behind the barrels. Draw the next two over to the side of the stairwell with the decoy then inject them both in the back. Take care of the guard underneath the overhang with your Spy, then hide him in the corner. You will have to be quick on this one, but it can be done. Leave the post guard on this second level alone for now.

For the three guards up on the top floor, inject the one near the pillows and stash his body carefully behind the doorway. The Green Beret can stab the middle guard, and stash his body behind the pillows. Inject the third guard in this area behind the crates and leave him where he lies. Now go back down a level, and distract the post guard by the railing with a decoy, then inject him with your Spy. Hide his body as well.

Finding and Using the Sniper (the hardest four guards to kill)
After you kill the three guards on the top level by the pillows, you can have the Sniper come out of his hiding place inside the door. The next four guards are by far the toughest ones to get. There are actually five, but you can lure one of them over behind the crates with the decoy and kill him there.

The other four present somewhat of a challenge, it takes critical timing to get past this area. This is how you do it: Have the Sniper come out of hiding and immediately hit the deck. He should have a good bead on the soldier pacing on the rooftop across the alley, we'll call him number 1. Your Green Beret should be just on the other side of the crates, with his decoy out. Finally, your Spy should be behind the stationary guard on the cobbled rooftop, we'll call him number two.

Click on the other stationary guard below to see what he can see, we'll call him number three. The other pacing guard we'll call number four.

Have your Green Beret turn on the decoy; this should make guard number four stand still, looking toward the crates.

As soon as pacing guard number one passes by guard number two, have your spy inject him and carry him back where number three cannot see him. Immediately distract number three with your spy as the Sniper takes out number one, and crouches back down. Now turn off the decoy, and have your Green Beret stab number four as he turns his back to walk away.

Then have the Green Beret stab the remaining guard, number three, who is being distracted by your Spy.

This may take a few times to get it right, so have some patience. The key to this whole thing is the point where the Sniper shoots the guard on the rooftop; otherwise the guards below will see his body. He should be shot as soon as possible after the Spy kills guard number two.

If you leave the decoy where it is at, the two guards down on the ledge below can be killed easily. The guard in the corner will turn his attention to the decoy. Kill the other first with the Spy, and carry his body behind the sign in the middle of the ledge. The guard in the corner can be done the same way, make sure that the patrol below have their backs turned to you. You can now use the Spy below to distract the patrol, and have the Green Beret let your pal out of the jail, and back up to the rooftops above.

The Second Set of Rooftops
After you have rescued your prisoner, the second set of rooftops is not that difficult. The first three by the clothesline are the toughest to figure out. Use the decoy to bring the patrolling guard around the corner, and have the sniper shoot him in an area that can't be seen by the other two side by side guards. You will have to distract one and place the decoy where the other's line of vision cuts off. Move the body of the patrol guard, then have the Green Beret set up the decoy on the right part of the white roof near the side by side guards. When they go to investigate, have the Spy inject them with their last vaccination.

The Spy can simply poison the rest of the guards on the rooftops, for some of them you will have to carry their bodies away. Take notice of the guards across the channel, they can see some of your actions. Have your Spy work his way down to the last rooftop; this is where things get interesting. Just above the stairs that lead to the ground, have the Green Beret place his decoy just to the left of the stairs. If you sound it off at the right time, three guards from below will come running up to investigate. Make sure that there are no dead bodies that they can see. Have your Spy stand behind them at the decoy, and if you're quick and lucky he can poison all three if the patrol below is not watching. If you have to get these three guards up there one by one, then so be it.

Now you should have two guards off to the left, one that patrols, and one post guard, not counting the patrol. Have your Spy distract the post guard, and when the patrol is out of sight, have your Green Beret go down and stab them both. The key here is timing, if you have your Green Beret hide behind the wagon, just as the patrol passes he can stab both guards, and the Green Beret and the Spy can carry them up to the roof level. Now you can distract the patrol with your Spy over near the left side and have everyone jump in the escape vehicle. When they are all in, then your Spy can run and jump in as well. Mission accomplished.


Mission 13: David and Goliath

This mission is not as difficult as it seems; it's just a little tricky in how you get around the enemy camp. Remember to click the vision on enemy guards and remember that they can't see behind them. Let your Green Beret do most of the work here, and choose your Sniper shots carefully. The sub that you steal has two torpedoes on board, use only one of them to take out the destroyer. The very end of the mission has a little surprise waiting for you, and you might need that extra torpedo. It might be tempting to use the Sapper's remote bomb on the enemy tank, but if you take a look at the map, you should realize what the two targets are in this mission. Maybe your Driver can figure out another way to prevent the tank from rolling out and taking out your submarine.

Getting to the Truck and Tank Area
Have your Green Beret climb the wall and take out the three guards along the wall any way that he can. No alarm should sound, even if you shoot at the barrels to blow up the enemy. Your Marine should be already in the water, and waiting near the floodgate for the first boat. Go through with the boat, and come up behind the guard that operates the gate, and take him out with the Harpoon gun. Pull the lever to open the floodgates, then return to the crew and row them through the gate. Infiltrate the dock on the right, where the truck and tank are. Hopefully you won't see the tank, if you do, you've made a big mistake.

To take out the two guards there, unload the Green Beret at the bottom of the dock, and have him crouch down. Return the boat along the wall of the lock, if you're right up against it, the guards can't see you. When the one guard is headed to the driver side of the truck, have the Green Beret run up and stab him. Stay hidden behind the truck until the second guard patrols in front of the tank garage. Run up behind him and stab him as well. Then have him crawl out to the end of the pier, and stab the guard there. The Sniper can then take out the two guards just across the water.

Clearing the Camp of Enemy Soldiers
Once you kill the three guards at the south portion of the base, and have your Sniper kill the two across the way, the rest of this mission is pretty easy. As the patrol comes down near the tank area, have the Green Beret crawl right behind them, you can follow almost on their heels. As you get closer to the barracks, have him crawl and hide in the house just below the barracks. Now, when the single patrol guard comes by, stab him in the back and hide him and your Green Beret behind the far right corner of the tank garage. Once the coast is clear again, run up and stab the guard near the fuel tanks. You will have to act quickly, and stab him behind the bags, or the guard to the left will see you. You can now kill the rest of the guards near the floodgates, starting with the one with his back to the ship.

Make your way around that area, killing the guards in a counter clockwise movement. No need to hide any of the bodies. Now, hide behind the barrels near the last guard in that area, and follow behind the enemy patrol once more. Quickly stab both guards standing side by side near the sub, and hide their bodies near the fuel tanks. Now that the coast is clear, have your Sapper follow behind the guards from the tank area, hiding in the house just as the Green Beret did. When they pass by headed south once more, the Sapper can place a charge at the fuel tanks. At the same time, your Green Beret can run down behind the guard on the dock stab him, and place his body at the end of the dock.

Finishing up the Mission
You should have killed all enemy soldiers except for the patrol group. Make sure that your Green Beret has opened the northern floodgates, and your Sapper has placed a remote bomb near the fuel tanks. Have everyone rendezvous in front of the tank garage. When the patrolling guards are far north, have the Driver move the truck in that area in front of the tank garage, blocking the entrance. Get everyone in the boat, and take the whole crew down to the area where you began the mission. Your Marine can then scuba toward the sub and enter it.

Once he's aboard, get the sub in position, fire the torpedo at the bow of the ship, and once the torpedo is launched, do a quick turn around and head for your crew at the south end of the map. Your Sapper can also exit onto the shore and detonate the bomb at the fuel tanks. Don't be in too big of a hurry to get out of the sub, as a boat shows up near the escape buoy, ready to cut your life raft to shreds. Luckily, the sub has two torpedoes, and can easily take this boat out of commission. Dock the sub near the southwest, have the Marine scuba back to the raft, and row everyone to the escape point.


Mission 14: D-Day Kickoff

Save or Quick Save your game as soon as the mission starts, getting started here is one of the most difficult areas of this mission, and you don't want to be restarting the mission each time you fail. Get your Green Beret and Sapper onto the beach first off then take the boat and the others a safe distance away until the first field is cleared. By the way, it is impossible to row the boat all the way to the north and start the mission from there, tempting as the tank in that area is. You will have to take over each cannon area one by one, moving your way up the landscape.

If it seems like it is taking you a long time to take over each area, don't worry, this is a difficult mission and does take some time. Make sure that your Green Beret scouts the cliff area in the middle and takes out all enemy scouts before taking on the next area. Be aware that you can also have him climb up the side of some of the cannon forts, and the second one can actually be crawled onto from the backside as it is level with the land behind it. Choose your Sniper shots wisely, you will need three bullets left in his magazine when you get to the third cannon. Exact placement of the decoy and the bear trap are critical in this mission, especially in the third cannon area. Click on all guards in this area to see what they can see, and what they can't. Find the back way to the tank in the fourth cannon area, this is actually the easiest part.

First Area: Setting up the First Cannon
As soon as you start the mission, you will have to land your rowboat and get everyone behind the rock formation in the middle of the field. This is extremely tough to do, so if it seems impossible, just get the Green Beret and the Trapper off, and have the Marine row the boat a safe distance to the right, staying at the bottom of the map.

First off, have the Marine crawl to the north, climb the cliff, and kill the guard posted up there. Climb back down, and set up the decoy just a little west and north of the rocks in the middle of the field. The Sapper can set a trap there as well, making sure to stay out of site of the post guard near the wall to the right. When the lower patrol is out of hearing range, set off the decoy, and the top patrol guard can be taken care of by shooting the two left after you have trapped one. This may bring the bottom patrol running; you will have to do some quick shooting to bring them all down. With any luck, the alarm won't sound if you kill them close enough to the rock you are hiding behind.

Now you have to clear the next area, which is not easy. The Green Beret can climb the cliff, and climb back down on the other side of the wall, and decoy the guard behind the L-shaped bunker and stab him. Climb or crawl back behind the Barracks, and take out the two guards near there in the same way. Crawl near the post guard near the wall, right up behind him. When the guard on top of the cannon is looking away, and the patrol guard below is walking toward the wall, you can stab the post guard and carry his body behind the wall. You have a very limited window in which to pull this off, so save right before this point, as it may take you a few times. The field south of the first cannon should now be clear of all enemies, so bring the rest of your crew ashore.

Set up the Bear Trap and the decoy along the south part of the wall, and one of the patrol guards from the other side of the wall will come running. Now have your Sniper take out the guards on top of the cannon. Make sure that nobody is looking at them while you take them out.

You will have to rid the first cannon of the rest of the guards. Start by placing a trap and a decoy behind the cement plaque to lure the guard from in front of the cannon. When nobody is looking, take out the post guard next to the plaque, then lure the next one around the corner of the cannon with the decoy and the bear trap. Now place one of your three time bombs near the front of the cannon.

Second Cannon Area
First of all, you have to have your Green Beret climb the cliff and take out the post guard overlooking the second cannon area. Watch the rest of the area carefully, and your Green Beret can climb down the cliff next to the two Machine Gunners. Have some patience; you have to do it at just the right moment. He can then stab the gunner overlooking the second cannon area, and hide his body behind the crescent shaped rock.

Have your Sniper crawl in front of the barracks and take out the guard on top of the cannon that is facing the cliff, and either one of the others. Take out the guards near the rocks in this area with the decoy and the bear trap. Lure the patrol guard in between the rock and the woodpile. Lure the post guard behind the single rock just behind him. The Sniper can take out the guard walking around the cement pylon, just makes sure that he falls behind it, where the other two guards won't see his body. Your Green Beret can climb up behind the remaining guard on top of the cannon and stab him from behind. Lure the guard pacing in front of the cannon away with the decoy, then stab him. For the final guard in this area, have your Marine swim up from behind him, and shoot him with the harpoon, or stab him. Place another time bomb near the front of the cannon.

Third Cannon Area
Make sure that you have done away with the two machine gunners near the crescent shaped rock in this area. Your Green Beret and Sapper should be in the crawling position near the second cannon. Your sniper should be on top of the second cannon. Watch the pattern of the guards for a minute, and set the point of view on the one on the beach. When all three of the guards near the third cannon turn their backs, and the vision of the beach guard's view sweeps away, shoot the soldier on top of the cannon with your Sniper. He should be just left of the center of the cannon platform, walking with his back toward your Sniper when you kill him.

Have the Green Beret place a decoy just behind the rock near the bottom right corner of the cannon. He can crawl back to safety as you have the Sapper set the trap just to the left of it. This is a very tricky placement; you have to get it just right to pull it off. With your men out of view, turn on the decoy. The guard near the ladder should fall into your trap. The guard at the far left of this area should see him, and will come running up to investigate. With your Sniper still on top of the second cannon, take him out just as he leans over the body. If you do it right, nobody else will see the bodies. If they do, try it again.

Now its time to take out the guard on the beach. Just as the patrol passes him by, have your Marine jump out of the water behind him and stab him. Your Green Beret can then carry his body over near the second cannon and dump his body where it will not be seen. The last guard near the cannon can be done in with the decoy and the trap, just make sure that his body lands right underneath the ladder, otherwise it will be seen by a soldier on the beach in the next area.

The remaining guard at the left of the cannon can be stabbed, and his body placed next to the rock wall at the northern end of this area. Lure the guard that is smoking in the bushes right around the corner to this same area, use the trap to kill him.

Fourth Cannon Area
This is by far the easiest of the areas. Crawl up behind the first guard in the middle of the road, and stab him, then carry his body to the corner of the wall on the right side of the barracks. There is a very small area that will not be seen by the guard on the beach, so be careful where he lands. Your Green Beret will be first to enter this area. Put him at the corner where you stabbed the last guard, and have him crawl along side the building to the back. You will have to go right as the patrol guard in the middle faces the cannon before he paces back toward the tank area.

The post guard to the left of the barracks can be lured with the decoy to a rear corner of the building, and stabbed in the back there. Make sure that he lands in the very corner of the building. Now have the Green Beret crawl along the wall, to the rock just to the right of the building near the tank. It's a bit risky, but if you time it right, he can crawl around the corner just as the patrol guard there heads toward the back of the building, where you can stab him.

The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward; rendezvous the rest of your crew near the tank, hop in, and level anything that gets in your way. Make sure that you don't accidentally blow up the explosive barrels before your Green Beret can put them near the cannon. Drive your tank back to wherever you left your boat, and head for the buoy just southeast of the second cannon.


Mission 15: End of the Butcher

You will have to do a lot of crawling in this mission to get your team into position, a standing man simply has no chance in the first part of this mission. Make sure that you pick up the German officer's uniform from the clothesline just above the ladder that leads to the balcony. It is easily missed against the background if you are not looking closely. Your mission is to take out the General, but if that's all that you do, you will have failed your mission. You must also take out the enemy headquarters in the north east corner, and there is no Sapper to be found. Maybe that fuel tank could be of help, but you will have to covertly kill a few key guards to pull it off. In this mission, guards that you have distracted will not go running away when the alarm sounds, exploit this to your best advantage in the cemetery.

Getting Into Position
Have the Spy start it off. He can hide in the corner of the burned out building next to the beginning point and poison the guard as he enters. He must do the same to the guard patrolling out front on the sidewalk when the coast is clear of patrols. Hide the body in the starting point. When a patrol group passes by, have the Marine crawl out just as they pass and crawl on the sidewalk to the right corner. You will have to be able to see what the enemy soldiers are seeing, but basically the Marine can crawl just behind the guard walking northward, but on the other sidewalk. Continue crawling until he reaches the stairs for the fountain. This requires precise timing, and may take a few times to get it right. Have the spy kill the guard on the left sidewalk, and stash his body in the burned out house. Now you can move the whole crew to the steps on the fountain, and eventually behind the fence to the left of the fountain.

Just across the street from the fence is a ladder that leads up to the German uniform. Have the Spy access this, then kill the guard on the sidewalk and hide his body behind the fence. Do away with the two guards on the balcony near the ladder; let their bodies lay where they fall. Kill the guard on top of the roof in the upper left-hand corner. Now the Spy can occupy the rooftop, make sure that he crawls as soon as he reaches the top so that he can't be seen.

Setting up the General's Demise
Your Spy should be on the rooftop, and your Marine and Driver should be in the store at the upper left-hand corner of the map. They will have crawl to the store very carefully, but it can be done. Across the street from where the General takes his walk are two guards, one patrol and one post guard. The patrol guard must be taken out. Have your Spy stand near the south end of his path, and when the post guard is not looking, inject him and hide him just to the left. If you look closely, there is a recessed area that cannot be seen by the post guard. This is very tricky, you may have to wait a few times to be able to inject the patrol guard close enough to the end of his path.

Near the enemy barracks, there is a lone guard that you can take out and hide behind the wall to the left. Inject him when the three-man patrol in that area heads to the south. Just above him, in the graveyard there is another lone guard that must be killed and his body hidden just to the right of the gravesite ahead of him. Head over to the two guards near the store where your Driver and Marine should be hiding. Now you're ready for the final steps to finish the mission.

Finishing the Mission
Your Spy should be near the two guards near the store in the upper left of the map. It's best to wait for the six-man patrol to be on their way away from this area before you follow through. When they have rounded the corner, the patrol group in the graveyard should just be turning their backs to you. Make sure that you can see what the post guard across the street is looking at, and poison the patrol guard. Put away the needle immediately, and the post guard will come running across the street to investigate. Poison him in the back as well, then have the spy run over to the graveyard and distract the patrol group so that they are facing to the north. Your driver can now jump into the tanker truck, and drive it over next to the enemy barracks. Leave it on the street car tracks, then your driver can run back into the store and hide.

When the tanker truck explodes, it is time for your Sniper to go into action. Crawl carefully over near the edge; try not to hang too far over. With your finger on the crawl hot key, shoot the General, and get to the center of the roof. The alarm will sound, but at this point it doesn't matter. Have your Spy shoot the rest of the guards in the graveyard from around a corner. Now all you have left to do is get your crew in the escape truck, without being seen by the patrol guards. Your Spy can help in this, distracting them near the fountain until everyone is in. The exit to this mission is in the upper left-hand corner of the map.


Mission 16: Stop Wildfire

The object of this mission is to kill the German sappers before they can blow up the bridge. If the alarm sounds, this will signal the sappers to destroy the bridge. Any alarm that goes off in the first section will not alert the sappers, but will cause more guards to come out of barracks.

A Quiet Set-up
They spy should crawl down to the back of the barracks. He must inject his targets and then hide their bodies. Use the train to block the views of the nearby guards. Once the station has been cleared, move the spy down to the first house south of the train station. Eliminate the guards around the house. Then move on to the second group of houses.

There's a patrol of three guards in the courtyard. Sneak the spy by the patrol to the clothesline south of the houses. Put on the Generals uniform as quickly as possible. Now that the spy has his disguise, he can roam freely about the enemy.

Bring the sniper down to the southern houses. With the spy either distracting or injecting the nearby guards, work the sniper around the houses and down to the bottom of the map.

After the sniper is safely hiding, the spy must go and clear the way for the sniper to crawl to the river's edge. The spy can't kill anyone or it will set off the alarm and the sappers will blow the bridge. Timing is critical during this part of the mission. The sniper should end up at the river's edge at the very bottom of the map. He'll hide here while the other side of the river is prepared.

Springing the Trap
The diver needs to work his way to the bridge to lie in wait for one of the sappers. Guards in the area can be compromised with the spy's skills. The guards near the tents should be first, then work towards the bridge. Not all of the need to be killed. Only those who can see the base of the bridge. You want to have the diver positioned here for his part in the mission.

Timing is the critical part at this point. Move the sniper north along the river's edge. Get to a spot out of view of the guards but close enough so the sniper can target the sappers on the island and the sapper at the east-end of the bridge. Each sapper can see the other sappers. They will react as soon as one sees his fellow sappers die. Snipe each one of the sappers in range so that none can reach their detonators in time to blow the bridge. The sapper on the west-end of the bridge will be the diver's duty.

After the sappers have been killed, you must now make your escape. The diver can swim over to the eastside of the river, while the spy can walk across the bridge. The guards around the eastside of the bridge will shoot at the truck if it is driven. Use the fuel barrels to help clear the guards. The spy can "kick" the barrels to another location if needed.

With the coast clear, pile the commandos into the truck and it will drive off. Mission complete.


Mission 17: Before Dawn

Your mission goal is to free several prisoners and bring them to safety. Luckily, the spy already has his German uniform. He can easily walk around the prison camp with drawing suspicion. His first job is to enter the prison and open the gate at the north end of the camp.

Into the Camp
Just north of the starting spot, there's a mobile bridge. The bridge is drawn and needs to be extended. There's a lever on the north end of the bride, which the spy can use to extend it. Inject the two guards north of the bridge and hide their bodies behind the rocks. The other two commandos can now cross the bridge and hide behind the same rocks.

Send the spy back into the camp. Just next to the gate, separating the prison yard from the guardhouse, is an oil tank. Have the spy climb the ladder and open the spigot to lease the oil. With the spy standing south of the gate, fire a shot into the oil. The oil will ignite making a wall of flames. The guns shot will also cause the alarm to sound. Run the spy out of the camp through the southern gate. He must make his way across the mobile bridge and open it before the German patrols can cross.

The spy has one more important task. Hide the spy east of the house in the prison yard. This makes a perfect spot for ambushing the guards in the area. The guards who came out of the barracks will try to make their way through the fire to investigate the shots. They will die valiantly for the Fatherland.

The two lone guards at the south end of the bridge need to be removed. Tiny can handle them with ease. Once Tiny has finished the guards, get the diver into the water east of the bridge. Swim to just east of the pillbox on the river's edge. There's a fuel barrel in the prison yard. The spy needs to kick this barrel next to the pillbox.

Tiny should crawl into the prison yard and hide southwest of the north gate. The spy and Tiny will set up an ambush point here. Have the diver pop out of the water and shot the fuel barrel. The explosion will destroy the pillbox and draw the attention of just about every guard. The curious guard will run by the ambush spot set up by Tiny and the spy. Shoot each of the passing guards.

The Great Escape
The prisoner can now be released. Keep the prisoners in the prison yard until the other side of the river has been cleared of guards. The spy can inject each of the lone guards, north of the river. Time your injections so that no guard has time to sound the alarm. The spy will have to distract the patrol of three guards so that the remaining commandos and the prisoners can escape. They'll find the escape truck in the northwest corner of the map.


Mission 18: The Force of Circumstance

The bridge over the river Maas you saved in an earlier mission now must be blown up.

Assembling Your Crew
Your commandos are close to each other but still separated. Get the two northern commandos to crawl southeastward, towards the edge of the map. Then crawl south until they can crawl back up to where their fellow commandos are. This is the site for their first ambush point. Firing a shot will bring several guards in the area to investigate. Ambush them.

Have the commandos start crawling north towards the houses. Stop just south of the houses near the broken wall. Draw the nearby guards into an ambush. Now hide the commandos in the courtyard of the houses. Tiny needs to move the fuel barrel out into the road. Notice where the machine gun tank makes its turn and place the barrel in that area. When the tank is close to the barrel, shoot the barrel. The explosion will draw the attention of the guards close by. Some of those guards can be drawn into an ambush near the south end of the house. After completing the ambush at the southern end of the courtyard, move to the north end of the courtyard. An ambush spot here will help get rid of the Guards northeast of the houses.

Stealing the Tank
The next target is the guard barracks. Using the train as cover, crawl the sapper within hand grenade range of the barracks. Toss a grenade into the barracks. A few lone guards may remain but they should not be a problem to kill. Move all of the commandos to the river's edge. The diver needs to swim over to the island to retrieve the raft. He'll have to spear gun the guards on the island. After clearing the island, the diver can go back and bring over the other commandos. In the northwest corner of the map is a tank. This is your goal. Clear away the guards around the tents. Work your driver along the south edge of the buildings. Then up towards the tank. He can crawl behind the patrolling guard without the guards notice. Then steal the tank.

The tank can now clean house. Blow up the machine gun tank, pillbox and any other threat in the area. Bring all of the other commandos down to the tank. The tank needs to kill anyone on the island protecting the explosives. These are the explosives that are needed to blow up the bridge. Have Fins row the sapper over to the island to get the bombs and then return to the western side of the bridge. The sapper now has to crawl along the bridge placing the explosives at the key spots. He can blow up the bridge when he's safely off of it.

Getting Out Alive
The commandos escape truck is on the other side of the river. So, you'll need to have Fins bring the commandos back over. The safest place to land the raft is the northern shoreline. Bring the commandos down along the shoreline towards the bridge. Ambush the patrol of three Germans along the way. Now have Fins spear the guard by the eastern end of the bridge that is facing east. This will get the attention the patrol of five guards. When they pass by the pillbox, have the sapper throw his last grenade at the pillbox. The explosion will kill the patrol and get rid of the pillbox. The sapper now has to crawl out of the area quickly to avoid the other guards.

All of the commandos now have to go back up the shoreline. They must proceed back to where they started. Then continue on to the southern part of the map. The first patrol of three guards can be ambushed from behind the rocks. The other patrol of three will be trickier. Crawl one of the commandos as close as possible to the fuel barrels without being seen by the nearby patrol. When the patrol is facing away from your commando and near the barrels, run up and shoot the barrels. The escape truck is now yours for the taking.


Mission 19: Frustrate Retaliation

Your mission here is straightforward: destroy the three V-2 rockets.

Crossing the River
At the start of the mission, commandos must work their way down the western side of the map. Tiny's decoy will come in real handy here. Also take advantage of the rocks to hide bodies behind. The sapper's mantrap placed in the place of a patrolling guard will prove a valuable asset. Targets at a greater range will fall to the sniper's bullet. Make sure the bodies are well out of view of the other guards.

The first step in the mission is to get down to the river so as to prepare for your crossing. Two machine gun nests on each bank guard the river. The machine gun nest on the far bank is your first priority. Fin should swim across the river and start his killing. Watch for the line of sight cones blind spots. If a guard walks into one, that's a good place for an assassination. Once the area has been cleared, have Fins swim back to the other bank. He wants to end up just west of the other machine gun nest. Pop up quickly and put a spear into the machine gunner. Then hide back in the water. If a guard comes to investigate, fins can spear them.

Now that you have a path to the bridge clear, go back to get the other commandos. They can hide near the rock by the western most landing. Fins will have to make two trips to ferry his friends over. The current is very strong in this river, but Fins can swim against it. The commandos can then crawl across the bridge to the other side. Once on the other side, the sapper should blow up the bridge to prevent unwelcome guards. The alarm will go off, but the extra guards will not be able to get to your commandos. Hide behind the coal pile and then crawl down to the western side of the rock pile. Knife the two nearby patrolling guards. Crawl your commandos to the boxes just left of the main gate. If the guard dog notices you, the sniper's bullet will silence him.

Taking Out the Rockets
Set up an ambush point behind these boxes. Fire a shot into the air and several nearby guards will to see what all of the noise is about. The guard at the gate will stand his post. But he will move to check the papers of incoming trucks. While he's talking to the driver of a truck, put a spear in his back. The commandos can now enter the compound and crawl beside the dog pen. They have to kill off the guards in the southwestern area of the V-2 site. Between the sniper's bullets and Tiny's knife, the remaining guards don't stand a chance. The whole camp should be empty now. Don't forget to get the guard patrolling north of the compound.

The Germans left a few barrels by the guard tower. Get Tiny to place one barrel at the base of each of the V-2's. There will one barrel left over for blowing up the guard barracks. Stand at the maximum distance form a barrel and shoot them. The Germans now are short a few more V-2's. It's time to make your exit.

A boat has been left for you just north of the guard tower. Place the sapper's remaining bomb at the base of the tower. Detonating the bomb will clear the escape route. Pile the commandos into the boat and then Fins can row the boys home.


Mission 20: Operation Valhalla

Your mission is deceptively easy: destroy the enemy headquarters and the two V-2 rockets – and get out alive.

Uniting Your Team
At the beginning of this mission, your commandos are split into two groups. Tiny and Spooky are on the western side of the map, while the rest of your boys are on the eastern side. Tiny starts the mission by scaling the wall just northeast of his starting point. Carefully time your climb so that the patrolling guards don't see Tiny climb over the wall. Once the guard outside the headquarters entrance has been taken care off, climb to the top of the building to clear away the lookouts. Then the rest of the guards in the area (section 1) should be the targets of Tiny's knife.

After Tiny has neutralized the guards around the headquarters, he should crawl his way along the top of the fortress wall to the firing range area (section2). The guards on the wall can be victims of Tiny's knife. The two guards at the very southern part of the wall can be seen by the troops inside the castle grounds. Crawl by them leaving them alone. Should any of the guards on the wall prove to be a problem, the sniper can make quick work of them.

Fins Joins In
Have Tiny climb down the ladder near the guard barracks into the firing range. Timing is critical here. Hide the bodies of the guards that you've killed by the southeast side of the guardhouse. Once the area has been secured, Tiny can throw the switch that will open the water gate. This is where Fins can join in the mission. Now your two commandos should work their way to southern part of the castle grounds (section 3). While these two commandos are inside the grounds, the other commandos need to clear away the patrolling guards outside of the castle. Take advantage of the rocks to set up ambushes for the patrolling guards. The alarm may sound because of the ambushes, so hide the two commandos inside the castle ground in an area where they won't be seen.

Tiny and Fins' objective here is to kill the troops guarding the west gate entrance. After the gate is free of guards, the spy can join in the mission. Spooky needs to steal the generals uniform hanging on the clothesline in the western area (section 4) of the grounds. All of the guards in the northeastern area of the castle grounds are the spy's targets. He should eventually end up behind the guard with the cannon. Tiny can use his decoy to distract the guards in the area while Spooky injects the other unsuspecting guards. The cannon operator will be your last victim. Since the castle grounds are now clear, you can bring all of the other commandos into the grounds.

Bombing the V-2s
The driver needs to get into the tank located in the north of the grounds. He can go on a spree of destruction now. Blow up the V-2s, all of the buildings and any guard not yet dead. While the driver is cleaning house, have the sapper place his bomb by the doorway of the headquarters. Once the bomb is in position, the sapper needs to blow up the building. Do this from a safe distance. Now that the castle has been leveled, it's time to escape. Pile all of the commandos into the tank. Your escape route is the road leading off to the west.