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Burn Cycle (walkthrough)

Warning: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Burn Cycle. It contains information that will help you solve the game. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, any number of terrible things may happen. You might lose your keys, or stub your toe, or...oh, forget it. Just go cheat.

Burn Cycle Walkthrough

At opening panel, pick up the computer helmet.  You can use the helmet to check
the map of the area.  Turn around and shoot the guard.  Make your way to the
outer edge of the pathways, shooting guards (there are about 6 to shoot).  Walk
up to the door, watch scene.  Look at bomb in your inventory, arm it, and place
it on the door.  Go backward about 2 screens and wait.  After door opens, go
through it and click on girl.  Get credit card and key.  Walk to vehicle.  Open
door with key.  Once inside click on the destination map on the left.  Move map
target to bottom right.  Back out of the map scene and click on Power, then
System, then VPT.  When you are flying away, shoot at the meteors.  Don't worry
about bullets, as they are unlimited.  After landing, click on the vehicle top
to open vehicle.  Click on the back vehicle panel and take out the defective
part.  Once outside, turn around and go forward.  Click left, then go forward 2
clicks.  Enter building with Star on top of doorway.  Click 2 times and enter
pod.  Insert card.  This puzzle requires you to move the spinning v's until
they are in "harmonic convergence".  Essentially, you move each one around
until the heads of the v's all enter the center of the circle at the same
time.  It's pretty easy really.  Once you complete this puzzle, leave the
building.  Make your way to the building with the pink web design on the
front.  Go up the stairs.  You are placed at the bar.  Turn right, go straight,
turn left, go straight, straight, and make your way down to the game arena.  Go
to the credit card machine.  Insert card, remove card.  This game is a bit
harder.  Once the shapes start flying at you, don't worry, you won't be killed.
.  This is just the way to select which shape to choose. This part freaked me
out at first.  Don't just indiscriminately start clicking.  This will make you
lose the game.  Just click on any image to begin with.  Then keep watching for
another shape which will help you eventually make a triangle (like wait to
click on a shape that is three away from your first selected shape). Once you
have two shapes selected, you have to wait for the last shape to appear that
will make you a triangle.  That is it.  If you lose, just go to the credit card
machine and play again.  You'll get the hang of it.  After you have won, a
mechanical servant will appear.  Insert your card in him.  If he doesn't
appear, you need to go to the first room with the bar and try to talk to the
guy who is lounged at the far end (named Zip).  Next, make you way to the first
room and go to the bar.  Pick the prize that says "netware" or something like
that (I remember it being the 4th from the left). Resist the urge to take the
porno tape, as it doesn't do anything.
Turn and make your way to Zip in the far corner.  Get in the booth with zip.
Insert your card in the machine in the booth with a swinging arm.  Look at the
incoming mail. After the message
plays click on the message that says custom software. You should find Zip's
address. Exit the machine.  Click on Zip.   Give him the Netware prize.  He
will give you a decoder card and a strip of Band-Aids. Click on the Band-Aids
in your inventory which will slow the virus.  Get up.   Walk forward.  You will
then enter a scene where you will be tossed a gun and required to shoot a
couple of guys.  After the shooting, the girl will give you a beeper.  Be
careful, because the hotel you need to get to next is kind of tricky to find.
Go straight, left, straight (toward Memorex sign), straight, stop at car.
Click beeper.  After  the scene, use the encryption algorithm.  Insert the pink
card into the device.  Move the red arrows until you get to about the center of
the screen.   There will be a "1" in the top most circle.  The code is 1965.
Click on accessibility.  Go to elevator.  Click up, get off elevator.  Go
straight, straight, see scene, go right, straight.  In room, make your way to
the 3 switches at the back.  Get close up of switches.  There are 6 brown
buttons on the right.  Click the first button 7 times, click the 4th button 5
times, and the 6th button 11 times.  This should open the door.  Get the
stuff.  Turn around, move over to the panel to the right of the door.  Don't
open the door yet, or you will get shot.  Open panel.  Place green ball in
panel.  Smoke appears.  This next visual puzzle is tricky and mostly annoying.
You must click on the bottom arrow and move it with your cursor so that it
aligns up with the top moving cursor.   You will never make them meet, but when
they are close, you will move forward.  This puzzle offers nothing to the plot
of the game, except for the annoying effect.  You will be matching arrows for a
couple of minutes at least.  Once you are out, go back to see Zip.  Give him
the defective vehicle part, give him some cash, get new part.  Once you are at
the bottom of the building ramp, to get to your vehicle, go straight, straight
(right of white box office windows, straight, left, straight.  Click on the
rear outside panel. Click Open.  Insert part.  Now is the hardest puzzle of the
game. Might want to save game, not because you could die, but you will spend
lots of time here, and once you know the trick, you can restore and complete
the puzzle much quicker.  It might take you several tries initially.  You must
bounce the light from the left port to all three other ports.  This CAN be done
with just one bouncer (the things you manipulate), but exact coordinates of
positioning are almost impossible to give.  First place two bouncers in the
bottom right corner.  Next, place the third bouncer about 1-1.5 inches to the
left of center, and just a couple of millimeters down.  You will have to
experiment with it.  This is hard, so don't worry.  If it get to 100% damage,
you will just get kicked out of the panel, and have to reclick on the panel to
start the puzzle again.  You lose nothing but time.  I've done it with one
bouncer, and all three, so try several ways if you get stuck.  After you
complete this puzzle, watch scene.  Enter vehicle, set course for other map
location.  Shoot meteors (remember unlimited ammo, so blast away).
When you land at Doc's, get out and walk forward.  See scene with Gala.  Click
on door.  Move orange decoder to door.  Click on button.  This next puzzle is
easy.  You must place a few of the angles on the left on the board so that when
you click a colored number, the colored line goes to the black box on the right
and reads 100%.  In order to explain this in text, we will have to define some
things.  The angles on the left will be "angles 1-4" from top to bottom.  The
grid spaces will be labeled 1-25 beginning with 1 in the top left, and ending
with 25 in the bottom right.  Here we go.  Place angle 2 in grid space 11, then
click the Red number 1.  The third black box on the far right will read 100%
now.  Place angle 3in grid 7.  Click the blue 2.  Place angle 3 in grid 3 and
click blue 3.   Place angle 2 in grid 19.  Click red 4.  Place angle 4 in grid
16, and angle 2 in grid 21.  Press green 4.  There!  Door should open now.  Go
down and see scene.  After scene click on the gray holoscope.  Insert green
ball from inventory.  Backup one step.  Click on blue screen to right.  Tweak
arrow buttons until you see the special image.  See scene.  Enter Doc's exam
room, watch exam scene and transfer to Teleburst scene.  After the Chris scene
you have 3 choices.  Click on Comport.  Talk to cube which says you need 3
pieces of your missing code.  It gives you a passcode 001122.  Click out (means
click on segmented arrow at bottom).  Click Cortex.  Move to blue door in front
of you.  Enter code.  Says it's incorrect.  Don't worry, you'll still get in
later.  See scene with Doc.  Go back to Comport, talk to cube, Click out.  Go
to Nirvana and enter the brown maze-like  you see floating. Go in and select
every possible picture, but make sure you select Dealy's picture(the one that
laughs).  Click out. Return to Nirvana.  Turn around.  Go straight.  Click on
Buddah.  This was where I stopped playing the game the first time.  This puzzle
completely baffled me.  The second time, I found out the trick was to
manipulate the blocks, then click on the top of the center post to see what
leaf lights up in red.  Then you click that leaf.  If you put the blocks in
right, you win, if not you die.  I'd save your game here.  Solution.  Take all
blocks off.  Put medium block on bottom, and little block on top.  Click post.
Click leaf.  Puzzle solved. Click out.  Go to Comport.  Talk to cube.  Takes
you to the Pulse.  You need to keep clicking on the blob that moves around the
pulse.  After you destroy the blob, you get the first piece of your code.  Go
to Comport, talk to cube.  Go to Cortex, see scene with Chris and see "third
eye" on wall.  Go to Nirvana and click on Buddah's forehead. You get the first
piece of your code back.  Go to Cortex. Watch scene with Chris and get last
piece of code.  Enter blue Cortex door.
Move forward twice, watch scene with Vielli.  Move forward twice.  Save game.
This last puzzle is a maze. You must move your little pointer on the right into
the center without it hitting any of the brown or black dots.  This isn't too
hard. Just wait for the main path to be clear and move left.  Take the second
path down.  Make your way right to left on the lower half of the maze.  Come up
to the centerline on the far left and make your way to the center of the maze.
Once you are in, the burncycle virus is eradicated.  Watch scene.  In your new
body, go forward, see mirror.  Click on red bar located on post on left.  This
will move an automatic arm to get you and take you down into one of the center
pits.  Turn right 3 times, click on the box located on the bottom left of your
view.   You will then get elevated up to the main floor.  Make your way to the
white door you originally came in, but save your game before you enter it.
Watch scene.  You will have to be quick after you shoot Deely.  Two agents will
appear at the door you are looking at.  Shoot them both.  Click forward twice.
Click on sign post closest to you.  Watch scene.  End of game.

Created by Jeffery E. LaBelle, labelle@willinet.net, 12/24/97.