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Aliens vs. Predator Gold

+3 трейнер
+4 трейнер
+2 трейнер для пехотинца

Various Cheats
     Start the game with the command-line parameter -debug. Now during
gameplay, press ~ and enter any of the following "Codes" as the indicated

Code                        Effect 

MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME #       Change Motion Tracker Volume (# = 0.00 to 1.00) 
MOTIONTRACKERSPEED #        Change Motion Tracker Speed (# = 1 to 16) 

GIMME_CHARGE                Replenish Energy Supply 

CROUCHMODE 0/1              Toggle Crouch and Crawl Off/On 

Any Character:    
ALIENBOT                    Create CPU-Controlled Alien 
GIVEALLWEAPONS              All Weapons and Ammo 
GOD                         God Mode 
LIGHT                       Create Light Aura 
MARINE BOT #                Create # of Marine Bots 
PREADOBOT #                 Create # of Predator-Alien Bots 
PREDALIENBOT                Create CPU-Controlled Predator-Alien 
PRAETORIANBOT               Create CPU-Controlled Praetorian-Alien 
XENOBORG                    Create CPU-Controlled Xenoborg 
SHOWFPS                     Show Framerate 
SHOWPOLYCOUNT               Show Rendered Polys 
LISTVAR                     In-Game Help 
LISTCMD                     List Cheat Codes 
TIMESCALE #                 Change Game Speed (# = 0.00 to 1.00) 

Note: You cannot save your game with -debug activated.