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Age of Empires

Final version

Press Enter, then type these in while playing:
BIG BERTHA:		Big Catapults
BIGDADDY:		Get A Cool Car /W A Rocket Launcher
BLACK RIDER:		Transforms Horse Archer into a Black Rider. 
			When killed, it will turn into a Heavy Catapult.
COINAGE:		1000 gold
DIEDIEDIE:		All enemies die
DARK RAIN:		Makes Adv Bowmen turn into trees when standing still and they can
			walk on water.
E=MC2 TROOPER:		Trooper that fires a nuclear missile
FLYING DUTCHMAN: 	Juggernauts turn into the Flying Dutchman 
GAIA:			Control the Animals (you lose control of the humans) 
HARI KARI:		Suicide
HOME RUN:		Win The Scenario
HOYOHOYO:		Priests get lots of speed and 600 hit points
ICBM: 			Ballista has range of 100
JACK BE NIMBLE:		Select a Catapult and enter this cheat. The
      			Catapult will then fire cows, super villagers with capes(and no
      			pants!), or tumbling villagers, depending on orientation.
KILLX:			Where 'X' Is The Players Position (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
MEDUSA:			Villagers become medusa. When a villager is killed, he becomes
			a black rider. And if he is killed again, the
			villager becomes a heavy catapult.
NO FOG: 		Removes Fog of War
PHOTON MAN: 		Get a 'Nuke Trooper' (guy with a laser gun) 
QUARRY:			1000 stone
RESIGN:			You resign
REVEAL MAP:		The complete map is revealed
STEROIDS:		Instant Build
WOODSTOCK:		1000 wood 

To enable food, wood, stone and gold cheat keys in a single player game:
Press CTRL-N to start a new game. Return to Main Menu and choose Single Player Mode. The following Cheat keys are enabled when you choose a Campaign:
  • F6 - Reveal Map
  • F7 - Disable Fog of War
  • CTRL+F - 1000 food
  • CTRL+G - 1000 gold
  • CTRL+S - 1000 stone
  • CTRL+W - 1000 wood
  • CTRL+P - Place rock with left mouse button click.
  • CTRL+Q - Quick build
  • CTRL+T - Menu
Note: You can't use these cheats once a game has already started.