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African Safari

While playing a game in 3D mode, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Scores will not be recorded when any cheat is enabled.

Cheat Code    Result 
HUGEGUNS      infinite ammunition 
VULTURE       flight mode 
SPAWNALL      creates herds 
XRAY          views kill zones 
HGWELLS       partly invisible 
FLAGALL       marks all unlicensed animals 
FLAGEVERY     marks all animals 
GPS           marks current position 
LICENSE1      eland hunting license 
LICENSE2      zebra hunting license 
LICENSE3      elephant hunting license 
LICENSE4      kudu hunting license 

     Extra money cheat: Move the pointer to the top left corner 
of the screen and press Ctrl-4 simultaneously.

    Dressed villagers: Click on the village when in Africa. Then 
click  several times on the man until he changes into a shirt and