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Actua Soccer 3

     At the Main screen, press Enter, then any of the following "Codes",
then Enter again:

Code 			Result 
spit n spin 		Actua Soccer Web 
tff hobby 		Boat Racers 
bin man 		Food Group 
longdon girls 		Arsenal Ladies 
shame Doncaster	 	Rovers 
no thanks 		Top 50 Babes 2 
yes please 		Top 50 Babes 1 
chip butty 		Virtual Blades 
cpu spud 		Pattis Shandi Men 
double trouble 		Gremlin Staff 2 
wide boys 		Gremlin Staff 1 
candy man 		Dicks Pick N Mix 
shadwell town 		The Hardmen 
miss wilko 		Dud's Spuds 
flagstoning 		Fighting Forth 
lee the pig 		Heavenly HTFC